Neverland - The Story

Ladies, im pretty excited to announce that everyone who enjoyed and supported my Neverland Series, now can fall into this lovely world on a new dimension. Written into chapters!

Kii, the author and myself work together to share this story, I think you will like what we have for you. : ) 

The teaser and the prologue is already up, I wish everyone a great time while reading, visit the site often for updates, and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!~ ^^

woah, its not that i.. but.. how the hell did ukiss get to the second place on my overall stats of my music listening?!

i know i have been listening to them a lot (their jap album was amazing, really, simply amazing), but…. 

they actually overtook my b2stie boys, and my db5k boys, heyhey. 

something must be wrong with me lately.. my b2stie honeys T__T