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Huh. This was one of the older models - the E-100 series, wasn’t it? It seemed like that was the name of these ones… Didn’t they all destroy eachother around the time of the Chaos incident? Odd; perhaps this one came from a zone where that hadn’t happened…

… That’s strange… This one seemed familiar, beyond what he could find in the EggNet archives… Had they met previously? Metal had been in stasis at the time, so he highly doubted it…

In any case, the archives said these models could speak, so greetings would be the polite thing to do… Of course, Metal wasn’t entirely nonplussed by the history of destruction: after all, this was the model that rogue unit that worked for GUN and had thwarted his own efforts had been based on. So, his tone was quite wary as he ‘spoke’ to the red machine.

“… Who are you?” Yes, perfectly polite.

What treachery is this?! How can you still function you miserable little rebel?! 

*Puts up a force field* Try and destroy me, Gamma, and I’ll return you to whatever junk yard you managed to claw your way out of. On second thought, I may just do that anyway. 

R - For me to tell 10 of my curiosities.

  1. How does Tails fly with his tails?
  2. Why is Amy so weird?
  3. Can Shadow smile?
  4. … What meat is a hot dog made out of? I try not to think about it.
  5. When will Eggman give up?
  6. What’s the date? Is it February yet?
  7. Why would anyone wanna work two jobs and study at the same time?
  8. How did Tails get so smart?
  9. How does Knuckles stand to just watch an emerald all day?
  10. How did I get to be so awesome?

O - If I like my school.

F - Give me any options, like ‘hot or cold?’

I’ll take this as “hot or cold.”

Hot. Cold air isn’t fun to run in, let me tell you that.

Traversing the frosty landscape before him at remarkable speed, the world was no more than a blur of colour around him. The air was bitterly cold and it rushed through his dark fur and quills as he skated along gracefully. When he was on the move, the cold never bothered him. Purposeful crimson eyes were set straight ahead.

He was making his way to the country of Soleanna. Although the area was outside of the United Federation, Shadow was travelling there for recon purposes. His interest was personal, too. It was apparently a city of water, but this was as far of Shadow’s knowledge went regarding the location. He had never been there for leisurely purposes, yet it always seemed oddly familiar.

He hadn’t been travelling long, but the hedgehog’s focused gaze caught sight of a figure up ahead that looked extremely familiar. Shadow lowered the energy he was expending though his skates and glided to a smooth stop, leaving a line of melted slush in the grass behind him.

No, this wasn’t Omega. The build of the machine was too slimline. 


Lonely GLaDOS

GLaDOS looked around, Alice was doing well in a relationship…yet she wasnt human. Does this mean she could stand a chance? But who would she go with…for some strange reason e102 was always on her mind, yet he hasnt been around for ages, and she was hardly capable of seeing him herself, considering her lack of legs. “Where are you e102…?”

e102livesagain and the blue wind meet!

e102livesagain started following you

It was quiet. It made the hedgehog feel a little restless and decided to head on out. Upon when he was out, he happened to stop by when he found a familiar sighting. Was that…? “Whoa, wait a sec– hey, you’re the robot that helped Amy, aren’t you?” he says, walking over to him.



…. Huh? 

*One of his ears twitched in response to that. Out of confusion.*

You’re not working for Egghead…? How long have–! *His face soon lit up; and the hedgehog snapped his fingers with his other hand on his side in his realization.*

So that’s why Amy kept me from trashing you! You are a good robot! Haha!

How’ve you been?! How’d you get put back together?