I think when I’m done cleaning up this picture (soon), I’ll work on the code for my website. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with the Experiments. I’m sure the scientists (the ones that are still around, of course!) at Aderus would appreciate some extra help with the research… so maybe I’ll do that as well. That planet they found is really fascinating, though… quite dangerous, it seems. But I hear they’re working on Experiments to combat even the fiercest of the creatures there, so hopefully they’ll be letting visitors in soon!

Anyway, I’d better get to coding the site. I just wish I knew PHP and JavaScript and Sql. Also, the site is in a sort of… demo mode at the moment. We’re allowing visitors but restricting priveleges, because we’re still not entirely sure if this place is safe. Until we go live, the site is hosted for free at AderusLabs.0009.ws. Once we’re sure it’s safe, we’ll begin using our own domain and open up all the features.

My apologies if you visit the site and don’t find much. I’m just beginning to code it, so… there won’t be much at the moment. Just keep checking back.