Meu amor, esqueça essa distancia entre os nossos corações. Esqueça por um momento esses quilômetros que separar o meu corpo do teu, e vamos pensar um pouco em nós dois. Vamos pensar no nosso futuro juntos, vamos pensar no nosso “pra sempre”, pensar na nossa eternidade. Pois lembra quando eu te disse que você seria o meu futuro? Então, ando provando que isso era a minha maior verdade, ando provando que é você que eu quero comigo. Mesmo que antes isso não fazia nenhum sentido, hoje faz, não é mesmo? Hoje eu percebo que a unica coisa que eu quero é dormir nos teus braços e acordar com os teus carinhos, hoje a unica coisa que eu quero é você. (cartasparaela)

Perhaps there does exist a dark power which fastens on to us and leads us off along a dangerous and ruinous path which we would otherwise not have trodden; but if so, this power must have assumed within us the form of ourself, indeed have become ourself, for otherwise we would not listen to it, otherwise there would be no space within us in which it could perform its secret work.

E.T.A. Hoffmann; “The Sandman” [1817]

Translation: R.J. Hollingdale

There are… otherwise quite decent people who are so dull of nature that they believe that they must attribute the swift flight of fancy to some illness of the psyche, and thus it happens that this or that writer is said to create not other than while imbibing intoxicating drink or that his fantasies are the result of overexcited nerves and resulting fever. But who can fail to know that, while a state of psychical excitement caused by the one or other stimulant may indeed generate some lucky and brilliant ideas, it can never produce a well-founded, substantial work of art that requires the utmost presence of mind.

A bedtime story for adults. Based on a Hoffman story, this gothic version of the classic story conveys the horror of the original- and also offers another reading as a primer in Jungian theories: sleep equals denial of life, unconsciousness is therefore an invitation to death. The film led to Paul Berry (1961-2001) working as animator on Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas.”

The Sandman is a 1991 stop-motion animation film, animated and directed by Paul Berry (1961–2001) and nominated for an “Oscar” for Best Animated Short Film in 1993.[2] The storyline is inspired by the E.T.A. Hoffmann’s version of the European legend of The Sandman. [x]

Run time: 9:21