e.t.'s halloween

the neon frights on broadway - a halloween playlist filled with creepy showtunes that’ll give you some terrible thrills

prelude / the ballad of sweeney todd - sweeney todd // why are all the d’ysquiths dying? - a gentleman’s guide to love and murder // evil woman - xanadu // spooky mormon hell dream - the book of mormon // a freak like me needs company - spider-man: turn off the dark // it’s a dangerous game - jekyll and hyde // kiss of the spider woman - kiss of the spider woman // carrie - carrie // when you’re an addams - the addams family // suppertime - little shop of horrors // evil is hot - the toxic avenger // the time warp - the rocky horror picture show // crazytown - 35mm: a musical exhibition // dead girl walking (reprise) - heathers: the musical // why are all these heads off? - lizzie // when lily came - darling // ruination - we foxes // your fault / last midnight - into the woods // no good deed - wicked // the ballad of sara berry - 35mm: a musical exhibition //


  • ruki: a cute white bun from alice in wonderland
  • aoi: majestic asf w those long lashes nd ice blue contacts
  • reita: looks like a frosted cupcake
  • kai: amazing broken doll
  • uruha: ???? what the fuck?? a goblin?? gremlin? the fuck is this??? w lots of extensions but zero eyebrows?? a thing that walked out of lord of the rings? what the fuc

digging into my 8tracks - F O U R  M I X E S  F O R  O C T O B E R
(made in 2010-11)

i. A l l  H a l l o w’ s  E v e [ l i s t e n ]
for midnight walks in cemeteries under the full moon, wolf girls, leather-clad vampires and spell-whispering witches.

if i had a heart fever ray | gallows cocorosie | night tasseomancy | warpaint warpaint | kill the clown soley | magic rabbit my brightest diamond | red right hand nick cave and the bad seeds | touniquet rasputina | werewolf cat power | repos jorane | the score sarah slean | under ice kate bush | ghost song patrick wolf - [ image credit ]

ii. W i l d  M a g i c [ l i s t e n ]
the wildness and calmness of dancing under the moon.

into the woods cilla jane | darken her horse austra | if i had a heart fever ray | we were sparkling my brightest diamond | against the sky vashti bunyan | won’t be long sea of bees | healthy hands (will mourn you) tasseomancy | majesty warpaint | two planets bat for lashes | get some lykke li | wolf & i oh land - [ image credit ]

iii. D a r k  W i t c h [ l i s t e n ]
the night of the souls. the day of the dead

how we quit the forest rasputina | keep the streets empty for me fever ray | something of an end my brightest diamond | the wizard bat for lashes | everybody loves you jenn grant | dead things emiliana torrini | constant craving charlotte martin | invisible ones guard the gate orenda fink | en cendres émilie simon | blue planet jorane | iiee tori amos - [ image credit ]

ix. C o m e  L i t t l e  C h i l d r e n [ l i s t e n ]
for the fun side of Halloween, the silly and not so scary, but still a bit spooky. for the candy collecting children.

i got a rock charlie brown | anything can happen on halloween tim curry | beetlejuice main titles danny elfman | i put a spell on you (and now you’re mine) bette midler | friday the 13th theme harry manfredini | double trouble (harry potter & the prisoner of azkaban) city of prague philhamornic orchestra | come little children sarah jessica parker | ghostbusters ray parker jr. | monster mash bobby ‘boris’ pickett | remains of the day (corpse bride) danny elfman | the addams family theme song vic mizzy | ding dong! the witch is dead the fifth estate | this is halloween danny elfman | dance of the witches danny elfman