e.t. likes to fly at night

anonymous asked:

i have lots of evak feelings today too it's cool ❤

“i have lots of evak feelings” i tell myself everyday tbh. SIGH 

but ty for the support, here’s a happy screencap of these two for you 💝

i love love the way they’re being so carefree and just breathing the cool night air, and they’re finally alone with each other like they’ve been wanting to, and we can’t hear them in this scene, but i bet you at some point even told him “if i go any faster, do you think we’ll end up flying like they do in e.t.?” and isak’s never seen e.t. but he tells him “that’s not possible, because gravity” and even turns around and asks “is this a challenge?” and isak says “oh my god keep your eyes on the road!!” and they’re both laughing at that point. SIGH, they laughed SO MUCH during that bike ride