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2006 Playlist
  1. Olivia/50 Cent - Bestfriend
  2. LL Cool J/Jennifer Lopez - Control Myself
  3. Beyoncé - Deja Vu
  4. Cherish - Do It, To It
  5. Omarion - Entourage
  6. Ciara - Get Up
  7. Chris Brown - Gimmie That
  8. Mila J/Marques Houston - Good Looking Out
  9. Beyoncé - Irreplaceable
  10. Dem Franchise Boyz - Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It
  11. Cassie - Me & You
  12. Pharrell/Kanye West - Number One
  13. Ciara - Promise
  14. Neyo - Sexy Love
  15. Letoya Luckett - She Don’t
  16. Danity Kane - Showstoppers
  17. Lil Jon - Snap Yo Fingers
  18. Field Mob/Ciara - So What
  19. The Pussycat Dolls - Stickwitu
  20. Letoya Luckett - Torn
  21. Johnta Austin - Turn It Up
  22. E-40/T-Pain - U And Dat
  23. Neyo - When Your Mad
  24. T.I - Why You Wanna
  25. Lloyd - You

My top 25 songs of 2006. I usually do 20 but it was so hard to pick. Feel free to reblog and add your favorite songs if not listed. Enjoy!

nicknames Dean Winchester definitely has for his boyfriend Castiel with whom he is disgustingly in love: the abridged version

- angel
- heartbreaker
- babe
- sweetheart
- casanova 
- blue eyes
- good lookin’
- stud
- sweetheart
- darlin’
- baby
- love
- zorro
- beautiful
- hot stuff
- s w e e t h e a r t
- doll
- handsome

[ i’ve been watching tons and tons of disneyland facilier videos and it makes me want to buy a frog doll, and go to disneyland. i would literally only go there to give the actor the frog doll. and i’d walk up and i’d say:

“facilier! facilier! i have a little present for you – hurry and take it before he jumps away!”


“i got you prince naveen back! and you don’t need to do anything in return, that way you can ease yourself off some of the debt you owe to your friends.” ]

Christmas with Father!Namjoon

So I just realized that I made a mistake, so I knew that one of the members already had a father!BTS on Christmas post and I was gonna do their AU without it and just do Christmas but I for some reason remembered it as Namjoon already having a post but it was actually hobi so now there are two Christmas posts for father!hobi but onto the AU, it is now time for our amazing leader, my lowkey spirit animal with legs for dAYs, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster

  • For all of the father related posts, click here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!Namjoon post, he has two kids, a son and a daughter (the daughter’s the oldest)
  • He spoils them s o fucking much and he loves them with all of his lil heart and they just ad o r e him
  • Seeing them interact is the cutest thing ever bc they’re both so smol bc they’re just lil bbys they’re still lil but he’s s o not lil at all and he has to bend down just to make eye contact but it’s adoraBLE
  • They look s o much like him like they both have his smile with the lil bby dimples (just imagine that for a second)
  • Bby girl always has her hair in pigtails bc it’s one of the quickest hairstyles joon can do like some days he may braid her hair for her but that can take a while and she’s still a bby so patience is not her strong suit
  • But then one day bby boy decides he wants them too bc bby girl always has them so now they’re both walking around with bby pigtails except bby boy’s are much shorter bc his hair isn’t that long yet (he doesn’t wanna grow it out that much he doesn’t like his hair in his face) 
  • Their Christmas tradition to put on their biggest comfiest sweaters, get some hot cocoa or tea and watch Christmas movies on Christmas Eve
  • Bby girl gets to choose the first movie then bby boy chooses the second, unless they both want the same movie then you and Namjoon choose the second
  • The bbys a l w ay s have to be under this giant ass blanket that can fit all of you underneath and they always have to be cuddled
  • You have to have at least one arm/hand around/on them and so does joon and they get whiny and pouty if they don’t get their cuddles bc it’s part of the tradITION
  • They get their pajamas on and everyone’s all cozy and warm and they’re drinking their hot cocoa with joon’s help bc they’re still bbys and he doesn’t want them drinking something so hot by themselves yet so you help bby boy and he helps bby girl
  • Joon lets her warm her hands up on the mug but he doesn’t let her hold it until it’s cooled down a bit bc he doesn’t want to risk her burning her hands bc knowing her and her curiosity she’ll try to poke the hot cocoa to see what it feels like
  • They’re just loving every single second of attention though like bby boy is closing his eyes at one point bc you’re toying with his hair and running your fingers through it and he basically turns into a giant puppy and just leans into it and sighs all happy and shit bc he’s getting s o much attention
  • They ha v e to watch all the classic movies, Nightmare Before Christmas, some shit with snoopy and charlie brown, Frosty the Snowman like all the good shit
  • They dance around to all of the music and sing along as loud as they can and it’s so fucking cute bc their lil voices are breaking here and there from trying to hit too high of a note
  • They have a huge tree and bbys both get to put the star on top (joon picks them up and helps them out a bit) and they also get to decorate it a bit like the entire bottom half of the tree is all the bbys’ work
  • Joon also lets them make a few ornaments he gets Jin and his daughter to come over in the beginning of December and they all make their own ornaments that the bbys get to paint and puts stickers on or do whatever they want to them draw, paint, whatever
  • Also Jin takes home one ornament from bby girl and one from bby boy and hangs them on his tree and joon keeps one of the ornaments Jin’s daughter made and puts it on his tree bc Namjin are still best buddies even after they have kids and are married
  • Also side note but Kim Daily Christmas edition
  • The whole Kim family in scarves and coats and boots with gloves and hats looking all cute and shit with the snow in the background
  • The bbys don’t realize it’s Christmas until after breakfast when joon is all confused and is like why aren’t you two freaking out?? It’s Christmas
  • That ever so innocent question sparks complete and total chaos bc now they’re both screaming and racing for the tree with their pajamas still on and their hair still messy from sleeping
  • They both help each other open their presents, especially bby boy, he gets a lot of help from his older sister bc she’s just looking out for him and she knows that sometimes presents can be difficult to unwrap
  • Also this is a bit random but head canon that joon isn’t the best at wrapping so they can tell when he wrapped the presents and they get so giggly bc they can see a peek of whatever’s inside and he just gets this sheepish smile bc heY at least he tried
  • “When you two get older and have to wrap presents for other people, don’t come to me for wrapping lessons okay?”
  • “But I thought you were a wrapper daddy?”
  • “No bby I’m a rapper”
  • “What does that evEn MEaN” 
  • They get a lot of lil presents like random toys and candies and clothes and all of that good stuff but they each get one big present that’s like the main event bc it’s something that’s just for them and it’s something they wanted for a long long time
  • He gets bby girl this really cu t e lil bby doll that she’s been wanting forever like literally every time she goes into a store, she manages to find it and carry it around until you or joon has her put it back
  • She’s been really into bby dolls ever since she saw bby Min and Jin’s daughter playing with theirs and “taking care” of them and she got hold bby Min’s bby for a bit and she loved it so the past few months she’s been asking for one
  • This one is pretty simple but it comes with a bottle and you can buy all of these accessories like clothes and strollers and all of these neat lil things (which were some of her lil presents) 
  • He splits bby boy’s big present into two presents, he gets him a huge stack of books bc he’s starting to read but he also gets him these Pokemon plushies bc he’s been wanting them ever since he saw one at the Jeon’s house
  • He gets him a lil Charmander, a Bulbasaur, a Pikachu and a Squirtle so it’s just the first four but he’ll add onto the collection as time goes on
  • He gets both of them those lil dinosaur costumes that are literally the funniest things ever bc all you see is this dinosaur running around
  • The bbys both put them on and Namjoon literally turns red from laughing so hard and there are tears and he’s out of breath bc they start running around and their arms are wiggling all around and it’s easily the funniest sight he’s ever seen 
  • They team up and make Namjoon this huge painting and it’s all finger paint and you can see the lil spot in the corner from where bby boy had spilled some of his PB&J sandwich before they started painting
  • But they “sign” it and they draw a big house with the Kim family (including lil bby Rapmon bc oh my goD that dog is cute as fuck it makes me wanna scream that’s how adorable the lil bub is) and it’s just really cute
  • Christmas with Namjoon is really sweet and cuddly and it’s filled with so much laughter and squeals and everyone’s just happy

chittaporno  asked:

Dude when i was on my monthly cycle i cried myself to sleep bc i thought how lucky that E.T doll is bc Jeffrey probably cuddled with it and i'm just so angry that i can't cuddle Jeffrey. THIS IS WHY IM FUCKIN SINGLE AND PROBABLY WILL BE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE BC I COMPARE OTHER GUYS TO THE NASTY THAT IS JEFFREY. P.S i read everyone's tags lmao. So i KNOW that you have the feels for Jeffrey

ya that et doll wdgfvadgshv look i dont to be that doll i only want to have it because it’s touched by jeff before holy-

OMG S A M E IM SINGLE FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE and my grandma keeps on giving me this evil side eye that like ask ‘when are u going to get yourself a boyfriend?’  and i was just like, well until someone like jung fucking jaehyun showed himself in front of me but other than that? nah

AHHHH LMAO NOW IM EMBARRASSED my tags describe my personality in general tbh