(170628) @thecelebritymag: #더셀럽비하인드 #thecelebbehind behind the curtain✨ 화려한 무대 뒤 아티스트들은 과연 무엇을 하고 있을까요? 도쿄 국립 요요기 경기장에서 포착한 샤이니의 사적인 모습을 <더 셀러브리티> 여름호에서 만나보세요👀 # #thecelebrity #더셀러브리티 #샤이니 #shinee #백스테이지 #샤이니일본투어

this is an open circuit. now let’s say that the bulb is you, the battery is your potential and those two wires on the left when connected bring up an opportunity. 

the electricity flows through the circuit just like it flows through you when you’re itching with a goal in your life. seize that opportunity, let the bulb shine. let yourself shine.

i wish nct stans could understand that having several comebacks within a year is exhausting we should be patient and want our boys to rest, also sm has over 9 active artists who’s comebacks they have to focus on (ex: snsd, shinee, tvxq, f(x), etc.) and cannot give comeback after comeback to nct that is too demanding to expect and we should be grateful we’ve had more than enough already