e.g: pretty little liars


pll horoscope meme  » aria montgomery (july 22, 1994) - cancer

Cancer people are homebodies at heart, even if they’re out and about in the working world or the queen bees of their social hives. They love returning to a space that they can call their own. Home and deep bonds, especially female ones, keep them feeling secure. Many Cancers are passionate foodies who love to cook and of course, eat! Many Crabs love to host their own house parties for a regular crew. Creative Cancers are the ultimate culture vultures, always up on the latest Michelin-starred restaurant, new band or raved-about independent film.

There is nothing more emotional than when footage is released from a tv series or movie franchise that’s come to it’s end, and you hear the “that’s a wrap!” and the crew that’s been together for years starts crying and hugging

me: that girl on tv was pretty cute.

my mom: stop it.

me: stop what?

my mom: hardcore fangirling over every good looking girl you can possibly find!


my mom:

me: lemme google her.


• “Nothing ever happens in this small town until ________ happened,”
• The girl next door falls in love with the outcast rugged boy with family issues
• everyone’s white/white passing and heterosexual
• one of the main characters must have a sexual relationship with a teacher for no point what so ever
• someone has to die at some point
• maybe some high quality queer baiting for #views
• lots of random sexual scenes that have nothing to do with the plot except spreading the heterosexual agenda
• all teens played by 24-30 year olds