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Your Harry Potter OTP as things my parents have said to each other


Dad: damn, who pissed in your wheaties?

Mom: is that a euphemism or a legitimate question? Because I know the answer to both would be you


Mom: (snorts at something on her phone)

Dad: why did you just snort?

Mom: I don’t know I was just being stupid

Dad: shouldn’t you be snorting all the time then?



Dad: my two front teeth? Wait


Mom: i like your butt.

Dad: I like YOUR butt.

Mom: this is why we are an example of a good marriage.


Dad: did you change the wall color? When did our walls become blue?

Mom: I painted these walls two years ago. Did you even notice that there were walls in the first place?

Dad: only the ones you put up to block me out :(


Mom: I love you.

Dad: you smell. But I love you. And your smells.


Dad: a navy pilot drew a dick in the sky with a plane!

Mom: stop saying the word dick we’re in a public place



Dad: Come look at this meme!

Mom: what’s a meme?

Dad: The Answer to that question is



Mom: just because you read something about the government on the internet online doesn’t mean it’s true.

Dad: that’s just what the government lizard-people are brainwashing you to think.

“You sure about this, Granger?”
Hermione looked steadily into her soon-to-be husband’s eyes. “I’ve never been more sure of anything in my whole life.”
Draco’s face bloomed into a relieved and gratified smile. Hermione gave him a tender smile back. She knew him so well. In spite of the aristocratic swagger he sometimes still displayed, Draco had never quite forgiven himself for how he had behaved before and during the war. He had a hard time believing Hermione Granger, war hero, brightest witch of her age, and patron saint to all magical creatures had somehow fallen in love with the poster boy for the dark side.
“But you’re not a dark wizard,” she would tell him. “You never really were.”
“I don’t even know why you would want to take on my reputation……and my family. You must be crazy.”
“Nonsense. You’ve done good work as an Auror. And your parents adore me….now.”
And they did. Lucius and Narcissa saw how things had changed for Draco after the two had become a couple. Narcissa had her happy son back. Lucius saw a man now take the place of the tormented youth. Hermione had brought healing to the future of their house’s line.
Gathering her flowers, Hermione said, “Come on. I’m ready to become a Malfoy.”
“Wait………” Draco stopped her to give her a kiss. “I love you, Kit,” he murmured, calling her the diminutive of Kitten, his preferred nickname for her. “And I always will.”
“I love you, too. More than you know.”
“Draco? Hermione? Is everything alright?” Narcissa’s voice suddenly came from the other side of the door. “It’s time, children. Everyone’s waiting and I declare those Weasley twins are cooking up mischief. I can see it in their faces. Better not give them time to scheme.”
Both Draco and Hermione chuckled. The twins had been Draco’s biggest supporters when he’d first started dating Hermione. George felt he owed a wizard’s debt to the blonde as it had been Draco’s quick thinking that had saved Fred from certain death in the battle of Hogwarts.
“Coming, Mother.” Taking in a big breath, Draco took Hermione’s hand. Giving it a squeeze, he said, “Alright, then. Let’s get married.”

Okay so imagine your OTP went to the dog park and when Person A is ready to leave they call their dog, but a totally different dog runs over. Confused Person A calls again only to have Person B walk over with Person A’s dog. And Person B says “I’m assuming this is your dog; well you certainly have good taste in names. Mine’s Person B.”

Did anyone else notice that the Golden Trio’s wands are based on their birth months on the Celtic Tree Calendar? Harry’s is holly-based, Ron’s is ash, and Hermione’s is made of vine wood.

  • Ginny: I'm cold.
  • Harry: Here, have my scarf.
  • Hermione: Yeah, it's a little chilly.
  • Draco: What? (takes off his coat) I told you to bring more layers but of course you never listen and now (piles scarves on Hermione) I've got to make sure you don't FREEZE to death. (takes somebody else's hat) Could you be any more annoying? Ugh.
A and B wanting a couples tattoo
  • Person A: let's get a flower tattoo or something pretty
  • Person B: no lets get some badass tattoo
  • *starts an argument over it*
  • Person C: why don't yo get my face tattooed?
  • *A & B stare at C with confused faces*
  • Person C: well you guys would be matching and I'm pretty badass

we don’t root for a ship based on whether it’s canon or not - we do it because we love the relationship, their interactions and their chemistry; we do it because we want to, not because we have to