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#DHrFavorites Day 5: Tropes
  • I hate her/him, I hate her/him I hate–goddamn it I love her/him
  • Never ever using each other’s first names… until one of them gets hurt/is captured/is suddenly no longer there and the other realises just how much they care for them, in their absence
  • On that note– “Mal…Draco.”
  • “Granger” and “Malfoy” which at one point were uttered as curses are now spoken with the reverence reserved for prayers
  • They get into an argument which makes them late for class/lands them in trouble/etc which leads to them doing a project/going to detention together and they begrudgingly spend copious amounts of time together until–until they realise it’s no longer quite begrudging, much to their dismay
  • Unwilling but necessary partners in battle/covert missions/etc, who with time become each other’s everything, each other’s salvation
  • In the above scenario–Draco teaching/encouraging her to have the gumption to defend herself properly in war because for Merlin’s sake Granger this is war not the school dueling club, you need to learn how to keep that bushy head down and protect yourself because my wand isn’t always going to be there to protect you and you’re going to get yourself killed
  • Granger–Granger, where the fuck do you think you’re going, what are you doing, you are going to get yourself killed
  • Hermione teaching Draco things he never would have thought he’d care to know, and helping him to open his eyes and experience more of the world
  • Draco teaching Hermione that not everything is black and white–and isn’t he the perfect example of exactly this
  • Fake dating
  • Fake dating for a mission 
  • Fake dating that somehow doesn’t feel so fake anymore and why doing it feel fake anymore? 
  • Hermione being beautiful and scary and for all of Draco’s bark, she is the bite; People learning/reacting to this information
  • Blaise and/or Theo becoming Hermione’s bff and/or helping to instigate things between Draco and she
  • Hermione and Draco’s parents being civil; Narcissa someday seeing at least this woman takes care of her son and wouldn’t let a hair of his fall out of place and she’d hex anyone who attempted otherwise (bonus points for Narcissa witnessing her actually doing so); Lucius, while never quite getting over the whole blood thing, eventually coming to grudgingly respect the way she handles the press, her cunning in dealing with those who would bring her (and by extension his son) down, and in everything she does for him and the Malfoy name; Hermione eventually, grudgingly, respecting them–if for nothing else, because they would move entire planets out of orbit for Draco, and so would she
  • Hermione’s dad intimidating the ever-living fuck out of Draco even though he’s ‘just’ a Muggle 
  • Draco taking Hermione flying–on brooms, on hippogriffs, on the back of her unsuspecting father what 
  • Screaming and yelling and fighting and hasty accusations and proud declarations–everything about them is so intense; meanwhile everyone around them is just like ‘oh yeah, that’s just Draco and Hermione, that’s just what they do’ because they know they’ll both make up and continue to love each other morning after morning after morning

Draco learning to overcome his upbringing and being a better person for it; Hermione learning to see world in technicolour while taking it by storm because that’s simply who she is.


Hey guys, I know a lot of potterheads have really strong opinions on who Hermione should’ve ended up with, so I wanted to see which was more popular! So, just -

L I K E: romione
R E B L O G: dramione/fleurmione/harmony (etc etc)