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Little Dramione things

•Draco and Hermione sneaking out after curfew to see each other
•Hermione sitting in Draco’s lap while reading
•Draco absentmindedly twirling Hermione’s hair
•Hermione reading muggle books to Draco
•Draco unknowingly holding Hermione’s hand whenever they are together
•Hermione running her hands through Draco’s hair every time they kiss
•Draco kissing Hermione’s forehead whenever she’s sad
•Hermione blushing every time Draco calls her beautiful
•Draco threatening anyone who calls Hermione a mud blood
•Hermione kissing Draco’s dark mark when he feels self conscious
•Draco kissing Hermione’s “mud blood” scar when she feels self conscious

Because I’ve been having feels lately here are some bedtime Dramione headcanons

• They both have absolutely ridiculous cases of bed head. Draco claims things could get lost in Hermione’s hair while Hermione says his hair looks like he got electrocuted.

• Draco snores but refuses to believe it because he is a Malfoy and snoring is for uncouth commoners.

• They like to read before going to bed but sometimes get distracted with other… activities.

• They love cuddling.

• Hermione is generally a morning person. Draco wasn’t a morning person until they had kids but he still needs his cup of coffee to properly function.

• Hermione sometimes sleep talks gibberish although a few times she has somehow held full coversations with a very amused Draco.

• Hermione will read the kids bedtime stories from story books while Draco will usually make up stories on the spot.

• Lots of cuddles.

• Hermione hates wearing socks to bed, which is awful for Draco because her feet get really cold and she ends up pressing them against him to warm them up.

• They have a hard time sleeping when there’s a thunderstorm so they’ll huddle under their blankets with chocolate and their favorite books.

• They both have nightmares from the War and if one wakes up and can’t fall back asleep the other will stay up as well.

• Cuddles galore.

• Hermione introduced Draco to the art of pillow fighting and he absolutely loves it.

• Hermione also introduced him to alarms clocks but that he is much less appreciative of.

• The first time Hermione wore one of Draco’s shirts for bed his jaw dropped and he was speechless for a good minute.

• Even more cuddles.

• Hermione can survive with two pillows but Draco needs at least seven. When she asked how he possibly survived at Hogwarts he admitted that the packages he’d receive the first week or so of school would have at least one shrunken pillow.

• Draco taunts Crookshanks for not being allowed to sleep on the bed whereas he, being a man, gets to have Hermione to himself all night long. Hermione ends up having to threaten him with The Couch because honestly the rivalry between her cat and her husband will be the death of her.

• Hermione can be a blanket hog, especially in the winter. Draco usually ends up tugging her on top of him so he can stay warm.

• So. Many. Cuddles.

Imagine Draco Being Called Out for Being a Wuss
  • Draco: Granger, you will find that the word “fear” is not in my vocabulary.
  • Hermione: Perhaps, but it’s in your eyes.
Signs as HP ships
  • Aries: Nuna (Neville X Luna)
  • Taurus: Dramione (Draco X Hermione)
  • Gemini: Blackinnon (Sirius X Marlene)
  • Cancer: Ronks (Remus X Tonks)
  • Leo: Wolfstar (Remus X Sirius)
  • Virgo: Hinny (Harry X Ginny)
  • Libra: Scorbus (Scorpius X Albus)
  • Scorpio: Drarry (Draco X Harry)
  • Sagittarius: Ronmione (Ron X Hermione)
  • Capricorn: Harmony (Harry X Hermione)
  • Aquarius: Scorose (Scorpius X Rose)
  • Pisces: Jily (James X Lily)
Why I ship dramione and why it is not an abusive relationship

Let me be blunt. Dramione is always on the receiving end of unnecessary bashing for reasons that are mostly bullshit and I’m getting tired of it. I understand that at first they may seem to be an odd pairing but it’s actually a good ship once you give it a chance. Let me lay out some facts:
- Hermione and Draco are actually compatible. They are both smart, powerful, brilliant, and loyal to what they believe in and to the people they love. They are more alike on that aspect than they are different. Yes, they are both born at the opposite sides of war, and they were schoolyard enemies, but that is just a factor to them being a “star crossed romance”. People like the idea of a “forbidden love”, ie. Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, etc. It has been going on for centuries and it is still going on until now, so wake up.
- Well written, impressive fanfics. Like, ridiculously underrated fanfics that mostly feature the redemption arc of draco malfoy and his chance to prove himself to be a good man. Girls dig that kind of stories.
- To the argument that dramione is an “abusive relationship” on grounds that “he victimized her, called her racist slurs, and bullied her” that’s bullshit. And as opposed to what, drarry? Fun facts: draco and harry hated each other. A lot. Draco bullied Harry throughout their entire course in hogwarts. Draco also pointed out his half blood status, so that counts as a racist slur, surely. Furthermore, they legit tried to kill each other. Draco threw a cruciatus curse to harry, and harry almost killed draco with a sectumsempra. On that accounts, does that also mean that Drarry is an abusive relationship? Draco may have been a bully to Hermione too, but he never tried to crucio her. If youre a drarry shipper and shit on dramione using that argument, then your logic is flawed, try again.
- Dramione shippers don’t romanticize abusive relationship, because we don’t believe that dramione is abusive. For the ship to be abusive would be ooc. That would imply that Hermione is a pushover. First of all, Hermione Granger is the brightest witch of her age and ridiculously brilliant. Shes SMART, and POWERFUL. Shes more than capable to stand up for herself and logical enough to not be victimized by her partner. And secondly, y’all portray draco as this misunderstood angel but once he’s paired with Hermione he’s suddenly a monster?? ? make up your minds! Draco used to bully her and hated her, yes, but that’s because that’s what his family taught him since he was a kid. In dramione, draco changes his opinions and defies his family to be with her. His character develops from a spiteful racist to a defector, and in most fanfics, he is a turncoat, a good guy.
- At the end of the day, a ship is just a ship. What’s more important is that we respect each other’s opinions and preferences. To hate on dramione to join the bandwagon just because it’s what “lit” people do is immature and petty. Get over your prejudiced asses. Let’s all be mature about this and just let people love what they love, and exist harmoniously as potterheads.

Hermione vs Astoria
  • Blaise: You've got to choose mate. You can't keep them both!
  • Draco: But I fancy them both!
  • Blaise: You think you do but you don't. Don't think with your dick.
  • Draco: I do not!
  • Blaise: Come on then, just list down all the cons you have for the both of 'em. That way you'll see what you're getting into. Choose the one with the shorter list.
  • Draco: Alright... [scowls]
  • Blaise: Granger first. I'm sure you've got plenty of--
  • Draco: She's manipulative, she's an insufferable know-it-all, I was always behind her in class, she's a prude, a swot-- I hate how she bites her nail, when she thinks she can sing to save her life, when she squints her eyes when she insists that I'm wrong. That hair of hers she can't seem to tame, I mean sleekeazy's won't hurt once in a while! And thinking about my parents, I hate that she's a muggle-born.
  • Blaise: See? But take it easy now. Don't want to lose "insults" for Astoria now, do we? So, Greengrass then? I'm sure she's a lovely--
  • Draco: She's not Hermione Granger...
  • Blaise: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Blaise: Err, there you go?