I am neither
a damsel in distress
nor perfectly fine,
but what I do know
is that I’m divine;
a human being who
has decided to do
the hardest thing
on this planet:
I will show up
to each and every day
with a full body and mind
regardless of its quality.

I will show up
in good times, in bad,
in times that barely merit
a descriptor at all;

I will show up
when things are sad,
when things are stagnant,
when things are moving
too quickly to even
mark a speed.

I will show up
kicking and screaming
if necessary, dragged
by sheer force of will
and the lure of a smile,
because to not would be
to deny my unique
and irreplaceable role
in a world full of others
struggling with the same
fears in different forms.

I will show up
because I’m ready to face
my fears and laugh
at how small they look
close-up; the fears that
have kept me numbing
myself will crumble
with a dramatic crash.
As they fall, I will rise.

I will show up
no matter what.

—  e.f.a.