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a total stranger one black day

by E.E. Cummings

a total stranger one black day
knocked living the hell out of me–
who found forgiveness hard because
my(as it happened)self he was
-but now that fiend and i are such
immortal friends the other’s each

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my sweet old etcetera
aunt lucy during the recent

war could and what
is more did tell you just
what everybody was fighting
my sister

Isabel created hundreds
hundreds) of socks not to
mention fleaproof earwarmers
etcetera wristers etcetera, my
mother hoped that

I would die etcetera
bravely of course my father used
to become hoarse talking about how it was
a privilege and if only he
could meanwhile my

self etcetera lay quietly
in the deep mud et

cetera, of
Your smile
eyes knees and of your Etcetera)
—  e.e. cummings

it may not always be so; and i say
that if your lips, which i have loved, should touch
another’s, and your dear strong fingers clutch
her heart, as mine in time not far away;
if on another’s face your sweet hair lay
in such a silence as i know, or such
great writhing words as, uttering overmuch,
stand helplessly before the spirit at bay;

if this should be, i say if this should be—
you of my heart, send me a little word;
that i may go unto her, and take her hands,
saying, Accept all happiness from me.
Then shall i turn my face, and hear one bird
sing terribly afar in the lost lands.

Ti amo
per i tuoi piccoli modi sventati, atterriti
per le tue riflessioni
quasi morbidi uccelli scuri
ed è luce improvvisa quando tu parli.
Ti amo
per i tuoi ampi occhi da bambina
e le mani svolazzanti
per i tuoi polsi piccoli dei
e le tue dita stupendi misteri.
Ti amo
studia il fiore il suo giorno di vita?
si adira la farfalla per un soffio d’anima?
Preferirei una rosa
che vivere in eterno.
—  Ti amo, E. E. Cummings

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Friday, August 26
Boris Karloff TRIPLE Feature - Guest host @TCM_Dragon
8:00 p.m. FRANKENSTEIN (1931)
A crazed scientist creates a living being from body parts, not realizing it has a madman’s brain.

To save his wife, Baron Frankenstein must build a mate for his monster. 

11:00 p.m. THE MUMMY (1932)
An Egyptian mummy returns to life to stalk the reincarnation of his lost love.

There have been a lot of well thought-out and thorough reviews of Radiata Stories that highlight the game’s strengths and weaknesses and I have a lot of respect for the critics who have clearly taken the time to give the game a fair chance whilst giving it a review that’s not just an ass-patting. I like it when they can address the issues the game has while still giving credit where it’s due. That’s why it smh when I see a review done by someone who clearly only bothered to play the very beginning of the game before deciding it’s crap and yet still bother to make a video giving it a negative review. 

If a game doesn’t manage to draw you in right away, that’s fine. We all have played games like that, but if you’re so quick to put a game down because the plot isn’t picking up as quickly as you would like it to, then I don’t know why you bothered wasting your time making a review based on the first 10 minutes-worth of plot that you’ve sat through. 

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion and like I said, I’m not against negative reviews as a whole–the game is not perfect, and I’m happy that critics are able to acknowledge its flaws, that’s why I take issue with reviews that just barely scratch the surface as far as criticism goes. You seem to have plenty of patience with making a video talking about how bad it is judging from the small snippet gameplay you’ve done so why is it so hard to apply that same amount of patience to actually playing a game all the way through to get the entire story? Hell, I’d give you credit if you could at least make it to the halfway point because the plot definitely does pick up by then. 

It just seems unprofessional and half-assed, to be completely honest, to only play the beginning of something and judge the entire story based on that. You can say that the story “doesn’t take itself too seriously” but in all honesty, you don’t seem to take your reviewing process too seriously if you think a small snippet of the story is representative to the overall narrative as a whole. You can share your initial thoughts of a game, just don’t advertise it as a thorough review. 

But what can I say? That’s my opinion. That’s my critique of someone else’s critique, as it were.