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Dark Souls 3 - Epilogue & Slave Knight Gael Remix “Journey’s End”

This is my final Dark Souls remix. I didn’t think it would affect me as much as it has. Coming up with the idea for this remix was one thing but to actually do it and think about my time with the series has left me both sad and yet hopeful. Remixing something new and revisiting/updating some remixes from the past felt very right, and something of a thank you to everyone who enjoyed those when they were released. I feel like I’ve done everything I can with this series, this release marks my 25th release between the Souls games and Bloodborne. Now that Dark Souls is over I think it is also time for me to stop with it. Don’t get me wrong, whatever Fromsoft does in the future I’m pretty sure that I will want to remix the music from those games. Will there be a Dark Souls 4 one day? If there is, I shall return to it. And of course I’ll keep releasing remixes and new content, so don’t worry about that! Thank you all and enjoy the remix!

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Voltron Aesthetic: Paladins + Floral Posters (2/2)

Defenders of the universe, huh? Has a nice ring to it.



Part (1 / 2) Here: Allura + Coran

fun fact: keepers can’t do everything, especially if you give them a backline that has basically never played together!! wild ik

(ps alyssa was literally the best usa player against australia u better not come for her just bc of that early brazil goal)


[SFM] A beautiful poem -  Leviatic