Do you guys remember Yeoman Zahra? The adorable/badass Starfleet officer who accompanied Kirk and his landing party on the Deneva Colony (the one with the flying pancake aliens that attacked Spock) in “Operation—Annihilate”?

This is her main Memory Alpha file:

And THIS is what people have apparently designated as her AOS counterpart:

Okay, so someone clearly couldn’t stay away from the whitewashing for 2 goddamned seconds, because whitewashing a minor background character who only appears in one episode is………..beyond ridiculous. Especially when she happens to be one of the few women of color to even appear on the Original Series in the first place. 

Like really, you seriously couldn’t pick one of the many various WHITE yeomen/operations officers from TOS to be this Into Darkness background character’s TOS counterpart? 

I………….have no words. 


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god just look at bitty. he’s so aware of everything jack has been through

his anxiety, the draft, the overdose, getting back into hockey, the pressures of the nhl

god that boy has been through so much and bitty is so scared that he’s going to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back a second time

he doesn’t ever want to hurt jack and he’s so worried that what they’re doing will ruin everything jack’s worked so hard to rebuild

and goddamn if it doesn’t kill me that bitty doesn’t know how much he means to jack. we always go on about how ‘jack doesn’t realise how important bitty is to him’ but we never really look at how bitty doesn’t realise that either

we know jack would be lost without bitty but god bitty doesn’t even know the extent of it. maybe to jack it used to go hockey then relationships but there’s no way in hell it’s not bitty then hockey now

so yeah eric bittle made me cry and i need a hug