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okay but victor wearing one of those fluffy makeup headbands with little ears while doing his morning skincare routine and yuuri watching from the doorway to the bathroom where he leans against the door frame with half-lidded from sleep eyes and a mug of warm tea nursed between his hands that hides his little, contented smile

Quick prayer request pleaseeeeee… I’m getting another migraine and I c a n n o t have one rn. I have hemiplegic ones which means I basically get the symptoms of a stroke and then terrible pain that makes me nauseous but I HAVE TO WORK rn. I had one like a couple days ago and left a little early and I don’t wanna do that again. So thanks my dudes 💜

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Rin and Shippo as childhood friends to lovers. 

I really want you to think about this. They understand each other on levels no one else really can; both orphaned at a young age, left to fend for themselves, attempted to steal to live, adopted into the care of travelers, witnessed the horrors of war and demonic evil, and still managed to survive with a sort of innocent playfulness. 

No one really gets why they weren’t turned hard by the world, think they’re naive and childish, but they both know that the truth is they just choose to see the good in life, and never take anything for granted. Life is so boring when you take it seriously. 

It starts at the end of the series with some village shenanigans.  

This,,, got long. Strap in, kids.

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t-e-r-r-i--f-i-e-d  asked:

The demon yoongi one where tae visits him at the ocean was so fucking beautiful do you have anymore supernatural/fantasy ones like that

Of course! (○゚ε゚○)

with a head full of dreams by kaythebest [ 1 ch. | T | 8k+ ]

Affinity by Meanie_Beanie_nim [ 4/? | NR | 84k+ ]

Paperback Oceans by castigas [ 9 ch. | G | 8k+ ]

I put a spell on you (and now you’re mine) by cosmicoffee [ 1 ch. | T | 30k+ ]

three is the magic number by chaoticmusings [ 1 ch. | T | 11k+ ]

taehyung’s moving castle by heytaetae [ 1 ch. | T | 3k+ ]

these words turn to gold by ziontea [ 1 ch. | T | 27k+ ]

All we ever have is now by Curionenene [ 1 ch. | G | 6k+ ]

Hai Shi Shan Meng by handintheshot [ 1 ch. | E | 8k+ ]

But now I’m looking at these strange faces (and all I want to see is you) by goodbyelover [ 1 ch. | T | 1 k+ ]

whalesong by motelgirl [ 1 ch. | NR | 10k+ ]

Wonderstruck by [ 1 ch. | NR | 10k+ ]

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