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OTP: Highsnobiety In Hiding.

list of musichetta’s talents:
  • plays the saxophone
  • always knows when one of her datemates aren’t feeling well and does small things to cheer them up
  • like leaving small origami cranes in bossuet’s bag that he unwraps because there’s always a loving, positive note written on them for him
  • or organising the fridge magnets to read a beautiful poem for joly
  • blueberry pancakes. best in the country. objectively speaking
  • cunnilingus
  • im sorry that had to be said i really am so sorry but like
  • charcoal sketches oh my GOD
  • musichetta makes phenomenal tea and That’s The Tea
  • hair. she can recreate any hairstyle she sees, in movies, magazines, you name it. Eponine and Cosette asked her to do their hair for prom, to which they went, together, like GAYS
  • can pick up coins with her feet
  • those saxophone lungs really come in handy boy do they
  • knows EXACTLY how to diffuse any situation
  • when enjolras is getting too worked up and annoyed, musichetta is the one to rationalise her way to his calmness
  • knows basically all the flower meanings which makes her the cutest and most accuratest bouquet gifter in the World
  • Best Girlfriend Ever
  • her compassion and excellent listening skills
  • which also makes her unable to dislike? which is why she can diffuse any situation
  • Motorcycle Bisexual
  • “that’s not a talent” yes it fucking is
  • goddess of taking old clothes and cutting them up n sewing them until they look fresh off the runway
  • can whistle three different ways
  • KNOWS 7 LANGUAGES ????????????????????? H O W 
  • cut crease queen
  • she never really learned how to dance “properly” but she does dance. a lot. all the time. and it’s the most beautiful thing ever

There should be a side story in ddadds where you and all the other dads team up to hunt Amanda’s group of “friends” the fuck down

I love how LinkedIn is like “10 jobs you might be interested in” like yeah sure I’m interested but the real issue here is would those 10 jobs be interested in me? Cause I feel like that’s the more pressing issue here.


meanwhile in ealdor.