e. maximus

got tagged by: the awesome and amazing @ask-fem-neinheart and then promptly takes ten thousand years to get to it.

headcanons to consider

can they use chopsticks?
Commander: Will can use chopsticks and but occasionally tries to be fancy and then poke himself in the eye with it. Smartass. Maximus doesn’t use them at all, so he can’t.
Emperor: ^ Pretty much the same.

what do they do when they can’t sleep: 
Commander: Will likes to get a good book and read until h e falls asleep. Maximus curls up in his spider form in a bunch of web (and gives Will a heart attack for making him think he’s dead

Emperor: Spider Emp Maximus prefers to brood darkly, sometimes calling Will to chat with. William lights a small scented candle to help sleep.

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