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Night Blogger Steven sometimes gets a little bit dramatic over cartoons


i couldn’t think of a good theme on the spot for a su sticker sheet so of course i ended up choosing flowers…

  • steven: pink carnation for a mother’s love, daisies and dandelions for purity and innocence
  • garnet: ivy for wedded love, viscaria for an invitation to dance
  • pearl: a rose for rose, rosemary for remembrance
  • amethyst: pink/yellow hyacinth for playfulness and jealousy, hydrangea for appreciation of understanding
  • lapis: queen anne’s lace for sanctuary and delicateness, lily of the valley for return to happiness
  • peridot: peony for bashfulness/indignation, king protea for transformation and courage

Ruby: It happened Back when I was a full time lifeguard. Lapis was this kid who was ALWAYS in the water, nearly all day every day, I swear they were part fish or something. Well, on time the tides were particularly heavy, and Lapis, despite being such a strong swimmer, got caught up in it and it slammed them into the rocks! I rushed out there as fast as I could and saved them, but they got a particularly nasty wound on their back because of it. When they came to, I tried to let them know that everything was gonna be A-OKAY! But..they took one look at my face went red, and passed out again. Took them to the hospital after that and visited when I could, I did most of the talking since they seemed real shy ehehe. I see them quite often when I volunteer lifeguard! They’re one heck of a Surfer!

Ruby:..Eh, whatever, such a nice kid.