você diz que nunca provou da reciprocidade, é engraçado. você diz que gostaria de receber cafuné num domingo á tarde, é engraçado. você diz que quer estar com uma pessoa que te assuma pra família, pros amigos e até mesmo pros cachorros da casa, é engraçado. quer alguém que ande de mãos dadas contigo, te beije na praça de alimentação do shopping e não se importe com os olhares de negação em sua direção, é engraçado. você quer que alguém te ame, e é engraçado porque eu te amei, porque eu te amo.

porque eu estava disposta á lhe dar tudo o que queria e um pouco mais.

é engraçado porque você diz que não quer me machucar, mas procura o que eu lhe oferecia em outras garotas.

você tem medo de machucar ou você se recusa a me amar?

é engraçado porque você quer amor, mas não o meu.


✨🌙🌱 k a e l  . r e f 🌱🌙✨

  • @dogwoodly did this for me thank you so much ilu 

🌱 a b o u t🌱

  • is a forest sprite turned into a human
  • loves to farm and forage 
  • also a bitch yikes. 
  • snooty personality accept she doesn’t talk (at all)
  • and she owns a lil tea shop

🌱 w e a r i n g🌱

  • doctors mask
  • white gloves (not pictured)
  • green overalls and a moon tee shirt
  • grey socks and oxfords
  • jacob’s ladder (not in game but i imagine the flower turns to a deer horn while no one is looking)
  • Lance: *blows a kiss into the desert* For Keith.
você me salva

eu só queria dizer que você tem sido minha fortaleza em meio a essa correnteza de insanidade fragmentada em trocentos mil pedaços que me alcançou como uma avalanche. queria te agradecer por todas as vezes que eu entrei em colapso e tudo que tu fez foi me acolher nos teus braços aquecidos e dizer me abraça forte eu tô aqui. e por não ter perdido a paciência quando eu comecei a chorar no meio do shopping e você não sabia o motivo mas disse que se eu quisesse a gente podia ir pra casa mesmo já tendo comprado o bilhete do cinema. e por ter me dito que eu era a pessoa mais forte que você já conheceu e a sua melhor amiga. e eu só fiquei quieta porque a verdade é que eu sou tão fraca que a qualquer momento posso desmanchar entre seus dedos e virar poeira estelar que você vai soprar pra bem longe. queria te dizer que eu quis colidir com a tua alma em todas vezes que você me disse que eu podia chorar e que eu era tão linda e inteligente e esperta e a mulher da sua vida e que aquela cantora pop era nada perto de mim e quando tu cantava pra me acalmar e sua voz docemente aveludada só me dava mais vontade de ser engolida por um buraco negro. me sinto um pouco menos morta todo dia em que o sol raia e eu lembro que se por acaso o relógio bater bem na hora de um ataque de pânico, eu posso correr pra você e sugar todas as suas forças porque você é tão surreal que consegue me salvar e ainda ter uma energia-extra guardada em casos de emergência. eu só guardei esse comecinho de noite pra te dizer que eu nem sei se te mereço porque tu é exatamente tudo que eu sempre quis e quando você franze o nariz quando sorri eu penso meu deus ele merece muito mais que qualquer ser mortal pode oferecer. e eu sei que essa minha fase ruim talvez não passe nunca ou talvez passe amanhã mas tu surpreendentemente me mostrou que nunca foi brincadeira quando tu dizia que eu podia contar contigo em todos os momentos da minha vida. e agora que eu sei eu só consigo te amar muito mais a ponto de doer bem nos átomos de cada canto desse corpo remendado.

que é todo teu.

Dating Kai would include

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Kim Jongin

- gosh this would be the cutest relationship
- walks in the park
- probably likes holding you by the waist
- he just needs everyone to know that you’re his
- most likely will see something in the store that reminds him of you and gets it
- but you do the same thing so when you see each other you’re both like aW
- teasing each other
- “lmao remember that time when you-”
- Chanyeol and Sehun are your new best friends
- tbh you and Jongin would be passed out on the couch together taking a nap
- and you hear faint giggling in the background but ignore it bc Jongin is so warm and cuddly and you’re so sleepy
- then you two wake up and Chanyeol and Sehun are looking you guys and laughing
- and Kai is laughing at you and you’re like ????
- and you look at his face and start laughing
- and then you realize why they were laughing and now they’re running from you
- Kyungsoo be watching out for his man
- just kidding he’s most likely just shy and making sure ur legit enough for his best friend
- but you don’t think he likes you
- and then one day you roast your boyfriend and you see D.O laugh a lil bit
- s u c c e s s
- grocery shopping at night bc two lil night owls
- buying snacks and munchies and a couple movies
- followed by passing out halfway through the first movie
- being his biggest fan and supporter for his dancing
- he’ll get so excited to show you a new routine he came up with
- one day he catches you trying to learn how to dance to Monster and you’re like in the zone right
- but you keep messing up and start getting frustrated and he’s laughing bc how are u so cute
- then he’ll come up next to you and try teaching you step by step
- “ok so move your foot like this- no jagi like t h i s, see?”
- “wtf how do u do that ???”
- “just turn it. Jagi- Y/N just twist it-”
- when you think you have it down he does the dance with you
- and you kinda gradually stop midway and just look at him bc
- no thank u it’s too much
- When you’re walking together at the park with his dogs and kids come up to pet them
- and he’s so incredibly sweet towards them
- he’ll kneel down and be like !!! go ahead !! pet him !! :)
- and he’ll answer all their questions and laugh with them and be so nice and your heart just m e l t s
- sometimes when you two are sitting on the couch he’ll play with your hair and start humming
- other times he’ll start singing softly and my god
- his voice
- please appreciate the river of gold that is his voice
- when you’re sad he’ll listen
- followed by doing the stupidest things to make you laugh
- “what did I do to deserve you”
- instead of responding he’ll just attack you with a hug to hide his blushing
- but you wanna see his SMILE
- “I could ask you the same thing”
- but also
- Kai vs. Jongin
- legit you’ll be teasing and making fun of each other and it’s all cute right
- “shhh jagiya just shushhh”
- “no make me >:l ”
- lip bite
- mischievous smile
- ur pinned down
- gets r e a l c l o s e
- “what was that?”
- R.I.P @ u
- just kidding he’ll start laughing and get off bc u looked so scared and cute and you’re hitting him with a pillow
- he’ll make it up later tho
- ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
- sometimes he’ll get sad and look for you because holding you is his safe place
- and you don’t even have to say anything, just as long as you’re there he’ll be okay
- A relationship with Kim Jongin would exert nothing but unending love and support
- you’re so so lucky

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So an exR head canon I have that goes with the coffee shop AU~ E comes into the coffee shop where R works everyday. R notices this and because he likes E so much each day R takes his cup and draws something on it, always something different. Until one day E walks in with a travel mug and R is pretty heartbroken thinking he must hate the doodles, but E walks up to the counter and sets the mug down in front of R and asks him to paint it bc he loves his art and he wants to be able to keep the cup

i kept this in my ask for a few days bc i love it so much but its time to Release it into the wild


Disclaimer: So this A-Z NSFW tag is pretty intense in my tl right now so I want to try because these photos are giving me ~feelings~.

A-Z NSFW: Nakamoto Yuta

A = Aftercare
I feel like Yuta would be the kind of guy who wouldn’t like you getting up after. He would attend to you very sweetly and will clean you after(along with occasional teasings because he just couldn’t resist), and would ask if you’re okay or sore.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
His favorite body part is his back because he loves how you crawl it. When your fingers clutch onto his back and scratch it painfully, it only turns him on more because he can feel how much you react to what he’s doing. His favorite part of yours is your stomach. He loves how smooth it feels and how it’s always ready for his ~cum~.

C = Cum
While he doesn’t pay much attention (he isn’t conscious) to it, he likes it when it’s all over you just so he could clean you up all over after too. He likes getting to touch you whenever he can.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs)
Yuta once saw you cleaning the kitchen with your apron on and your hair tied up and turned him on. He liked it so much you didn’t know it was the reason he started taking you to cosplay shops.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
While Yuta isn’t a virgin, he isn’t really experienced at all. But he knows a lot of tricks being with noonas who taught him how to properly please a woman.

F = Favorite position
Yuta likes being on top just so he could put your legs on his shoulders or circle it around his hips. He likes having you all hot and bothered and nothing to put your hands on but his back or the sheets. Also, disheveled hair? A MAJOR TURN ON.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Yuta is very flexible and would really depend on the situation. Angry sex? He will slam you on the wall and put one of your legs on his shoulder. Cuddly making up sex? He’ll whisper sweet words and kiss your tears away. Public bathroom quickie? He would tell nonsense jokes so you would be having troubles trying to keep it down.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
Yuta is very well groomed. While he is a manly man, the pictures above shows no sign of a happy trail.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
Yuta is a very romantic guy but he does it in ways that are too subtle for you to notice. When you’re busy, he wouldn’t take his eyes off you but the moment you look at him, he will look way and pretend to be doing something. His phone is full of stolen pictures of you and videos of you snoring or sleeping. Before you go to sleep, when you’re half-dreaming, he would whisper sweet things in Japanese just so you wouldn’t know what it means.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
I feel like Yuta is a very needy man and sometimes when you’re not together he would randomly call you and the talk would eventually lead to phone sex and lots of jacking off.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Hickeys. Yuta likes putting marks on you, mostly on your neck, the swell of your breasts, in between your thighs, and your underarms (that’s his major kink).

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
Because you both are adventurous and exhibitionists, he likes doing it in public bathroom stalls and fitting rooms. He likes small spaces so you have not much room to move.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Fighting. Most of your fights lead to both of you out of breath, hot and needy, that leads up to sex. Sometimes though, when you utter random Japanese words, he just loses it. But what keeps him going is you whispering how good he is in his ears or you just licking it.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
I can’t imagine turn off but I think something that Yuta won’t do is force you to do it even if you’re not feeling it. Even though he has a high libido, he respects you and wants everything to be consensual.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
One of Yuta’s highest skill is using his tongue. Not only does he use it for language, it also knows all the nooks and crannies of a woman’s genital. While he also likes being given, he only wants it if you’re up to it.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Like I said, Yuta depends on the situation. He can be pretty intense sometimes but he also knows when to be sweet and sensual.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
A lot. He just couldn’t keep it in his pants when he’s with you and he wouldn’t be able to focus on anything other than having you so you both have become accustomed to finding closed areas/spaces when out together or with friends.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
I think once you started getting comfortable with your sexual relationship, you came up with a list of things you want to try and explore and while you weren’t really serious with checking things up on said list, whenever you come across one situation that is included, you find ways to fulfill it.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Yuta plays sports and is a very active dancer so I think he could go on all night as long as you’re up for it. While he can last long, the first round is very intense and exciting so he doesn’t last long during the first.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Yuta’s toys are limited to blindfolds and costumes(if that counts).

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
He likes pleasing you but often times when you become a pain in the ass and get on his nerves, he would tease you to the point of begging. He would pet your neck and touch you in the most extreme places (side of your breasts, your thighs) but never further, and then he would stand up and leave you hanging while he takes a bath, and then tease you further as he emerges from the bathroom naked to the day he was born.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
I imagine Yuta would make deep grunts and the occasional ‘fuck’ and ‘you’re so sexy’ and then a very deep loud grunt when he finally comes.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
The first time you crossed something on your list was when you were having a fancy dinner wth your friends and you felt hands slowly making their way under the slit of your nightgown. It suddenly dawned to you why he ‘accidentally’ bumped into your beasts earlier while preparing for the dinner. He was going slow and you were getting used to the feeling of two fingers inside you when he suddenly pushed another, making you squeal. Your friends gave you a look and you had to pretend that you bit your tongue while trying to keep a straight face. You had to stuff food in your mouth to prevent you from screaming when you eventually came, seeing a satisfied smirk on Yuta’s face.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
(I don’t know how to do this… or describe lmao) I feel like Yuta is pretty hung. Not that thick, but a bit long. (Okay, this is making me blush so I’m stopping)

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
Way up. Yuta likes sex, and he likes doing it with you. He wants to do it whenever it’s possible.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterward)
After he’s done cleaning you up, he wouldn’t bother getting dressed and would just slump at the bed with you, dropping his arms and legs all over you, trapping you so you couldn’t get up. 

“Artista não é aquele que escreve, não é aquele que pinta, atua, ou canta,
É aquele que realmente encanta! Artista não é ter jeito, é ter alma, é ser diferente. Único verdadeiramente.

Artista não é apenas ser conhecido, é viver a vida por um gosto.
Por um sorriso, nem que seja só o seu…

Artista não é superar os outros, é ganhar-se a si próprio e dizer:
“preparado para mais uma luta”?”

Trechos do texto escrito por Néia Xitah - ‘Ser Artista’.

Este desenho eu fiz durante o curso de licenciatura em Educação Artística, fotografado e colorido no foto shop. É a sala de aula da faculdade. 

Cada canto, cada aresta pode ser uma limitação para o artista. Ou não! Tudo depende do quanto você está confortável com tal desafio.

Na cabeça de artista… 

Over the last 30 years Link’s partners have included at least five different fairies, a talking ship possessed by the ghost of the king, a robotic spirit that lives inside his sword, a flying bear, and a sentient version of his own hat, yet somehow people seem to feel the strangest and most illogical idea we have been presented with is Link going on his journey alone

Imagine Harry Styles

Pedido: “Faz um do Harry que ela é virgem e quer esperar o casamento mas ele não quer esperar e fala que vai largar ela aí ela se entrega e acaba engravidando e ele fala que não é dele e tals e os pais dela viraram a cara pra ela e aí a “sogra” descobre toda a história e acolhe ela … O Hazz reconquista ela e eles se casam depois de um tempo.. final feliz amor … Amor amo o Tumblr e você também 😘😘😘😘”. -  srabiebert


Eu sempre quis me guardar até meu casamento. Queria casar virgem, assim como quase todas as mulheres da minha família.

Harry, meu noivo, parecia entender e respeitar essa minha vontade e decisão. Mas, de uns tempos pra cá, ele passou a me cobrar isso. Dizendo que ele tem as necessidades dele, suas vontades e desejos; e que eu, como sua namorada e noiva, deveria supri-los.

Ele chegou a insinuar que iria me deixar se não o fizesse. Eu sempre tive medo. Medo dele não gostar e me largar antes do casamento. Eu o amo muito,  não suportaria ficar sem ele.

Me deixe te fazer minha.” foram as palavras dele. E eu acabei cedendo. “Me faça sua, Harry.”. Nós transamos naquela, foi bom, claro; mas me sentia mal. Me sentia suja, imoral. Isso seria uma vergonha para toda minha família. Meu pai iria ficar uma fera quando descobrisse.

O que com certeza não demoraria muito. Pois, naquele dia, esquecemos a camisinha e eu acabei engravidando. O pavor me consumia de uma tal forma, que eu não conseguia pensar sensatamente no que fazer.

Optei por contar a Harry primeiro, talvez poderíamos antecipar o casamento para não aparecer minha barriga ou sei lá, pensar e arrumar um jeito juntos.

Pensei errado. Ele surtou, ficou louco. Negou. Disse que o filho não era dele.

- Esse filho não é meu. Não pode ser. – dizia desesperado.

- Como não, Harry? De quem mais seria? – eu já começava a chorar. – Nós não usamos camisinha naquele dia, e eu engravidei. – expliquei, mas em vão. – Era justamente isso que eu temia. Era disso que eu tinha medo. Mas você não soube respeitar meu tempo e aceitar a minha decisão .

- Eu tinha minhas vontades, S/N. E se você não as suprisse, quem mais o faria?

- Tá, ok. E você conseguiu o que queria. E agora eu preciso de você.

- Eu não quero nem saber. Esse filho não é meu, aguente isso sozinha.

E saiu batendo a porta.

Quando meus pais souberam, surtaram. Meu pai ficou furioso. Me xingou de todos os nomes possíveis e disseram que eu não era mais filha deles. Que tinha sujado toda a reputação da família de anos.

Eu me apavorei. Me vi sozinha com essa “bomba” nas mãos. Eu não sabia o que fazer e nem como. Só sabia que teria que arrumar um jeito para cuidar de mim e do meu filho.


Anos depois.


Depois daquele dia, algumas semanas depois, Anne me procurou. Foi a maior surpresa. Afinal, o que a mãe do meu ex queria comigo?

E, para minha surpresa ainda maior, ela veio me prestar socorro e seu apoio. Disse que descobriu tudo que aconteceu e ficou completamente desapontada com seu filho. O qual eu não quero nem  lembrar o nome.

Ela me ajudou a arranjar um lugar na mesma cidade que ela morava. Consegui um emprego logo e na minha área de formação e comecei a seguir com a minha vida.

Eu a Anne nos tornamos boas amigas; ela é como uma mãe pra mim. Fazemos tudo juntas e ela acompanhou minha gestação inteira.

- Eu não vejo a hora de ver o rostinho dessa coisinha mais linda que está aqui dentro! – disse alisando minha barriga enorme de 8 meses. Sorri.

- Eu também, Anne! Não vejo a hora de tê-la nos meus braços. Falta pouco! – ela sorriu. – Eu tenho tanto pra te agradecer… – segurei sua mão.

- Você não tem nada que agradecer. – ela sorriu.

- Claro que tenho! Você foi a única que me deu apoio e que me acolheu. Foi a única que se mostrou dispostas a me ajudar e a estar do meu lado no meio daquele terremoto que passou pela minha vida. Eu não sei o que seria de mim sem você! – ela sorriu e me abraçou.

- Não fiz mais que minha obrigação, minha querida!

Poucos dias depois, meu bebê nasceu. Forte, saudável; a coisa mais linda da minha vida. A minha pequena Fiorella!

Ela está a cada dia maior, já está com 3 anos. Espoleta que só. Tem o cabelinho encaracoladinho, olhos claros a grandes, boca rosada e carnuda. Perfeitinha. Ela é completamente apega a avó. Vive grudada com ela. Ainda mais que é Anne que cuida dela quando eu vou trabalhar.

Hoje estamos na casa da Anne. Ela prometeu fazer “a torta que a sua neta preferida mais gosta”!

Eu estava com ela na cozinha enquanto Fiorella brincava no jardim, aproveitando o dia bonito que fazia hoje.

- Ela está a cada dia mais linda! – ela disse e olhei pela janela, vendo ela brincar com a Bibi, a cachorra da casa.

- É! Está a cada dia mais parecida com o pai também. – pude ver Anne fechar um pouco sua expressão e parar o que estava fazendo.

- Eu sinto muito. Por tudo. Mas isso já era esperado, certo? – assenti. – Ela te faz lembrar dele, né?

- Muito. Até mais que eu gostaria. – suspirei, admitindo até para mim mesma. – Vamos mudar de assunto?! – respirei fundo e Anne sorriu assentindo.

A campainha tocou e imaginei quem poderia ser. Deveria ser a Gemma.

- Eu atendo! – falei, já que ela estava ocupada.

Fui até a sala e abri a porta. E quase cai para trás. Não, não, não! Não podia ser…

- S/N? – falou surpreso.

- Harry. 

Anne apareceu na sala e parecia estar tão surpresa com a visita quanto eu. Pelo visto ele apareceu sem avisar.

- Harry, querido, você não me avisou que vinha. – ela disse sem graça, enquanto abraçava o filho.

- Eu atrapalhei alguma coisa? – ele disse me encarando e depois olhou para sua mãe.

- Não, apenas me pegou de surpresa. – ela sorriu amarelo e ele continuou me encarando.

Respirei fundo, pedi licença e fui até a cozinha. Peguei um copo de água e bebi, tentando me acalmar.

- S/N, minha querida, me desculpe. Eu não sabia que ele vinha aqui, e muito menos que estava na cidade. Ele não me avisou que viria. – ela suspirou e eu sorri para ela.

- Você não tem culpa, nem se preocupe! – coloquei o copo na pia. – Anne, eu não quero parecer indelicada; mas eu vou embora. Marcamos nosso chá para um outro dia, se você não se importar. Mas eu não me sinto bem perto dele. – ela me olhou compreensiva e segurou minhas mãos.

- Eu realmente não queria que fosse assim. Eu tinha algo em mente pra vocês dois totalmente diferente disso. – ela suspirou. – Mas eu entendo você e é claro que não me importo que você vá embora.

A agradeci por toda ajuda e compreensão e me despedi dela. Peguei Fiorella e sai pelos fundos, para não correr riscos de embarrar com ele de volta. Não queria passar pelo mesmo desprazer.


Já passava das 20 horas da noite, e eu estava jogada no sofá com algumas guloseimas ao meu redor. Gemma havia levado minha filha para passear no shopping e depois iria levá-la dormir na casa dela.

Minha campainha tocou e eu sorri, imaginando ser Anne para conversar comigo sobre o ocorrido de mais cedo. Mas, ao abrir a porta, meu sorriso de foi.

- O que você quer? Como você descobriu onde eu moro?

- Eu segui Gemma, queria ter a certeza que você estava sozinha.

- Bom, já descobriu onde eu moro e já teve a certeza que estou sozinha; agora já pode ir embora. – iria fechar a porta, mas ele me impediu.

- Eu acho que nós precisamos conversar, certo? – revirei os olhos.

- Errado! Nós não temos nada para conversar. Adeus, Harry. – ele segurou a porta mais uma vez e entrou na minha casa.

- Eu só saio daqui depois que conversarmos. – cruzou os braços e ficou parado na minha frente. Eu já estava prestes a perder a paciência…



Eu nunca saí a noite em casal. Eu não tenho foto junto da minha namorada na minha rede social. Eu sempre dormi sozinho e nunca acompanhado. Ninguém nunca me chamou de namorado. Eu não tenho alguém pra dar o casaco em uma noite fria. Quando eu vou ao cinema eu vou sozinho porque não tenho companhia. Eu nunca comemorei o dia dos namorados. Eu nunca dei presentes de 1 ano de namoro e também nunca fui presenteado. Eu nunca viajei pra praia com uma namorada. Na verdade eu nunca tive uma namorada. Ninguém nunca chegou até mim e disse que estava com ciúmes e que estava zangada por causa de uma garota que me elogiou numa foto que ela não queria que fosse postada, com a desculpa que a foto era tão linda que deveria ter ficado guardada. Eu nunca briguei, e ninguém nunca brigou comigo, e no meio da briga se lembrou de erros que eu teria cometido há 20 anos quando nem mesmo eu a tinha conhecido ou nascido. Eu nunca me apresentei aos pais, ou se quer fui a casa dela visitar e conhecer a família, ou participei de festas acompanhado, normalmente eu nem vou a festas, e quando vou, eu sempre fico isolado. Eu nunca acordei, olhei o celular e me alegrei com uma simples mensagem de bom dia junto de um coração. Nos meus momentos difíceis eu nunca tive uma garota especial pra me fazer companhia, me fazer sentir melhor, e me dar uma mão. Eu nunca senti saudades porque um de nós estava longe demais pra gente se abraçar, ficar juntos e se beijar a noite inteira. Eu nunca tive uma namorada pra assistir futebol comigo, torcer comigo, pro mesmo time, como uma bela companheira. Eu nunca tive uma pessoa pra dançar e escutar as mesmas músicas que eu. Eu nunca tive uma relação especial onde a outra pessoa me chamava de “meu”. Eu nunca tive alguém pra me dar apelidos fofos e engraçados e passar vergonha do meu lado. Eu nunca dei palpites pra ela sobre suas roupas, suas unhas, maquiagem, penteado, eu nunca acompanhei alguém nas compras no shopping e fiz o papel de um bom namorado. Eu nunca andei de mãos dadas. Eu nunca tive ninguém em especial pra rir sempre das minhas piadas. Essas coisas não são nem se quer 1% das coisas que nunca experimentei na vida por nunca ter tido uma relação. Eu não deveria me importar, mas não sai da minha cabeça que o fato de eu ter a companhia duma pessoa que eu amo, e que também me ama, faria isso tudo mudar e daria a essa vida difícil um pouco mais de emoção. Será que é errado eu sonhar mais em namorar e depois casar, do que ficar maluco preocupado em quando irei transar, sem me importar com quem será? Pesquisas dizem que 90% dos homens preferem estar solteiros, mas eu tenho certeza que eu faço parte daqueles 10% que ninguém quer valorizar. É complicado, algumas pessoas me chamam de trouxa por não ter agido igual um babaca e sim ter respeitado. É complicado, o fato de que é mais fácil eu ser iludido e chifrado do que verdadeiramente amado. Mas enfim, chega de desabafo. Esse é meu sonho e não irei parar de sonhar, um dia eu terei uma bela família e conhecerei uma moça muito linda com qual eu irei casar. E com ela eu passarei minha vida. E com ela eu irei pra onde for. E será com ela que eu verdadeiramente irei conhecer o tão famoso amor.
—  Olho Direito

susiethemoderator  asked:

leak your skin care regiment!!

Lol im a Bum and a Humble Potato but here goes:

I only use cream cleansers or cleansing oils (Tatcha cleansing oil is really good but you can make your own from jojoba oil and a bit of mint or tea tree or whatever you like) cuz i have sensitive oily skin (no sodium lauryl sulfate for my skin)

(Gentle) Facial cleansing brush (from anywhere tbh)

Occasional enzyme peels (start with affordable enzyme products like Freeman (sold in walgreens and walmart) and work ur way up if need be. they get rid of dead skin buildup that the brush doesnt catch. I do these once every few months)

AHA serum (advanced clinicals is the brand) nightly

Witch hazel as my toner (dickinsons brand), the body shop vitamin E toner (pink bottle), or rose water (I don’t have a specific brand I use)

Glycolic acid (25%) night cream every other night or every 3 nights depending on how much scarring/blemishes i have if at all

Aveeno moisturizer for my face during the day

Various face masks (queen helene mint mask is how i get rid of pimples) and Freeman makes cheap nice ones you can find in Walgreens and Walmart to test the waters

Shit tons of water and fruit

Avoid high amounts of cholesterol (gives me cystic acne, everyone’s different tho)

Take my vitamins (careful with vitamin b overload if u have cystic acne)

I avoid dairy (fucks with my skin)

Hopefully i was helpful in some way boo ✨💕

You’re Mine, Princess | E.D.

Requested By: Anon


It was a sunny Sunday morning, and about 11:30. In other words, you were just waking up. You opened one sleepy eye to see your boyfriend’s chest. He was laying on his back. Your head was on his chest, your legs tangled together, and his arm draped around your waist. “E,” you whispered. “E, wake up, I’m lonely..”

Without opening an eye, he muttered, “Good morning, Princess,” in the morning voice that made you weak literally every time you heard it. You began to sit up, but his arm tightened, effectively stopping you from moving. “E, c’mon, we gotta get up, bup,” you laughed. He just groaned. “5 more minutes. Please? I’m tired. You owe me this, okay? You kept me up late last night.” He said, trying to persuade you. You playfully hit his chest. “Hey! I didn’t keep you up! You could’ve gone to sleep. I didn’t force you to fuck me, Ethan.”

That made him sit up. “Yeah, but you looked really damn beautiful. It was inescapable. Now c’mon, what are you still doing in bed, we gotta get up!” He teased. You did nothing but roll your eyes, before climbing over him and off the bed.


You were at the mall. Shopping. With Ethan. He wasn’t necessarily your ideal shopping partner, but he’d insisted that he come, so that he could ‘glare at all the punks who stare at you.’ You’d protested, saying that no punks looked at you and you would be fine, and he refuted that by telling you that firstly, everyone stared at people as beautiful as you, and secondly, you were wearing his sweatshirt, so he might as well come. So now you were walking through Forever 21, and E hadn’t left your side much. He had this little smirk every so often, when some guy would glance your way, see E, and then look the other direction. The smirk was actually really hot, but you would never tell him that.


Shopping with E wasn’t actually that bad. He constantly gave you compliments when you were trying things on, insisted he pay for everything, and bought you guys milkshakes. Currently, you were walking towards the Nike store, your hands in each other’s back pockets. As soon as you stepped inside, however, he released you. “Ok Princess, I’m gonna go look at shoes and stuff. You don’t have to come with me, but if I see another guy trying to talk to you, I am not responsible for my actions,” he said, before walking away. You laughed,then headed over to look at sweatshirts.


“Omg, E! You’re turning into a punk! You’re staring at me! Omg!” You gasped, a mischievous gleam in your eyes. You were standing in your kitchen, later that night. He shook his head.

“No, it’s different. See, I can do this,” he stated, before pulling you in, and kissing you deeply. You broke apart a couple minutes later. “Face it. You’re mine, Princess. Now, let’s get to bed, yeah?”

romanticdisasterzone  asked:

Why is everyone debating over if what Kubo did to Orihime in the end is misogynistic? (school and job-wise)

The issue of Orihime ending up as a house-wife is a culturally deep-set controversy. It’s not a piss-baby topic. It’s not ‘look at the IR fans being blatant misogynists.’

Women are often the mark of progress in society. The study of demography observes a linear trend with women, education, and ‘baby-making.’ 

(For those who don’t know demography is the statistical study of populations (especially on human-beings) as they change over time or space). 

It’s especially an issue because of the Japanese perspective to it (I am not Japanese.This is not a first person source, this is me speaking from the education I have received regarding this topic and from the research and studies of experts).

2011 study by Yang and Yen explains that a leading reason of the decline in Japanese marriages is because “Japanese men do not want to marry a woman who demands equal sharing of the housework. Women who work outside of the house are not seen as contributing to the household.”

(Note that like the U.S., Japan is also in a state of population decline, which as of now just means the rate of population growth is slowing down, not that the numbers have started to drop).

If you know anything at all about demography and population studies, you know that when women have the opportunity to a greater education, they take it. When those women become more educated they become more career-driven. 

(This is what I mean with ‘women being the mark of a progressive society.’ Historically and statistically, educated women are a sign of progress towards equal rights and that is one of the signs of a developed country).

So the higher the education goes, the more women are going to shoot for higher-ranking/more specialized career paths. And with the focus shifting from ‘home-maker’ to more on career and masterful education, the less children women are prompted to have.

It was common for a woman during the baby-boomer generation to have as many as 6 children, it is incredibly rare now. Do I need to explain that this generation has more women entrepreneurs, more women going to college, more women in positions of authority, etc.?

Let’s take all this and apply it to the outrage surrounding Orihime.

She’s quick as a whip, sharp as a tack, and to top it all off she has the required work ethic down to a science (remember Tatsuki said 'She doesn’t really seem smart does she? You wouldn’t expect this of Orihime, but since middle school this girl could really study.’).

Not only has Orihime been shown to be incredibly book-smart (number 3 in her class), but she’s among the most situationally perceptive characters of the series. People like to forget this because of all the goofiness and daydreams, but it’s true! She notices patterns in people pretty quickly.

So for Matsubara to just go 'fuck it, she had to drop out for 'financial reasons’’ is cheap and complacent. (There are a shit-ton of practical and superior options available to allow yourself to go to college. Money is often only a temporary halt for men and women as knowledgeable and determined as Ms. Inoue. By the by, never have I ever witnessed a payment, in full or in majority bill, paid outright).

Payment should have never been the excuse of Orihime’s promise. 

Fuck all other opinions, Orihime wanted a career and an education! I give no shits to an opinion on Orihime’s future that isn’t Orihime’s.

It’s not Orihime’s fault, it is not her character, it’s the fault in the minds drawing and portraying her not caring to show two shits of self-realization or worth in their literature prowess. 

It’s such a controversy because in the fucking manga Orihime wanted a career. Forthright, outright, verbatim.

And here’s the kick-you-in-the-crotch-spit-on-your-neck appeal of it all: Orihime didn’t give just one loosely translated career, she gave three concrete careers. T-H-R-E-E! 

Teacher, astronaut, cake-shop owner…

Gave us three and said she wanted five. 

She is the only character that has been shown to have aspirations of the future.

You can pretend she was joking about the careers, but try and bitch to me that she didn’t dream of one.

Quite frankly,having a favorite does not mean you need to blindly support and defend the creators intentions for that character. To not be able to criticize is to be passive, is to misinformed, to be complacent.

Do you think Orihime was thrilled about needing to drop out? Do you think she was complacent about that? You think Ichigo is a fine enough substitute for all her dreams? He wasn’t the only fucking one. 

Now had there been any mention of Orihime saving up to get back to school , this post would’ve been completely different, probably irrelevant.

And,just an added point: Kazui plays into that old-fashioned mindset of ‘baby-maker.’

Orihime wanted to leave Karakura. She wanted to live in five different places and stuff her face from foods from all over the world.

Of course she loves her son and is thankful for him, but she was young and sacrificed the peace and goals of herself. Selflessness was used against her.

And that’s all the issue is. It’s a trend we all know, it’s a deep subconscious reaction whether you love Orihime like I do or whether you hate her like others.

It’s not wrong or less of her to be a house-wife…it’s just not what she wanted.

It was not one single fucking person’s goal to stay in mundane, drab,puny, little Karakura Town.

Laytonlilly’s 200 Follower Sweepstakes!

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I’ve reached 200 followers! In order to thank everyone, I’m doing a small giveaway.

The winner will receive a $35 Nintendo E-Shop gift card to buy any Layton (or non-Layton) game that they want!


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