I don’t understand how people can be so against kindles and other e-readers. Sure, some people may enjoy the feel of a book whilst reading but for me it’s what I'm actually reading that matters. When I read a book, it’s the sense of adventure and being in a world of your own that I enjoy. How the words you are reading can make you forget about everything on your mind. You’re currently living the life of the character. Almost like magic. For me, having a kindle definitely does not take that feeling away. 


I know the commercial was made with the intention to sell a product (and they succeeded because I bought my Nook because of it), but this commercial always gets me. As an avid reader, it always sends chills through me.

By hook or by crook,

By book for by nook.

I will read.

Just a thought about e-readers and e-books.

So, I received a Kobo e-Reader for Christmas, and while I am grateful for the gift, I had a thought.

Now I buy a lot of books because I like to read, but I prefer to use normal copies when at home, but I’d read my Kobo when out, because it’s smaller to fit into a bag. The only issue is, I buy these proper copies of books for large amounts of money. Then, I start reading them at home, but should I go out I have two options:

  • Start a new book when out, which will be confusing, as I often forget story lines.
  • Buy the same book in e-book form, meaning I’ve spent twice the amount I originally intended to pay. 

So, here’s my thought. When I buy a book, I think you should be able to use the ISBN from the copy and put it into your e-reader, so you can have both a normal and digital copy of the book. Similarly to what a lot of films are now doing, where you get a copy available to use on your phone/tablet/computer.

Just a thought. Do you agree that this should be an option?