daisuga; home is lazy sunday afternoons with you, years and years from now.

“Daichi, can you pass me my tea?”


Socked feet nudge against his back. “Daaaiiiiichiiiiiii!”

Squirming to stop Suga from assaulting him more with his feet, Daichi relents, reaching across the table for the mug. “Why did you put it there when you’re sitting behind me?”

“Because you make such a good foot rest, darling.” Suga winks at him wtih that silly grin of his. Daichi just shakes his head.

They fall back into comfortable silence, the sound of afternoon traffic muffled from the half-closed windows. Taro lays curled up next to Daichi, half inside the kotatsu and huffing slightly every so often in her dreams. Daichi strokes her smooth fur absentmindedly as he flips through his newspaper. Behind him, sitting with his knees pulled up and in a way that can’t be good for his back, Suga scrolls down his tablet at all the magazines and e-newsletters he subscribed to. It’s a slow sunday afternoon, the weather outside too muggy and their schedules finally allowing for a day in. 

As he’s flipping the page, a yawn interrupts Daichi. He feels Suga shift behind him, until he’s sitting up with both legs on either side of Daichi, tablet thrown onto the couch cushions. Daichi hears a yawn echoing his own.

“All your fault, Daichi,” Suga says, resting his elbows on Daichi’s shoulders.

Tilting his head up to catch Suga’s drowsy expression, Daichi smiles. “Sorry.” 

Suga hums, a finger poking Daichi’s nose idly. His hair’s grown longer, messily framing his face when he doesn’t tuck it behind his ears. But the regal cheekbones are the same, the proud nose, that trademark mole under his left eye. But those large hazel eyes are the same, the way they burn sunlight into Daichi whenever they turn his way, the way they seem to glow whenever Suga smiled.

“Daichi,” Suga says, his voice low and mellow, and Daichi blinks slowly. “Daichi, we’re turning into old men, aren’t we?”

Taro startles awake at the sound of Daichi’s laughter, but she only spares the two of a single glance before padding over to another corner of the kotatsu and settling herself under it. Suga grins down at Daichi, his fingers warm where they hold Daichi’s jaw. Their lips meet upside down, but even with their eyes closed and mirth still tugging at the edges of their mouths, they find their way. 

They find their way home. 

User Experience Statistics

1. More than nine out of 10 (95%) agreed with the statement that ‘good user experience just makes sense’. (Econsultancy)

2. Nearly three quarters (73%) of companies currently not conducting user experience testing will be doing so in the next 12 months. (Econsultancy)

3. Visual data is processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than text. (SocialTimes)  

4. 66% of mobile users find that web pages load too slow. (Keynote Systems, Inc)4. 50% of average global mobile web users now use mobile as either their primary or exclusive means of going online. (inmobi)

5. Users preferred mobile websites for news, food/entertainment info, travel info, shopping info, and shopping. (Keynote Systems, Inc)

6. Smartphone users preferred to use mobile apps over mobile websites for map information, social media updates, e‐mail, and banking information. (Keynote Systems, Inc)

7. 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. (Google’s Mobile Playbook)

8. 48% of users say that if they arrive on a business site that isn’t working well on mobile, they take it as an indication of the business simply not caring. (MarginMedia)

9. 40% of users have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience. (Google’s Mobile Playbook)

10. Emails with social sharing buttons increase clickthrough rates by 158%. (SocialTimes)

11. 28.85% of all emails are opened on mobile phones and 10.16% on tablets. (Super Monitoring)

12. Only 11% of companies (Fortune 500 Companies) have social media links above the fold, and 89% below. (Go-Globe)

13. 47% of websites have a clear call-to-action button that takes users 3 seconds or less to see. (Go-Globe)

14. 70% (of the 200 small business websites evaluated) don’t display clear calls-to-action for anything on their home pages, such as specials, e-mail newsletters, how-to guides, demos, and interactive tools. (Online Marketing Coach)

“Rolf, the mandolin-playing terrier, was regularly featured on Art Nudnick’s Musical Menagerie. The Sunday afternoon variety program was a hit for the better part of 1925.”

Photo ‘discovered’ by the NYPR Archives Dept. on April 1, 2004 and used in the WNYC History Notes e-newsletter. Thanks to former Senior Archivist Cara McCormick.

4 Easy Ways To Streamline Your Author Brand

Every writer has an author brand whether they know it or not. So how can you take control of it? Here are my four easy ways to streamline your author brand across platforms and within platforms.


1. Cross-platform brand consistency

Do you use the same author photo on all your platforms (i.e. Website and Instagram) so followers know they’re in the right place? Do you use the same colour scheme or header image on your platforms (i.e. Facebook and Twitter)? Use visual cues to let readers/followers/fans know they’re in the right place. This creates tone without saying anything and is an easy way to start having a consistent brand across the web.

2. Unique content per platform

If you promote the same links across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, e-newsletter etc. then readers only have to follow you in one place to get the same information. Try creating unique content (but not spamming people about buying your book) for each platform and see how your voice and following can grow in different ways.

3. Engagement

Rule #1 of social media and growing a brand is engaging with comments/readers/followers. Don’t let a single comment go by without replying. Show followers that if they have the time to visit your pages that you have the time to engage with them. Then they’ll keep coming back because they have a personal relationship with you. When it’s time to promote your book they’ll be there to support you.

4. Promote other writers/creators that are consistent with your message/tone/voice

It can be counter-intuitive to promote other people while you’re trying to grow your own following, but believe me–this works! Show the writing community that you’re there for them AND get your name out there by promoting other writers who are comparable to you. This increases your engagement with established authors, shows the marketplace where you belong, and links your name to theirs in google searches.

Try that for a month or two and see how it feels. It will become natural very quickly!


Celebrate #YourPublicLands!

The first issue of Your Public Lands, BLM’s E-Newsletter was sent out today! This monthly E-Newsletter will bring you the latest stories from across the Bureau of Land Management. Today, the BLM manages 10 percent of the land in the United States and a third of the nation’s minerals. BLM-managed public lands stretch across the nation, from the Arctic Ocean to the Mexican border, and from Key West, Florida, to Washington’s San Juan Islands. 

This year, BLM celebrates two significant milestones: our 70th Birthday and the 40th Anniversary of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA), a federal law that provides direction for the BLM to sustain the health, diversity and productivity of America’s public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. 

Join our subscription list by emailing yourpubliclands@blm.gov

headbandone  asked:

I am currently in the process of buying a comic book store. Is there anything you think I should keep in mind while running it?

Promote a friendly (and family-friendly) atmosphere welcome to ALL - you want parents to bring their kids in. Sell more than just comics - associated items include board games, card games, comic-related media like superhero films and shows/toys/action figures. Set up subscriptions/pulls for customers and when new comics arrive make sure those are separated out first. Utilize social media (and e-mail newsletters) to announce events or when new comics are available on Wednesdays. Back issues are VERY important - lots of people come in outside of new comic book day JUST to look for specific ones.

Anyone else got anything?


Women Civil War Soldiers -Educational Short

Excerpt from the feature documentary Rebel, about Loreta Janeta Velazquez, Civil War soldier and spy. It is estimated about a thousand women disguised themselves as men to fight as soldiers for the Union and for the Confederacy. Countless other women also served as secret agents.

The Smithsonian Associates Civil War E-Mail Newsletter, Volume 1, Number 8

Why does anyone volunteer to fight in a war, especially someone who would not otherwise be called upon? There are approximately 400 documented cases of women who served in the ranks, both North and South. But, why did these women fight?

The ladies may have “had their reasons,” but for the most part, we have no documentation to tell us why. There was John Williams, also known as Sarah Blaylock, who states only that she was mustered in as a private and discharged one month later when she was discovered to be a woman. Why did she enlist to fight?

Charles Freeman, or Mary Scaberry, enlisted in the summer of 1862. Her identity was discovered after she was admitted to the hospital the following November. Her discharge papers state she was dismissed for: “Sex(t)ual incompatibility and fever.” Why did she fight?

Sarah Edmonds enlisted as Franklin Thompson and describes her physical exam as “a firm handshake.” She participated in several battles and left the service when she caught malaria and feared discovery if she were treated. After the war she married, raised three children, and received a government pension for her Civil War service. Why did she fight?

The most telling story is that of another fighting lady, Rosetta (Lyons) Wakeman. She was the oldest child in a large family, and by necessity worked under brutal conditions on the family farm in upstate New York. She left home at 19, and instead of taking a job as a laundress or a domestic for pennies a day, she dressed as a man and hired onto a canal boat as a coal handler. When she learned she could earn $13 per month in the army, she enlisted as a private in the 153rd New York State Volunteers. Her early letters home tell just how oppressed she felt there. Still, she saved her army pay and sent home large sums of money and generous gifts. In return she asked the home folks for tobacco, apples, pies, and cakes. In the army she enjoyed freedoms not possible to her as a woman. And, she was having the time of her life. She writes, “I enjoy myself first rate … I have had plenty of money to spend and a good time asoldiering. I find just as good friends among strangers as I do at home.” Her true identity was never discovered, not even when she visited male friends in other regiments who knew her from home, or even when she was hospitalized with dysentery. When she died in a New Orleans Army hospital, she was buried as a soldier. She rests at Chalmette National Cemetery with a soldier’s headstone.

We might assume that women soldiers in the Civil War fought for the same reasons as men–patriotism, adventure, to rid the country of slavery. But we know exactly why Rosetta Wakeman fought. She fought to gain her own freedom. Only as a soldier was she able to live as free and “independent as a hog on the ice.”

Summer Marketing Internship

Creative thinkers wanted! We are seeking professional, driven, and self-directed new interns to join our marketing agency in our South Pasadena, CA office. Our marketing department encompasses a wide range of activity from creating programs supporting touring talent and business partners to developing strategic platforms for clients. We are looking for trend watchers who are highly engaged in technology, music culture, and related lifestyle media. We are seeking a candidate who can participate in market research surveys, follow trend reports, and sustain marketing programs for talent and associated brands. Should be prepared to work in a fast-paced, professional environment, and will finish the internship having gained a broad range of experience in millennial marketing from large scale tours to online launches. Applicants must be able to receieve school credit. For more information read more after the jump and if you’re interested please send your resume and cover letter to 4finiinterns2015@gmail.com!


-Assist in the creation of campaigns for artist and our current clients

-Assist in the creation of spreadsheets, e-mail campaigns, online

promotion, newsletters, etc.

-Assist in the distribution or delivery of marketing materials

-Assist with the preparation and delivery of materials related to tours

-Assist with creating and developing case studies for clients

-Help manage social media campaigns and various outlets

-Research various entities related to tours and clients

-Perform analysis of marketing and sales data

-Prepare presentations