50 Shades of Abuse?

Okay what is up with all the smack talk about 50 Shades of Grey lately? Yes it has graphic sex scenes in it but that’s why it’s an ADULT book. Why is everyone calling it abusive? First of all, here is my opinion and some facts about it…

1. In the book/movie, Ana agrees to be Christian Grey’s submissive. The two actually sit down and discuss what Ana is comfortable doing with him. It would be different if Christian did this stuff to Ana without her consent, but he didn’t. That isn’t abuse. He isn’t beating her to death or trying to kill her. He isn’t being this way cause he is angry. He isn’t raping her either since she gave him her consent. It’s just his way of spicing up his sex life.

2. If you actually READ the book you would understand that there is an actual story line behind all the sex, and that the characters are not just there having sex. You would understand that Mr. Grey was abused himself as a child and that way of life was normal for him by how he grew up.

3. Ana helps him realize that sex shouldn’t be about BDSM and Christian actually admits his ways aren’t right hence the quote “I’m fifty shades of fucked up Ana,” and he actually feels ashamed of how he is.

4. In the later books, Christian actually changes his ways because he truly loves Ana. That’s why I love this book series. He admits his wrongs and changes because of someone he truly loves. Most guys nowadays don’t do that. Admit it.

5. There really aren’t that many sex scenes in the books either. There are probably 5-10 sex scenes that are only about 2-3 pages long. So that’s about 10 pages out of 530 total where sex is involved. I say again- it’s an actual love story, not porn.

6. Also, it’s just a BOOK. There isn’t a real Christian Grey out there doing this kind of stuff. What about the Hunger Games? Having children compete in life or death tournaments for viewer’s entertainment? That’s abuse right there. If not, then I honestly don’t know what is.


7. If you don’t like it- DONT READ IT OR WATCH THE MOVIE.

It’s that simple people. You guys just want something to talk about.

[The novel by E L James has been surrounded by controversy since its publication. Do you think sex is healthy illustrating?] I think it’s a unique and different view of relationships. Before making this film, I was not familiar with the sadomasochistic subculture, but is gigantic and is present in almost everyone. And I think it’s perfectly healthy. They are two people who desperately want; he does not take advantage of her, and she makes her own sexual decisions. I think Ana is a smart and elegant woman has the right to do what she wants with her body.