e-Shrines- Master List (So Far)

In no particular order. If I didn’t find your e-shrine, add it to the notes and I will slowly update the list that is here. Sorry if there are duplicates in the list. I tried.

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Kise's short quiet mature usually level headed and slightly tsundere s/o punches Haizaki in the face after the game for insulting and hurting bae

i’m in the perfect mood for a fight so Haizaki shall be my victim

You couldn’t believe it. He knew about Kise’s already existing injury and clearly wanted to make it even worse. What scum, you thought to yourself, clenching your fists. “You will pay for this.” You let out in a whisper, barely controlling your anger and focusing your gaze on the trash that dared to both insult and physically hurt beloved boyfriend.

“My love, I’m so proud of you! I’m so happy you made it! I didn’t even doubt your victory to be honest, hahaha. I met an old friend, so I’m gonna pick you up at the locker room soon, you rest meanwhile, okay? I love you.” As much as you wanted to kiss and hug Kise, you firstly had to deal with the filth called Haizaki Shogo.

You managed to find him outside, alone. Perfect, you thought to yourself. You felt absolutely no fear while approaching him, actually it should be him fearing you. He was quick to notice you. “Oi, again a hot babe. This must be my lucky day.” He said, a cocky grin appearing on his face. He was even more irritating off the court than on it. You couldn’t help but let your lips form a dangerous smirk. “Do you perhaps know who I am, trash?” The fact that the look on your face and words didn’t match confused him. “What did you call me?” “I see, so you aren’t only dumb as fuck, you are also deaf. No problem, there many ways to communicate with you.” “You can communicate with me in my bed, what do you say?” His muscles became visibly more relaxed. He thought he had you, how pitiful. “The only one I’m communicating with in bed is Ryouta.” His eyes widened on hearing his name, the smirk staying the same. “Ohh, I see, you’re Ryouta’s bitch. Well, I didn’t take his title as one of the members of the ‘Generation of Miracles’, so I will just take you. It will surely hurt more that way.” He was coming closer, only stoping in front of your face. “The only thing you  can take is this.” You never were one for violence, but right now the feeling of your fist against his cheek, sending him to the ground was very pleasurable. “You messed with the wrong one, you filth.” “You little-” His eyes were full of anger and you could almost read in his eyes what he would do to you, but, nonetheless, he couldn’t, he wasn’t in the position to move even the slightest bit. “No no, Shogo-kun, you don’t want me to hurt you, do you?” You were almost singing as your foot was positioned over his lower regions. “You overstepped your boundaries, so you need to be punished.” The look in your eyes made him tremble. You, a usually quiet and level-headed person, managed to frighten the infamous Haizaki Shogo, a violent bastard that had uncountable fights behind him. “I see you are nothing more than a digusting fucker, so I will put extra effort to hurt you, okay?” You were ready to crush him beneath you, to make him go crazy with pain, to give him the payback he deserved a long time ago, when something unexpected cut you off. “I’m sorry! I’m really sorry! Just don’t do that!” You gave it a thought, maybe there was another way. And then it hit you. “Say that again.” “What?” “You heard me, say it again.” You took your phone out and turned the recorder on. “You either say it again or I will-” “No!” This was way more satisfactory than physically hurting him again. “I.. I’m sorry..” “I didn’t hear you, Shogo-kun.” Your smile told him more than words ever could. “I’m sorry!” “For what?” You let your foot a bit more down. “Okay okay! I got it! I’m sorry for being an asshole and hurting Ryo- I mean Kise..” “You think you can call him that way?” You didn’t even need to move your foot. “I meant 'Kise-kun’ I swear!” “Alright, Shogo-kun, congratulations.” “.. what?” The look on his face was indescribable, it was way better than the recording you had, you almost didn’t want to go, you wanted to punish him some more, but, you had Kise waiting for you and being with him was the most important thing afterall. “This is the first time you did something good in your miserable life.” You lifted your foot and stepped back. “If I catch you ever even thinking about hurting Ryouta again, I will do so much worse things to you, do you understand?” “Yes.” Your smile was getting sincere again. “Good trash.” And with that your figure was engulfed by the darkness surrounding the two of you.

snoopy is back from his stay at the vet hospital, rehydrated & feeling better! He still has a lot of recovery to go through but he’ll be okay. (which means i’ll be okay yaay)


NAMES → The Mortal Instruments 
↳ Jace, Clary, Alec, Magnus, Isabelle, Simon.

j o n a t h a n, given of god; a healing; c l a r i s s a, clear; bright; a l e x a n d e r, defender of man;
m a g n u s, great; i s a b e l l e, devoted to god; s i m o n, the listener, obedient.


“I love you as certain dark things are to be loved
In secret, between the shadow and the soul.”
- Pablo Neruda

t h e  s i s t e r s; devoted and besotted, they yearn for one another as blood calls to blood, body, heart and soul. 

And I’ll cross oceans, like never before so you can feel the way I feel it too | Love’s the sweetest feeling | You steal me away with your eyes and with your mouth | In the day, I can be your lover, in the night, these words are true | Love, the kind that kills and scars will make you kneel and crawl to hell and back | Maybe I could be yours, maybe you could be mine | Heaven is a feeling I get in your arms | ‘Cause I’m feeling for her what she’s feeling for me | Yes in the end of the night when I can be with you


I’ve seen tons of posts talking about how to have a shrine to deities if you’re pressed for space or in an unsupportive household, and one of the things that’s always mentioned is keeping an e-shrine or devotional sideblog. A thought just occurred to me that I’ve yet to see in any of these posts, which feeds into that.

If you ever want/need to light a candle, post or reblog a gif of one to that blog. Or even a video of one. Here’s an hour-long video of a burning candle.

Go crazy, kids.

The 100; Character Star Sign

Bellamy Blake (Skaikru) ARIES

rebellious. impulsive. leader.

Raven Reyes (Skaikru) ARIES

dynamic. achieving. detached.

Ontari (Azgeda) ARIES

proud. risky. aggressive.

Abigail Griffin (Skaikru) TAURUS

stubborn. patient. methodical.

Charlotte (Skaikru) TAURUS

cautious. sentimental. territorial.

Nia (Azgeda) TAURUS

cunning. possessive. tenacious.

Emori (Wastelander) GEMINI

talkative. lively. unpredictable.


changeable. smart. devoted.

Kyle Wick (Skaikru) GEMINI

clever. adventurous. charming.

Lincoln (Trikru) CANCER

nurturing. brave. protecting.

Wells Jaha (Skaikru) CANCER

intuitive. caring. reminiscing.

Charles Pike (Skaikru) LEO

proud. judgement. power.

Lexa (Trikru) LEO

lavish. strong. demanding. 

Anya (Trikru) LEO

authoritative. formal. direct. 

Titus (Trikru) VIRGO

perfectionist. compulsive. organized. 

[Fidalgo] Sinclair (Skaikru) VIRGO

logical. humble. practical. 

Indra (Trikru) VIRGO

responsible. energetic. wise. 

Octavia Blake (Skaikru) LIBRA

sociable. seductive. underestimated.

Finn Collins (Skaikru) LIBRA

adaptive. balanced. charismatic. 

Harper (Skaikru) LIBRA

artistic. ambivalent. charitable. 

John Murphy (Skaikru) SCORPIO

aggressive. complex. intriguing. 

Thelonious Jaha (Skaikru) SCORPIO

determined. intelligent. passionate.

Clarke Griffin (Skaikru) SAGITTARIUS

spontaneous. reactive. independent. 

Monty Green (Skaikru) SAGITTARIUS

generous. tolerant. unselfish. 

Marcus Kane (Skaikru) CAPRICORN

competitive. successful. complex. 

Jackson (Skaikru) CAPRICORN

intellectual. perceptive. charitable. 

Dante Wallace (Maunon) CAPRICORN

traditional. controlling. resourceful. 

Roan (Azgeda) AQUARIUS

talented. truthful. stately.

Nathan Miller (Skaikru) AQUARIUS

unique. confident. humble. 

Maya Vie (Maunon) PISCES

sweet. apparent. mischievous. 

Jaspar Jordan (Skaikru) PISCES

groovy. good-will. hurting. 

Nyko (Trikru) PISCES

empathetic. nurturing. defensive.