okay, so modern au enjolras who loves music, like completely adores it and he is super pretentious about music. he loves the way that music can affect people and change their ideas.
unfortunately his friends have an… interesting taste in music…

courfeyrac is an avid lady gaga fan - this enj struggles to deal with but at least she’s a good person, his taylor swift phase was so much worse
combeferre has a very eclectic taste and listens to like medieval lyre/jazz fusion - enj doesn’t understand it but at least it’s a break from pop
bahorel listens to one direction and then like, black sabbath… there is no in between - he struggles to understand ‘rel at the best of times and his taste in music is part of that
jehan… don’t even get him started on jehan

but it is grantaire that bothers him the most, grantaire is an incredibly intelligent man but he appears to be labouring under the impression that 90s britpop is an acceptable thing to listen to… he listens to wonderwall unironically and that is something that enjolras cannot accept

but taire keeps playing it just to be obnoxious, singing loudly and purposefully out of tune - enj knows it’s purposeful because taire is actually an excellent singer

he moves on from wonderwall to blur but enj still thinks that it’s too much

but apparently, enj doesn’t hate britpop as much when taire is quietly singing a song about how gorgeous he thinks enj is as he wraps him up in his arms and tucks him against his chest, pulling the covers over them and kissing his forehead softly


Babe stopped by to talk about our adventures in Honolulu and lots of other things, such as music, boys and future plans. We also came to the conclusion we need to do a trip sometime soon again ✈️

Also slowed her around my new crib and she just couldn’t stop admiring every little detail which made me laugh so hard. She’s adorable haha 💘

Thank you for stopping by babe! After she went home i locked the door and i promised myself it’s not getting unlocked before i finished my music 😬😂

ace-is-on-the-case  asked:

Concept: I finally stop procrastinating and read my government homework long before the night before the test so I can take quality notes, I don't save an entire novel to read the same night, trump just doesn't exist, I have seen Hamilton, I am optimistic, I have time to write imagines, i DIDNT drunk message Rafa, i h a v e t i m e t o w r i t e i m a g i n e s



     Y o u    s h o u l d    b e    d e a d.
          You’re lucky. Don’t forget.  

Take A Fucking Sip, Babes

Elephants stampeding from our screens,
An iconic gay fairytale come true.
TJLC walls gleam with scarlet hue,
Mark and Moffat’s shatt’ring climax dreams.

Yeet! The stale dark fuck prince grave is dug,
Emptier than Vertue’s basement vault.
No stomach for unprecedented salt?
Take, please, a sip from Sherlock’s ”fireworks” ;) “””mug””” ;);););););)

Impossible finale gone to waste,
‘R greatest love story never been told?
Etched to mem’ry till we’re grey and old,
A resounding condemnation of warm paste.

Suck a dick’ll help you come to grips,
So take five hundred motherfucking sips.


Listen up. Got some bad news. There is a patrol set for tonight – so far, Speirs wants McClung–

His smile gives me life✨