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Dovrei sentirmi una sfigata perché a 16 anni sono ancora vergine e tante amiche mie (14-15anni) l'hanno già fatto più di una volta? :|

Sfigato è chi fa qualcosa per gli altri e non per se stesso.

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e a 18 anni? a 18 anni si può soffrire per amore?

Credo che a 18 anni si comprenda di più la differenza fra “amore” e “cotta”.
A 18 anni una persona la pensa diversamente sa che se stesse soffrendo per una persona è perché ci ha tenuto veramente o amava quella persona.
Vuoi veramente paragonare la mentalità di una bambina di 12/13 anni con quella di una ragazza di 18? Tralasciando il fatto che le ragazze maturano prima.
Ma anche un ragazzo eh!
Per esempio io sono stato male per una persona, avevo 14 anni e sono stato con questa persona per due anni quindi credo che li si possa definire amore, ma era una cosa passeggera alla fine era diventata abitudine quindi potrei anche escludere l'amore.
Ma tornando al nocciolo del discorso.. Amare è una cosa grande, io credo che quando ami veramente una persona lo capisci, quando invece sei attratto da una persona è diverso.
Rifletteteci bene su queste cose.
“L'amore può essere per sempre, può durare anni ma capita anche che dura, ma quello non è amore, perché l'amore vero dura, finché morte non vi separi, e anche dopo.”


“I don’t know about this, guys,” you said, voicing your reservations. “The whole college thing…”

“Y/N, it’ll be a great experience,” Sam insisted, looking over at Dean for conformation. “Well from what little I experienced of it.”

Dean leaned against the counter, nodding his head. “Just try it at least. You’re more than smart enough. And if you don’t like it, we’ll always be here for you.”

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P.S. emilyanne14 I’ll add it to the list! Sorry I couldn’t tell you otherwise but your ask box wasn’t open

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who are your favorite fic writers?

do you have all day?!? I am putting together a fic rec list and hopefully it will be done soon, but here are some of my absolute favorite writers.

effie214 - You like waking up that fluffy monster in your chest? this is your gal! She truly gets the little things that make the essence and foundation of olicity’s relationship. And then she blows them out and gives you stay-at-home dad!oliver. Her stories bring me peace and happiness. She is happiness in a blog i don’t know what to tell you nonnie. (read effie’s fics here)

dust2dust34 - HAVE YOU READ MUTUAL RELEASE? I have no words to describe how much i love that series. It was hot af but it was also very deep and I think it took olicity’s out of the world attraction and chemistry and gave us the most fulfilling “what if” of the lost summer of flirting. Her one shots are spectacular. Seriously, Bre is the undeniable queen of smut (and inherently of my heart). (Mutual Release here)

smoakingbillionaires - love of my life queen of my all the au’s i ever wanted. You want to read YAIL Oliver Queen?? this is your gal! My Friends Won’t Love Me Like You Do is hands down the best College AU (I’m biased but whatever you asked me!). Seriously, its flirty and cute but also hot af. And that is all her okay! In the words of Steve “98% her and maybe 2% me.”  (Fic here)

theirhappystory - Go through Bri’s fics please. With Our Backs To The Wall will one day be in the olicity fic library i will open someday. *stefon voice* It has everythiiiiiing. It has age difference ;), jealous oliver, army!oliver, protective!oliver, Felicity is my favorite in this verse, HOT SHOWER sex?, everything. Go read it and thank me later. (Fic here)

anthfan - The first fic I read of her was my first olicity fic :) Times like These. She is such a wonderful writer! I love everything she writes. Her characterization of Oliver and Felicity as stand alone characters and as partners is one of my favorite things in her writing. Devil’s Backbone is the season 3 we deserved! (Fic here)

hopedreamlovepray - I can’t explain my love for her writing in an articulate form. I can just tell you that her after-episode one shots got me through the worst of season 3 and for that I am grateful. They are like a warm and comforting olicity blanket. (Fic here)

serenasnotebook - One of the first writers I found and I hit the jack pot here. I just love how she writes them! It is always so intimate & quiet. Sometimes I feel like I’m intruding in a private moment. That is how genuine and real oliver and felicity feel in every one of her works. (Fic here)

sarcasticfina - *tina belcher groan*  I can’t even pick a favorite thing. Everything. Everything you love about Felicity and Oliver and their special bond/relationship. She gets it. My favorite is the one where Felicity’s mom is married to Lance and Felicity meets Oliver while she visits her family. It is a wonderful AU and the relationship she created between Lance and Felicity is one of my favorite things in fiction. (Fic here)

ash818 - THE LEGACY VERSE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. It is a novel. It should be published and read in schools. I can’t imagine Oliver and Felicity’s future being anything but this universe Ash created. It is what they can and will be at their best and it makes me so emotional. (Fic here)

So you haven’t read Legacy?

You’re sitting there at your computer, trying to find another fanfic to read. You want quality, of course. Something funny, something well written, something in character. And you haven’t read Legacy by ash818 yet? Why not? 

1. But Olivia, it’s too long! There’s so much of it!

Shut up. Ignore that weird part of yourself that’s telling you that you don’t want to spend all that time and energy on reading a completed series.IT IS A COMPLETED FANFIC. IN CHARACTER. Just go to AO3 and find Ash’s Legacy series. Start from the beginning. Love yourself. Read it.

2. Future fic? Idk if that’s my thing.

Look, it’s future fic written in the first person. For some that might be an initial turn off, but trust me on this. You want to read it. Because Oliver and Felicity being a gross middle aged couple who still make out? Check. Intense action sequences that will have your heart racing? Check. Serious discussion of trauma and the impact of vigilantism on children? Check. Fluffy romance that will have you screaming to your best friend at 4am telling them headcanons you have about a fanfic? Check. (Just ask effie214)

3. Hmmm, it sounds interesting. But what is Legacy actually about?

Legacy takes place in the future Starling City. Oliver and Felicity are now in their 50s, and trying to do this whole ‘retirement’ thing. They have two kids, Jon and Abby. Abby is the biggest sweetheart you will ever meet. Jon…well, Jon is trying not to be a fuck up like his dad was when he was 19. He’s sarcastic and kind of an asshole and constantly reminds himself “don’t be a dick. Oops too late.” 

I fell in love with Jon from “choke on your silver spoon, shitbird.” 

I honestly adore Jonathan Queen so much you don’t even know. He is the best little shit ever. Because when something happens, Jon has to come to terms with his family’s past in order to protect their future. 

Also his best friend may or may not be Batman.

Legacy itself is a oneshot. The sequel, Man Under the Hood takes place three years after the events of Legacy, catching up with Jon’s new life as he learns the hard truth about what it means to be a part of his father’s legacy. (You’ll probably cry. I did.) Finally, Blood on My Name is the third part of the series and deals with Jon solving a series of murders. Also love. Also family. Also ALL OF MY FEELINGS HERE HAVE MY SOUL. The worldbuilding in this story is unreal and you seriously feel involved in the story while piecing together what the future looks like. 

So what are you waiting for? Go fall in love with middle aged Olicity. Go fall in love with Jon, Abby, Terry, and Tish. Go laugh and cry and pretend that this is the canon story post Arrow. 

Start here. 

Rainmaker was such a beautiful moment in eurovision history like you had everyone there getting along with conchita bopping away with twin twin and pollaponk and molly and sanna then in the middle you had emmelie singing away with dancers framing them in the waterpool and the whole of Europe chanting along to the lyrics like honestly how beautiful was that moment