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I'm (also) a Belieber & I really follow Scooter & his artists .. & This is what always happens when he's after an artist. He was mentioning Ari on twitter, conversing w/ her, & then BOOM, he signed her. Same with Carly, Tori Kelly, Rixton, So yeah, if you see Scooter mentioning how much he likes 1D's music & is around them repeatedly, he'll try & sign them .. He'll let it be known very publicly if he's interested.. don't know if this is whats happening now, but that's how he usually opperates..

I don’t think it’s happening a ton yet (although we did get pics of Niall posing with Scooter from last night) but I will definitely keep an eye out for if going forward he follows the methods outlined above.

Yesterday was really bad. Really bad. And I felt very alone. Like I couldn’t go to anyone with the weight of the day. If I tried to, no one seemed to give a shit. Finally talked to John and ended up in a puddle of snot and tears.

I was at the point of cutting everyone off, deleting all social media.. Just.. I haven’t felt like that in a long time.

I put my phone away, had a fucking warm gooey chocolate chip cookie (which made me feel like 50% better), watched Criminal Minds, and went to bed.

I feel a lot better today.. And I’m hoping today is nicer than yesterday.

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Hate people like you, have some kind of hatred for the whole race of white people whilst constantly hating us , makes you no better! racism will end when people learn that every race is equal and being black Hispanic Latino whatever isn't something you can change and it really doesn't matter were all human at the end of the day, so quicker people learn that hating any race is as an unnecessary thing the quicker we can all move on and learn to accept each other, that's every race btw.

jesus fuckgung 

i dont hate white people??? this was never about white people?????? i dont know why you thought this was remotely about you ??

this was about me being asian. and being proud of being asian, and loving my heritage and roots when i (and as i can imagine, many other poc) have been made fun of and forced into a cookie cutter mold of white america that we will never fit into.

“race doesnt matter” is bullshit. my race matters. i love being asian. it is a core part of my identity. i want you to acknowledge me for who i am fully, which definitely and always includes being asian.