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You know when you repeat a word mutliple times and it starts to sound really weird and disconnected from its meaning? I was just wondering if you knew anything about that?

YES! That happens to me all the time when I’m revising lol

It’s actually called semantic satiation and according to Leon James, who coined the name, the mechanism behind it can be described as a kind of fatigue. I’ve recently learned about this is school actually; when a neuron is excited there is a large change in it’s potential difference which follows a curve like below:

However, the neurone can’t be excited again straight away- which is shown on the graph by the refractory period where the voltage is waaaayy below the threshold to trigger another firing. For this reason, more energy or a stronger stimulus is needed for the neurone to fire again. So the idea proposed by James is that as you repeat a word, the coded meaning gets repeated and thus more resistant to being elicited again and again which reduces it to essentially a string of sounds. 

So, I’ve lately been watching John Oliver on Youtube. He has a clip on Guantanamo Bay prison and in it, he explains how there’s a library, and one of the more requested books is the Harry Potter series, both in English and Arabic. An interviewed former prisoner explained the similarities between Azkaban prison and the souless exsistence he experienced while in an American run torture camp in Cuba. Here is a link to the segment; the HP part starts at 8:12ish. Presented for discussion etc.

first and foremost: congratulations to jonghyun for reaching his 1,000th broadcast as a dj on blue night radio! along with longtime fixed guest (soran’s) go young bae, the show today will be a (rare) viewable radio broadcast. on top of this, jonghyun will also be revealing a new composition live. mbc fm4u’s viewable radio broadcasts can be accessed in three ways: through phone application, internet browser and desktop widget. a detailed tutorial on how to access all three can be found here. the broadcast will begin at the regular scheduled time for blue night: 12am kst, and come to an end at just before 2am. please use this website to check and see when this will be in your time zone.

[ENG] 161028 SEVENTEEN’s Twitter Update

[17’S] 잠시후에 만나요~! #아홉시오분 #파송송_계란탁구 #브이라이브

[17’S] See you in a bit~! #9:05 #Cracked_Egg_And_Noodles_Table_Tennis  #VLIVE 

(T/N: 파송송 계란탁 (pa-song-song gye-ran-tak), also known as Cracked Egg and Noodles, is the name of a comedy film and they added a 구 (gu) at the back because 탁구(tak-gu) means table tennis.)

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