Sometimes we meet somebody and they become the strength we never knew we needed.
—  E. Grin

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U said to send u drabble prompts so pls!!!! Write me platonic voltron squad cuddles plsplspls ily

I’m in love

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“Good job, team,” Shiro croaked, dragging himself into the common area of the castle. “Way to persevere.”

He was met with a chorus of pained groans from the paladins, who were out of their armor and sprawled about the various sofas and chairs.

“Yeah, my body’s really getting its revenge for that perseverance,” Lance grumbled. “Allura, why can’t we just go to sleep? I’m, like, half dead.”

“Soon,” Allura mumbled. She too appeared to be wilting. “But we really must be sure Zarkon will not appear again before retiring. I’m not sure if I trust you all to be at attention if another crisis should arise.”

“If Zarkon comes back can we just let him kill us?” Pidge whined. “At least then I could get some damn rest.”

“Pidge,” Shiro said warningly, but it was difficult to chide her when he agreed at least partially. The team was completely drained.

Allura was speaking, but no one was listening. Lance wondered drily if she was even listening to herself. Hunk’s head was nodding, trying to snap himself awake. Lance groaned and dropped his head onto Hunk’s shoulder, enjoying his warmth and the soft material of his t-shirt and the way he smelled vaguely sweet. Hunk was the best cuddler, Lance knew from experience.

Lost in his own thoughts, he’d failed to notice the warm weight pressed against his other shoulder. He twisted his head slightly and flushed when he found his nose brushing black hair.

Keith was curled against Lance’s side, face pressed near his shoulder, breathing softly. Lance could see Pidge behind Keith, leaning against his back, and Shiro on the floor in a seated position with his head propped against Pidge’s knees. Allura was on the sofa opposite, head tipped against Coran’s shoulder, and Coran was snoring and open-mouthed beside her.

Lance felt a flutter in his chest. This was… what was the word… fucking adorable?

He swallowed and shifted, ever so slightly, leaning more comfortably against Hunk. Keith squirmed a bit and nestled himself between Lance’s back and the back of the couch, and Pidge too adjusted herself accordingly.

Lance sighed and allowed himself to relax. There was about a 50% chance this would be super awkward when they all woke up, but for now he allowed himself to drift off surrounded by the warmth and soft breathing of his family.