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after just over three months of grueling filming, hwarang: the beginning, has officially finished up it’s filming today. the show, which was filmed completely in pre-production, is tenatively set to begin airing on kbs2 on december 19th.

hwarang: the beginning (korean title; 화랑: 더 비기닝. also known as: hwarang: the beautiful knights, flower knights: the beginning, etc.) is a drama that depecits the story of the hwarang (which literally translates to “flowering knights”), an elite group of male youth during the kingdom of silla. along with minho, the cast will be led by park seo joon and go ara as the male and female lead, with ze:a’s hyungsik outlining the remainder of the main cast. the supporting cast consists of: kim ji soo, do ji han, choi won young, bts’ v and more. a description on minho’s character, suho, can be read here. (source)

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