today’s co-ord set features a new fave of mine, the white lace-up sweater! 🎀 i’ve seen lace-up tops around a lot lately, but i decided to go with a sweater since it is still cold here. it’s not super thick, but it’s the perfect thickness for me atm since winter is trailing off. i was really surprised at the quality of the sweater, especially how soft it is! for those of you that prefer darker colours, it’s also available in forest green.

it’s warm enough to wear as outerwear but since it’s not too loose, it’s also great to layer under strap dresses or loose camis.

💕 co-ord no. 1: v-neck pleated dress + lace-up sweater + tassel flap bag
🍥 co-ord no. 2: plaid strap dress + lace-up sweater + tassel flap bag

I will never forget the day I found out that I wasn’t 100% black, and why I wasn’t a dark as the other kids.

My mother and I were walking to the store. I was twelve years old at the time. She told me that she felt I was old enough to know the truth. The truth is, is that my biological father is Colombian, they split before I was born, and the rest is history.

What a crazy, beautiful, life changing moment.

Devin from LA via Boston
Photographed by myself.
IG: yungtattedplaya69