Todos mis sentidos estallarán de tanto amarte.

¿Cómo se puede sentir tantas cosas en poco tiempo y no morir?

Acuéstate a mi lado esta noche te quiero vivir: 
Cada vez que yo te pienso siento que florezco, 
y me duele que estés tan lejos.

—  Amor completo de-lirios-y-de-extasis

MNET’s Show Me The Money S4 announces new set of Producers!

The first team consists of YG Entertainment‘s representative rappers, JinuSean and Epik High‘s Tablo, while the second one are Brand New Music representatives led by Verbal Jint and San E. Reports suggest that Jay Park and Zico are also set to join the judges’ table, but their partners have yet to be decided. It looks like they will be joined by artists from their respective crews, Buckwilds and AOMG.

Contrary to previous reports, AOMG’s Gray will not appear on the show.

The judges, also called ‘producers,’ will be responsible for producing the tracks for contestants in their teams, which will be formed as the eliminations begin.

The fourth season of “Show Me the Money” is expected to premiere in June.

Source: Ilgan Sports

Translated by: soompi



Qué sentirías al reencontrar al amor de tu vida varios años después?