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Here’s something I’m working on based on a long ago prompt from @leggypeggys :) 

Full fic coming to AO3 sometime in the hopefully not-too-distant future! 


“Jemma!” Fitz’s muffled shout came from the bedroom.

With a sigh she closed her book and walked over.

“Yes, Fitz?”

“Have you seen my early DWARF prototypes?” He asked, twisting towards her from his position on the floor, papers strewn everywhere.

“Well if someone would adopt my filing system,” Jemma teased, rolling her eyes.

“Ha! You are not projecting more of your OCD onto me thank you very much,” Fitz snorted and turned to continue rifling through the robe.

“Well you don’t see me struggling to find anything. Are you sure they’re even here?” She retorted.

“Yes, yes, I just wanted to revisit them, see if my idea for a bigger fuel cell is possible now,” his voice faded as he ventured further into the robe.

“You’d think you of all people would have digitised by now,” Jemma mused as she admired the view, Fitz now on all fours. “I mean really it’s-,”

“Uhh, Jemma, what’s this?” He’d cut her off mid-sentence as he turned to face her with a box in his hands.

Oh god. She hadn’t meant for him to find it this way.

“Tie ‘em down…,” Fitz trailed off and looked at her slack-jawed.

She’d bought it on a whim months ago, thinking they’d enjoying trying it together. Only now it seemed ridiculous with the naked model spread on the box and Fitz’s bewildered expression. They’d both been tied up often enough, why she thought they might enjoy it in a different setting…

“Do you…do you,” he swallowed and tried again, “Do you not like what we’ve been doing?”

“NO!” Jemma shouted. “I mean, that’s not, of course, I thought-,” words were failing her too as she watched Fitz hunched over the box, looking as if she’d just told him the earth was indeed flat.

“Thought?” His question tapered off as his fingers picked nervously at the box.

She took half a step towards him then stopped herself.

“Thought we could try it together,” her voice wavered as her hands flew to her neck, an incoherent mumble the only sound in their now still room. “It’s silly, I-,” she bolted out of the room, no longer able to stand it.  

“Jemma, wait!” Fitz cried out amongst the sound of papers shuffling as he scrambled to stand and follow her.

It was too late. Thoroughly embarrassed she hastily grabbed her bag and fled the apartment.


Some ideas for EDC or survival  E&E / SERE type tools .

From locking and non locking cutting tools depending on your carry laws through to Custom and production key chain and emergency use tools  .

Personal flashlights, strobe beacons and signaling options through to fire-steel’s and fire starters, tinder and strikers there’s just something about gadgets that I love .


Back up survival .

My smallest B.U.S (Basic Utility Series ) high carbon steel knife designed to fit in the classic tobacco survival tin, seen here in neck carry role with Multi -Cam kydex sheath and 550 cord lanyard.

The Mil-spec elastic Ranger band holds a Photon freedom micro light and a 6mm ferro rod with heat shrink tubing over lay that keeps the internal jute cord tinder safe from the elements till needed .

See this post here for more info on the fire-steel / tinder http://ru-titley-knives.tumblr.com/post/77576187259/advanced-fire-steel-and-tungsten-scraper and here http://ru-titley-knives.tumblr.com/post/63818672043/a-6mm-diameter-firesteel-epoxied-into-one-half-of

posts on the knife here http://ru-titley-knives.tumblr.com/post/64310208740/prototype-light-weight-survival-knife-this-is-a and http://ru-titley-knives.tumblr.com/post/64309476430/just-a-little-idea-to-see-what-items-could-be

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com


Tungsten carbide fire starter triangle.

This time screwed down onto a kydex knife sheath ready for use as a striker for a fire-steel so no need to draw your knife until its really needed.

The tungsten strikers can also be placed behind other useful items in this case one of my Mk3 Cyalume Cyflect Glint & Glow personal markers which can be screwed down or tethered together onto kit, para-cord bracelets or lanyards or combined with fires steel toggles.

 Custom knives, sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com

A Package for Ms. O'Connell
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One possible version of a PSK or personal survival kit .

 All the above items fit into a belt wearable pouch in this case a Kifaru GPS pouch , this can also then be fitted to other kit such as packs or to a larger knife sheath via the malice clip  .

My personal choices for this kit include energy tablets ,small survival tin , a Spyderco Native 5 , TOPS folding saw , Boker Ti VOX tool with bottle opener and tungsten carbide breaker .

A Leatherman PS4 multi- tool , refillable Peizo lighter with fuel window and built in red LED flashlight , Fire steel wrapped in jute tinder with tungsten carbide striker and a silver foil emergency blanket .

 Also included are a Fenix PD20 180 lumen with SOS and strobe with a 66 hour run-time on low 9 lumen setting plus a spare CR123 battery in a Delrin case, a Cyalume 10 hour Visipad , wet fire tinder and several feet of Kevlar sleeved cord from Twinlineusa.com.

 The small Tin is 11cm long x 6.5 wide and only 1.3cm deep meaning its compact enough to stash away in clothing if I need more space in the pouch .

It features a basic personal first aid kit compromising of steri-strips ,plasters , disposable gloves and a resuscitation shield and water purification tabs .

The lid features a mirror circle , 3m orange high reflective and a GITD dot , £40.00 in tenners , x3 4hour mini Cyalume light sticks and a micro fire-steel with needle .

Also included are a folding razor /saw , mini tungsten carbide saw , photon freedom with a 12 hour run -time , P38 can opener , surgical blade and a custom made fire spark'er with jute tinder wrap .

All these items can of course be interchanged with other kit depending on the carry needs and environments traveled in and would always carry a more comprehensive first aid kit as standard .

Custom knives ,sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com