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The game is nearly over and it is now down to the last few minutes, both Devenford Prep and Beacon Hills are full of adrenaline, their hot breath forming steam overhead. All around you on the stands students are holding up signs in support of their school. Some a little bit more extreme than others. You look up onto the field to see his gaze quickly divert back from you onto his clothing. That was the third time you had caught his gaze wandering in your direction, he wasn’t trying to hide his obvious attraction. “Mate come on you have to get your mind back into the game, stop staring.” One of his team mates called as he clapped Brett on the shoulder.

“She is beautiful, do you think I stand a chance?” Brett spoke, his gaze still held onto you.

“She is from Beacon Hills.” His team mate spoke in disgust.

“But she is beautiful.” Brett repeated, partially whispering to himself, watching your beautiful smile as you beam at one of your friends, engrossed in discussion. He resolved to talk to you after the game, to put everything into these last few minutes so he would finally get to speak with you. 

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what a beautiful prompt.


but also i hopen you don’t mind because i see all these duwangs as first time smoochie newbies in general aha! ( ´•௰•`)

☽ Mod Chew-cci

Okuyasu would be so excited, honestly, but with a fair shot of nervousness. Someone he can easily confide in, tell all his secrets to, love every single day of the week… He can smooch them?? Really?
He’d really hold off on it however, waiting until deep into the relationship to finally bring it up to you with sweaty palms and tugs at his collar, if he could really honestly kiss them. ‘Am I really worth this?’ He would ask himself as he leaned down to gently brush his lips with yours. During the smooch, you would barely feel anything honestly, his nervousness making him hold off on anything harsh. He’d also panick that he did wrong, asking with a bright red face if he could try again.

Josuke on the outside is like 'Yo.’ But on the inside he’s like 'YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!’ He’d try to very play it off cool, with a wink and a quick pat to his famous pomp; He’d sneakily slide his arm around you, pulling you close as he remarks, 'I think it’s about time you and I had our first kiss together, babe~“ But he ends up jumbling up the last bit as he awkwardly slings his arm around you.
With a blush brighter than a thousand suns, he would lean over to place a gentle smooch on your lips. Only to clunk his teeth with yours, accidentally bite your lip, and thwack his pomp against your face. He would shake his head as he insisted ’T-That was a warm up, babe!’

Rohan spent the entire night googling 'How to kiss,’ he’s got a semi-idea of what to do. Like. Barely. He’s still a virgin who collects sailor moon figures though.
With the two of you snuggled together on a couch as some boring daytime drama blares, he’ll quietly take your hand and pull you closer, before gently placing his lips down and– missing your lips completely. He’ll be extremely flustered as he sees his lipstick on your nose, however! He really did mean to kiss your nose! Honest!
Any giggle from you will be met with a hardened glare from him as he holds you steady in place to give you a first proper kiss. (It was very much worth staying up late googling, in Rohan’s opinion.)

Suits and Ribbons

Title: Suits and Ribbons
Pairing: Kai x reader
Genre: Smut (daddy!kink)


It was 3pm and you had been waiting all day for Kai to come home from work, and you still had another 30 minutes to wait. You sighed in boredom, and you hated that he had such a serious business job, because it had been making him stressed and grumpy. You just wanted him to come home so you could try to make him feel better with a nice meal and some alone time together.

You went to the bedroom that belonged to you and Kai, rummaging through the night stand drawer for something that you knew would make your daddy happy as soon as he laid tired eyes on you.

The full body mirror had smudges all over it from the week before when he’d fucked you against it, and it brought a wicked smile to your lips.

You were clad in nothing but a thin pair of black underwear, and one of Kai’s white leisure t-shirts that almost always became your bed time clothing. The plush rug was soft against your bare legs as you sat, unraveling the roll of black ribbon that you’d retrieved from the bedroom’s nightstand drawer that hid too many good things.

The ribbon complemented your skin as you wrapped it around each thigh, tying tight, little sweet bows. Ribbon squeezed your legs, pushing into the skin, just how daddy liked it. You brought a strip around your neck, making for a beautiful choker. As a final and small touch, you pulled your hair up and tied it with the ribbon as well, leaving strands of it to dangle down from the bow. Kai, was going to be so pleased.

When the clock hit 3:35, you knew he’d be home any minute, and so you sat patiently in front of the entrance door; your legs and feet tucked beneath your butt as you balanced on them.

The door clicked, and your head perked up at the sound of Kai finally arriving, and you readied yourself. As he entered his home, the first thing he saw was his baby waiting for him obediently at the front door, dressed in nothing but ribbons and his t-shirt. He sucked his bottom lip into his mouth and kneaded it with his teeth as he looked down at you, his suitcase still in hand.

Not an inch of you moved and you didn’t dare break eye contact. You wanted to be a good girl, and you didn’t want to make him have to spank you for being bad; he was tired from work and didn’t deserve a bad girl.

“Daddy,” you spoke up quietly, still sitting in your place as your eyes were locked with his.

“Yes baby?” The tension in his voice was clear, but he tried to hide it from his girl.

“I made dinner for you, and I bought your favorite wine for yo-“

“You left the house today? I thought I told you to stay home because of the weather.” He interrupted, his face falling into a blank stare.

“N-no, daddy, I didn’t leave. I had Kris go and get it for me.”

“What?” His voice was curt and sharp, and you could see the slight flare to his nostrils when his jaw clenched. Oh no.

“I.. I- He only came by the house to pick up the money and then dropped it off he di-“

Jongin bent down to your level, gripping your chin between his fingertips. “You had a man come to our house while I was out working my ass off to provide for us?”

“I just- I just wanted to m-make the evening nice for daddy.”

Jongin scoffed out a laugh as he let go of your face and stood up, walking toward the bedroom. You stayed where you were, afraid to move because you didn’t want to anger him more.

“Come here. Now.” You could hear the vexation in his voice as he called for you from the room, and you scrambled to your feet.

He could hear your feet pitter-pattering down the hallway. “I said ‘now.’ Hurry up.” And so your slow walk of shame turned into a hurried pace.

When you entered the room, you saw Kai sitting on the edge of the bed, facing you. His suit jacket had been removed, leaving him in his white button up as he adjusted his tie until it was loos enough to rip off; which he did, and with an angry snap. You started to continue walking into the room before his voice sparked against the anxious silence. “Stay,” and your feet immediately stopped, as if the rug on the floor had attracted them like a magnet.

“I’m very disappointed in you baby. I spend all my time working so the both of us can live a comfortable life, but you keep doing these things that daddy specifically asks you not to do.” He was unbuttoning his shirt as he lectured you, his eyes skimming down your legs. His teeth dared to dig into his lip when he saw the ribbon choking the skin on your thighs.

“I know, I’m so sor-“

“Hush baby,” his words were gentle, maybe too gentle. Like the calm before the storm.

He slipped off his work shirt, allowing bronze skin to be kissed by cool air. He leaned back, resting his weight against the palm of his hands. Brown eyes bore into you, and his face was incredibly unreadable. You weren’t sure if he wanted to punish you or love you.

A hand slipped to the button of his pants. Pop. He followed with sliding down the zipper, his eyes not leaving yours for even a moment. You watched him carefully, your face stoic like his, but the sound of a faint moan sent your eyes into a hard blink. The palm of his hand rubbed over the bulge in his pants, coaxing his member into consciousness. “Sit down.” He commanded, his voice quiet, because he didn’t have to be loud for you to listen to his words as if he yelled them.

He pulled his slacks down, the head of his cock nearly popping out of the slit in his boxers.

“Spread them.”

It was a punishment, definitely a punishment.

You spread your legs apart, your panties covering the view of your private area. The breath in your chest kept fluttering, and your stomach churned, and he knew exactly what he was doing. He knew how crazy it drove you to watch him as his hand slipped beneath his boxers and wrapped around his dick to start rubbing it in an up and down fashion; his head tilting against his shoulder as he eyed you, your body, the bows tied tight around your skin, your clothed pussy. And you knew much better than to sneak your hand beneath your own underwear. Oh, how you wished that you could.

“Take them off.”

His voice was so low, a husky growl edging his every word and it sent a chill through your body. The panties tickled your skin as you pulled them off, but you couldn’t laugh, that wasn’t acceptable for daddy. Your legs spread back open, revealing the soaking mess between them, and a loud groan parted from his lips, his hand making a slow upward tug on his member.

“Daddy, can I pl-“

“Hush.” Another curt reply.

He slid his boxers down, and now you could see how tall his dick stood and how tight he grasped it, and the juices that leaked from his tip, and just- fuck. A whimper wilted from your mouth, and it made a smile spread across Kai’s face. This was exactly what he wanted to see. The way your hands trembled as you forced yourself to be tame, the constant chewing of your lips, the flushing color of your skin, the way you dripped for him. He wanted to see you suffer.

“You’ve been a bad girl for daddy, baby. I don’t know what I’m going to have to do to make you be good.” His tongue darted around his thick lips, and you couldn’t stop yourself from tottering onto your knees and crawling fast between his legs.

His eyes widened, starring down at you in disbelief. “I just told you how bad you’ve been, and you break my rules again?”

You began to back away, cursing yourself in your head. “I’m.. I’m so sorry, daddy. I don’t know what came over me, I didn’t mean to!”


You knew the drill.

You laid across his legs, his member pressing against your t-shirt covered stomach and he didn’t even give you time to prepare yourself before his hand came down hard against your soft skin. A cry whaled through the room, because it wasn’t a love spat. It was a hit of pent up aggression and sexual frustration, and it stung like a strike of lightening as he rubbed his hands in circles around the now blemished skin. “See what daddy has to do when you’ve been bad? Daddy doesn’t like having to do this to his girl, okay? Please be good.” His hand left another mark on your ass as his palm slammed down just as hard again, following with leaving a tender kiss to your burning skin. “You can sit up now, baby.”

You sat, straddling him so that his legs were between yours as you sat in his lap. Your head was down, lips puckered in a pout as you tried to hide the tears surfacing in your eyes. Kai wrapped an arm around your waist and placed his other hand against the back of your head and gently pulled you to his chest, guiding your head to nuzzle into the crook of his neck. “Daddy doesn’t like to have to make his baby cry. He hates it. Please, please, please be good for daddy, precious.” He pet your head gently as you nodded in reply, sniffling against his skin and purposely adjusting yourself to where his penis pressed against your pussy. But you didn’t move, you didn’t grind or over step your boundaries. He just wanted you to be a good girl.

Mmm,” hummed from Kai’s throat, his hips starting to thrust with slight movements as his shaft rubbed between your folds. A huff of breath left your mouth and caused chill bumps to rise on Kai’s skin when the warmth blasted against his sweat glistened skin.

“Daddy, I- can.. Just- please..” You couldn’t get your words out, not that you knew quite what you were trying to say. Just anything to convey that you really wanted him to fuck you.

“What does daddy’s girl want?” His lips wear pressed against your ear, his fingers pulling at the string holding up your hair; allowing it to fall less than gracefully onto your shoulders.

“You, daddy, I want you. Please,” you drifted off, whispering a few more quiet ‘please’s before you gave up, because he sat still and unmoving and maybe you’d made him angry again.

His hand snuck beneath you, grabbing ahold of his cock and finding your entrance, only to follow with shoving it into you with one deep thrust. A loud moan, almost whimper, barged from your lungs and it took you a moment to get over the amazing shock. But he didn’t give you long to recuperate before his hips were ramming up into you again soon after, and this obviously wasn’t a day that Jongin wanted to take slow. You were glad.

Daddy’s grunts were one of your favorite things to hear, and they were loud and clear in your ear at the moment as his dick rammed between your walls and his fingers dug deep into the skin of your ass. A free hand snuck its way beneath your shirt and pushed upward in attempt to pull it off until you did it yourself, and now the ribbons tied to your skin were all you wore and they were much more noticeable. Kai groaned, shoving two of his fingers beneath the back of the ribbon-made choker around your neck, holding on tight and cutting the circulation through your throat. Choked moans were striving to burst from your chords, but Kai barely allowed it as his grip on the ribbon became tighter, only leaving enough circulation for shallow breaths.

His thrusts became so much rougher with the pace of someone who’d been waiting for this for too long. Only tiny squeals and squeaks managed to slip from your mouth, his grip on the choker not letting up, but maybe getting even tighter when you started to roll your hips over his. “Do you like this, baby? Do you like when daddy gets angry and has to fuck you so rough that you can’t even breathe?” His words were squeezed between clenched teeth, and his hips shoved upward, sinking his cock in deep and keeping it there for a few moments when you continued to dance your hips. When he was that deep, you could feel your clit rubbing against his skin, and it would make your walls clench around him, and it felt so fucking good. He released his grip on the choker, and you sucked in a gasp of air, rotating your hips harder and pushing down further, letting his skin rub against your clit with a beautiful pattern.

“Fuck, baby. You’re gonna make daddy cum inside of you.” His voice was so strained and so close.

You didn’t fucking care, you didn’t want him out of you. Smacks sounded through the room when he’d spank you, which he did a lot, because you’d clench even more, and it made things so fucking tight for him. His hips were thrusting against your grinds, and his fingers replaced the job that his pubis bone had been doing; rubbing your clit with his slender fingers.


“Come one baby, daddy wants you to cum now.” His eyes were half lidded and his lips were so swollen from the short lasting kisses and sucking of lips and tethering of skin. You focused on the smell of cologne mixed with after shave and business papers. Focused on the look of pure lust that painted Daddy’s face, his tongue tracing drying lips. Focused on the feeling of a long, hot muscle shoving between your walls, and it had you breaking into a cry of a moan, until your voice hitched with gentle whimpers; his thrusts still strong, and hitting hard in the pit of your private.

“Ohh, fuckin god, you’re so tight baby girl. “ His face was nearly in a scrunch, his head lulling back as he grabbed onto your hips and fucked you into what must have been oblivion, because you were starting to get lost in the lust. But when Kai’s voice blurted a moan that cracked at its peak, you could feel the warmth of liquids filling you insides.

Daddy was always one to let his orgasm be ridden out, because his cock liked to stay hard until it’d been rubbed too much for its sensitivity. And when he finally slipped out, it was anything but relieving, because that’s what you had been wanting for what seemed like so long, and you weren’t sure that you didn’t want more.

But that would be up to daddy.