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I think Hyuna fans are very confused about what her fame is. Hyuna is popular, but in no way did she make Cube Entertainment. That was B2ST and that is why Cube fought so hard to keep B2ST. They didn’t fight at all to keep Hyuna. Ya’ll fans are taking about the Cube Stock as if that matters. Stocks go up and down all the time. Hyuna will of course find a new agency. But it annoys me that people are being very stupid when it comes to Hyuna. This girl can NOT sing. She can not rap. She literally got popular in the kpop world for be controversial. At the end of the day, when you don’t have nothing to give the world in entertainment, you use your body, and that’s what Hyuna does. She is always being labelled “Cheap” by people in Korea and they are kinda right. Some international kpop fans are very delusional. Just because a kpop idol is your bias and is the most popular idol in your world, does not mean they are the most popular in South Korea. The sad thing about this is E’Dawn. This boy ruined his career and basically ruined the careers of every other Pentagon member with this Scandal and all for HYUNA. I think it’s stupid to sacrifice your career for any man or woman. Hyuna and E’dawn could have done this shit the right way. They could have had Cube Entertainment release the dating news. Cube doesn’t ban dating. Instead of doing Hyuna opened her mouth and released this news on her own. 

It really annoys me, when I see the videos of her walking so happy with E’dawn, because I can only think why are you so happy for ruining your boyfriend’s career. Hyuna can bounce back from this, but I don’t see that for E’dawn. He was a rookie idol and he lost it all because of this bimbo Hyuna. 

Watch: HyunA Shares Videos From Sweet Outing With E’Dawn.

HyunA has posted cute videos from an outing with E’Dawn !

Last week, she uploaded photos of them on a date. On October 15, she took to her Instagram again to reveal three videos featuring E’Dawn and a few other friends.

The first clip shows E’Dawn shopping with his new blue hair color, and when he looks at the camera, she tells him with a laugh, “This is a video.”

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A post shared by Hyun Ah (@hyunah_aa) on Oct 15, 2018 at 2:28am PDT

In the second video, HyunA happily struts over to E’Dawn and hugs him from the back. 

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A post shared by Hyun Ah (@hyunah_aa) on Oct 15, 2018 at 2:30am PDT

In the third clip, she asks her friends, “Did you buy anything?” and reminds them that she is taking a video. 

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A post shared by Hyun Ah (@hyunah_aa) on Oct 15, 2018 at 2:34am PDT

Earlier in the day, it was confirmed that HyunA will be leaving Cube Entertainment.

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People really think that idols shouldn’t have lives just to keep an image?

People really think that idols should do whatever a company says because they are paying them?

People really think idols should be held to different standards then regular people? Even when most of these idols started training when they were teens or even younger?

People really think idols shouldn’t get to be human?

People think all of these things and don’t consider themselves as evil trash?

double standards in kpop

Ps dont repost this without giving me credit like 5 people have done it now pls stop!!

people thinking hyuna’s behavior towards e’dawn is inappropriate because she’s two years older vs no one having a problem when hyunseung was three years older than hyuna in troublemaker

male idols getting to hump the floor vs stellar’s marionette choreography being banned for ‘thrusting’

no one caring about zico being front and center of every block b video vs hani being accused of trying to overshadow her members by going on variety shows

people loving it when male groups like bts, history and uniq lift their shirts to show their abs vs aoa being slut shamed for unzipping the side of their skirt in ‘miniskirt’ 

male idols who are quiet and don’t show emotions often being called tsundere vs female idols who are quiet and don’t show emotions often being called bitches

people loving astro and nct dream for doing cute concepts vs people complaining that twice and elris are too cute

loving jay parks tattoos because they make him look sexier vs hating amber’s tattoos because ‘women shouldn’t have tattoos’ 

male idol groups switching their concepts and being called true artists vs female idol groups switching their concepts and fans loosing their shit and unstanning

t.o.p having a drug scandal and people still supporting him vs bom having a drug scandal and her career came to a halt even though she had a medical need for said drugs

EDIT: to everyone saying that you can’t compare t.o.p and bom’s situations. yes. you can. i have seen people defend t.o.p saying that if he has a drug problem then he needs to get help but drag bom because ‘she knew what she was doing’ i’m not trying to diminish what t.o.p went through. i know that he suffered a lot and is still suffering. i’m simply saying that people reacted differently to the situations. they both went through hell but some of you have even said it yourself: they were harsher on bom. 

EDIT: this post is not meant to bash the male idols. i don’t hold them responsible for this. it isn’t wanna one’s fault that i.o.i did not get as popular. this is meant to call out fans of the genre on how they treat female idols vs male idols.