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Kaisoo mega post @ EXOrDium in Mexico 042717

Finally I arrived home yesterday! I was very excited to comeback and tell you guys all my experiences at the EXOrDium in Mexico. Unfortunately I did not record a lot because I wanted to enjoy the concert 100%. This gonna be my kaisoo post, if you want to read my entiere experience I’ll update it soon. And I’m very sorry if this a little bit late, I wanted to post it ASAP but I was so tired. TT And thank you so much for all  of you wishing me fun!!

So first things first, yeah Ksoo have the best ass and thights in e.xo like man he has the perfect body ¡his shoulders are so narrow! He’s very cute and JI is a ball of happiness and very handsome! TT They look the same as in TV. 

Well how you already saw in some photos or fancams they whispered into each other ear at the first ment, Ksoo literally was kissing JI’s ear, like he whispered REALLY close, I was in shook because I watched in the past a lot of photos/fancams of it (whisper is something very common for them) but watching it live is really something else, Ksoo and JI really get REALLY close to each other to whisper more close than necesary in my opinion lol.

They smiled at each other A LOT through all the concert, like if they saw each other at any moment they would smile ASAP.

At the acoustic part JI were staring at Ksoo almost all the time he were speaking or singing but it’s so unique, he stares at him in this way in particular, I can’t describe it but when someone says JI have this special stare for Ksoo is true 100%. But it wasnt one sided, if you could see with how much pride and fondness Ksoo stares at JI when he’s dancing, like everything disapear for him when JI is doing his solos, Ksoo couldnt stop staring and have like this little secret smile just reserved for him.

At Unfair meanwhile Ksoo were inside the TVBox JI went and pretended to knock the door (idk what was he thinking like come on JI thats a tv wtf) trying to get ksoo attention then there were a part where Ksoo, JI and Mseok disapered for like 1-2 minutes inside of the refigerator box. 

Ksoo walked by and pat JI’s back. I don’t really remember in what song this was but they were wearing the outfit they wear for overdose in concert (black shine jacket?)

I don’t quite remember when this moment happen if when Ksoo and JI found each other in the middle of the stage or they were standing side by side but i’m pretty sure it happend because they smiled at each other with so much emotion and fondness, like they were so happy and enjoying of sharing the same stage. I was smiling like a fool the entire time it was happening so that’s why i remember it.

They stand next to each other when signing Angel and were waving at the fans.

These were all the Kaisoo moments I can recall and that I saw but now I want to add something really interesting I want to share with all you guys. So you can skip this is you just want just know what moments happened at the concert.

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Have you got the photo where kd are holding hands and ji wears the e xo mega ring? I'm looking for the full pic but I can't find it... It's okay even if you have only the cutted pic♡ Thank you 🐻🐧

Was this from mama? I can’t find any in my kd file rn. Anyway, here’s some kd mama era spam for you~

hey hey no touching

Their interactions at smtown u.u

I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. Take care :)


(fancam) 151017 the exo'luxion in guangzhou - playboy (sehun & kai focus)
campfire xo | do not reupload, do not modify.

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Are we not allowed to call Jin a mom anymore? I've never seen any other fandom have a problem with this. Like, in e*xo, Su*ho is known as the mom and not ever has that been a problem so...

afdjkghfd I don’t know how to answer this and I’m sorry if I end up offending anyone but ok-

So, I’m not the shipping God. I dont know what’s right or wrong. What is allowed or isn’t. But what I do think (in my opinion) is that we should (or don’t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ totally up to you)

  • stop labeling Jin as the wife b/c he is a male and it’s wrong to try and make everything heteronormative - but carry on calling Jin and x member husbands if you wish
  • dont call Jin ships with members beside Namjoon incest ships
  • dont call him a princess - Jin has pretty much made it clear he doesn’t like being called that anymore (prefers prince)
  • dont overuse the mom label unless he’s stereotypically acting like a ‘mom’ 

And just know that Jin is much more than those labels. He’s a caring hyung, amazing vocalist, great dancer (i’ll fight you on this), has a great sense of humor, super hard working, bts’s wings and the reason why BTS is literally flying off the charts. 

What are your guys’ opinion on this?

listen. i came into this fandom determined to never call anyone out unless they were being legitimately grotesque. so i’m not gonna put anybody on blast, because nobody learns when they’re embarrassed and angry.

but i would like to put it out there that, as a black woman who is ridiculously fond of tucker, the prevalence of him being drawn with blue eyes makes me uncomfortable.

now, i know that there are poc with blue and green eyes. michael ealy and jesse williams are some gorgeous men right off the top of my head. but they are also the only men off the top of my head. my whole family is made up of black people. i have lived in philadelphia, studied among other black students; i have walked the city streets and seen people who looked just like (shit, in many cases, better than) me. there are black actors, musicians, athletes, etc., that i adore

and none of them have blue eyes.

so i’m not gonna name any names, and i’m not gonna be rude. i will still continue to reblog artwork. i will continue to support y’all. but i would like to pose a challenge to our artists in the fandom: if your tucker currently has blue (or aqua!) eyes, the next time you draw him, try him out with a brown pair instead. kick around a couple of different shades. see how it feels, if you can get behind it. 

you might not like it. and if you don’t, i would ask that you really put some thought into why. no one is calling you racist; or at least, i definitely am not in this post. we all have learned shit we need to pitch overboard, but you can’t get rid of baggage you haven’t recognized first. that’s all i’m requesting: a little self-awareness.

i don’t think that’s asking too much.

EXO Aesthetic Reaction || Baekhyun Proposing To His Girlfriend

  • little duck would be so nervous, like he’d shake in his undies from nervous-nous
  • baek even had the rest of e xo helping his short ass pick out the ring 
  • like rlly even though they’d pick out a rly nice one every time he’d get so fkn frustrated bc he though t it wasnt the right one, it was not your style or that his group mates didnt know know what beauty looked like
  • “f ml at this po int i’ll be proposing with a cheap ass sucker ring??”
  • smol ass smiling thru the pain
  • when he found the right one it st ruck him like jongdaes lightening 
  • “fuck how am i gunna propose i dunno how to organize stuff”
  • E VERYone run because your date may hav e ended up in mcdonalds and ???
  • im jking
  • baekhyun would bring you to the restaurant you both had your first date and try to be cute and claim ‘cant i treat my girlfriend to a night out haha i aint got s hit planned wyd’
  • pure ass bab would ramble a little speech to u while u were drinking what u like to drink during dinner nd gets on his knees like ‘o hmy god you better say yes’ in his head like an annoying song on repeat
  • was expecting the worst bc as sUHOe said
  • “if u expect the worst, the best will happen”
  • obvs not what happened when krease left him and left for china rIP ((:
  • CrieD when u said yes
  • happily ever after

I hate this bc its almost 2am and im shattered 
my crusty ass is out of hospitsl tho 
-admin kai


On May 23, 2017, the deluxe edition of We Were Liars will be in stores. It is ghostly and fiery.  

It has new content:  love letters to Gat to Cadence (that’s a snipped, above – printed on the graph paper Gat loves), recipes, book club discussion questions, a hand-drawn map, the secret to why they’re called “the liars,” excerpts from the book proposal, and an exclusive, nowhere-else-can-you-read-it peek at my Fall 2017 novel, Genuine Fraud. 

All 45,000 copies of the first printing of this deluxe edition are signed.  That means, the books in your local bookstore, or your online retailer – they’ll have my autograph.  There are 20 special ones, too – signed in color, with rubber stamps that feature quotes from Genuine Fraud and Liars. Keep your eye out for those!  



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About two years ago when I was just getting into e xo. I knew there was a ship between kd but I just thought it was cute. I'm not the type of person that "ships" much even. Until I saw that picture where ksoo was leaning his head on nini's shoulder. I stared at it for so long. And that's when it hit me. I thought to myself there has to be something and it can't be that I'm the only one who sees it. Since then, loving their love has been one of the most amazing thing I've done in my life. Wbu?

Aw, I’m glad you finally found kd anon :’) they really are special!

Well I’ve talked about this before ^o^ But i’ll link everything here –> [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] and you’ll know how I feel about this subject hehe~ 

I love them with everything I have anon! They mean so much to me. I support them with all I got^^ 

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What does "cckaisoo" means?


I believe I’ve answered this question b4. This blog was initially created for kd drabbles coz I was into writing fics back in 2015. cc means carbon copy (like in email). So it’s like I’m cc-ing kd all my c grade drabbles. But the drabbles writing didn’t work out lol.

So I came back when kk happened on ¼ feeling confused af. And idk where to talk about it coz I actually don’t have any sns for e xo & kd. Then I rmmbr i had a kd blog on tumblr so I made a post bout it then bamm, here I am right now.

So that’s the story of my life haha. Take care :)