alright folks i’m back at it again with the dissertation

quick background: i’m doing an essay on slash/queer fanfic being written by queer fans

so if you identify as queer/lgbt+ and specifically write fic for ANY of these fandoms & pairings:

  • Harry Potter - Draco/Harry or Remus/Sirius
  • Sherlock Holmes (the Conan-Doyle stories) - Holmes/Watson (canon era)
  • Les Miserables - Enjolras/Grantaire (preferably canon era)

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alternatively if you’ve read fics for any of the above & know the author is queer than please feel free to recommend them

(also in case people are worried: i’m not gonna quote stuff without permission, once i’ve found fics i can use i’ll message authors & ask a bunch of questions~)

Shoutout to all tyrelliot, destiel, sterek, malec, saphael and other shippers out there!

So you might have heard of USA Network new show Eyewitness, and if you haven’t watched it you’re really missing out. The show is a crime thriller centered on the relationship of two boys (not queerbait or anything). It has strong female characters in positions of power, poc and good (and real) lgbt representation. They also treat about important issues and it’s really well written. It’s really worth a shot and even if you don’t like the story, there’s a cute as hell new ship to obsess with. You can watch episodes 1-5 online and watch it sunday 10pm on USA Network. If this show gets canceled in season one it’s gonna be a damn shame.

Imagine like a few months into dating Enjolras, Grantaire decides to stop drinking, because he wants to be better, for himself and for this dork he’s in love with, who is inexplicably in love with him too

And he tries to do it alone, because he’s an idiot and he’s stubborn and what’s the last thing Grantaire needs? Emotional support, obviously

But Enjolras notices his mood changes, that he’s quieter, more on edge, sad and tired more often, he notices him not buying big bottles of spirits every time they go shopping, he notices him only ordering soft drinks when they’re out, and he confronts him about it

And from then on, for every difficult step of his journey towards sobriety Grantaire has the help of his boyfriend, who is so so proud of him

He was the marble lover of liberty

This sceptic had one fanaticism […] it was a man: Enjolras

it’s that time of year again


one getting the other in secret santa and freaking out because courf you don’t understand this has to be perfect

grantaire being adorably excited about christmas because IT’S CHRISTMAS and IT’S EXCITING and enjolras liking this uncharacteristic enthusiasm

trying to one up each other with hideous knitwear

ALL OF THE AMIS, ALL OF THEM, placing mistletoe in increasingly ridiculous places, in the hope of catching enjolras and grantaire out, eponine thinking she’s finally got them when she hides some in grantaire’s hair, but it goes unnoticed for three days

the annual casa de courfmercy christmas party, it’s stupidly early in the morning and everyone else is passed out and enjolras is getting some water and grantaire comes through to see if there’s anything vaguely alcoholic left and catches enjolras humming ‘all I want for christmas is you’

and he joins in and enjolras just laughs and then they’re singing at each other with increasing enthusiasm and they’re suddenly dancing and hey, look, eponine put some mistletoe in the doorway

  • His enemies destroyed his rep, France forgot him.
  • Les Amis: We fought with him.
  • Gavroche: Me? I died for him.
  • Courfeyrac And Combeferre: Me? I trusted him.
  • Grantaire: Me? I loved him.
  • National Guard: And me? I’m the damn fool that shot him.
  • Enjolras: There’s a million things I haven’t done, but just you wait!
Calling all LGBTQ+ fans!

Hiya folks, for my dissertation I’m writing on why queer fans read & write slash fanfic. As a queer fan myself, I want to demonstrate that the stereotype of fandoms consisting mainly of straight white cis people is outdated and inaccurate. I personally read fanfic due to the lack of queer representation in just about everything, but I need to hear other people’s reasons for creating and enjoying fanfic.

You’ll be kept anonymous, this is just so I can get a general idea of people’s reasons, but if you’re comfortable with being directly quoted & credited, please let me know.

Also! If you read queer fanfic for any of these three things, please also let me know: Sherlock Holmes (specifically the ACD books, not just BBC Sherlock or other adaptations), Les Miserables, or Harry Potter. 

SO with all that said: please reblog if you identify as some form of queer/LGBT+ and read or write slash (queer) fanfic, and comment or write in the tags why you do

alternatively you can message me that’s also fine~

thank you!! 💕