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The cover of the single features a photograph of a page from a magazine folded into the shape of a speed wrap. No drugs are shown on the sleeve. The inside booklet features a series of origami-style diagrams showing how to fold a piece of paper to make a speed wrap. Again, drugs are neither mentioned nor shown. However, under pressure from retailers and Island Records, a new, plain white sleeve has been printed.

The press denounced the cover as a “sick drugs stunt,” and the Daily Mirror ran a campaign to ban the single claiming the band were “offering teenage fans a DIY guide on hiding illegal drugs.”

 - Melody Maker, 1995


I am producing a set of book cover posters in the style of Penguin paperbacks that commemorate classic albums through the ages. These designs are for the Britpop classics Different Class by Pulp, Parklife by Blur and Definitely Maybe by Oasis. You can purchase an individual print or the whole set over on Etsy.

Set of 3 Posters

Blur Poster

Oasis Poster

Pulp Poster

I was tagged by @theo-the-charismatic to list ten songs of my summer. My summer mood? Summer-y songs? Idk

My constant mood is -___- so my music is the same all year round but here goes:

1) Disco 2000-Pulp (me too theo)

2) Mary-Supergrass

3) I Wish-Graham Coxon

4) Plastic Beach-Gorillaz

5) Are You Looking for Action?-Kasabian

6) Bellbottoms-The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (yes, baby driver)

7) Baby You’re Out-Mac DeMarco

8) Bigmouth Strikes Again-The Smiths

9) Sorted for E’s and Wizz-Pulp

10) All Your Life-Blur

I tag @aspiring-magical-girl , @behappycsm , @nathefanwiththeaf , @soulmatescoexist , and @glowinginahuddle if u guys want to lol

yoooo @buckwhy tagged me in my favorite game so you’re gonna have to deal bc i am physically incapable of not answering this tag game

put your music on shuffle & list the first ten songs that play, then tag ten people

1. Pet - A Perfect Circle

2. Lake of Fire - Nirvana

3. Glory and Gore - Lorde (wow this track really likes to pop up for music memes)

4. Atlanta - Stone Temple Pilots

5. Sound & Color - Alabama Shakes

6. In The Clouds - The Cult

7. Bling (Confession of a King) - The Killers

8. Burden In My Hand - Soundgarden (rip chris 😢)

9. Hanging Tree - QOTSA (lol i almost thought i’d get through this without a queens track)

10. Jenny - Studio Killers

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