e w mccall


stackson week, day 1 - roleswap: jackson whittemore is broke, crap at lacrosse, and invisible to everyone but his sarcastic best friend, lydia martin… until one night, when an incident in the woods changes everything. throw in the new boy stiles, who turns out to be the son of a ancient noble family of werewolf hunters (and the love of jackson’s life) plus lydia being distracted by her longtime unrequited love, popular banshee allison argent - and the meddlings of her boyfriend, bully-turned-lizard scott mccall - and the full moon is never the same.


we know the fire awaits unbelievers, all of the sinners the same. girl, you and I will die unbelievers; bound to the tracks of the train.


tw au: the gym leaders of the kanto region. 

  • allison argent: boulder badge - rock
  • isaac lahey: cascade badge - water
  • kira yukimura: thunder badge - electric
  • lyida martin: rainbow badge - grass
  • stiles stilinski: soul badge - poison
  • erica reyes: marsh badge - psychic
  • derek hale: volcano badge - fire
  • scott mccall: earth badge - ground/various