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au where jimin really doesn’t like his new boss because he’s so demanding and he doesn’t accept any room for mistakes. and jimin kind of gets it, like his boss is a perfectionist, he can somewhat understand his need for everything to be exactly the way he envisioned. what jimin doesn’t understand though, is the way his boss points out his mistakes, full of condescending words like “is this the best you can do?well, jimin thinks distastefully as he edits his proposal for the hundredth time, i’ll show you what’s the best i can do.

“jeongguk-ah, why are you so mean to him? i read his proposal and it was actually one of the best proposals i’ve seen?”
“i never- i didn’t mean for it to come off that way… it’s just, when he walks into the room i get… distracted?”

the vast majority of “vegan activism” i guess i would call it is essentially liberal idealist consumer activism (e.g. “vote with your dollar”) that places more importance on ending the use of animal products than… ending capitalism, which is literally the source of global warming, which has caused the extinction of countless species, which will never allow the cessation of the use of animal products because profit is prioritized above all else.

like how am i supposed to sympathize with a vegan who shops at whole foods for their “ethical” lifestyle while whole foods exploits the labor of prisoners? and, like, obviously this is not unique to whole foods; there literally is no ethical consumption under current capitalist conditions, the global economy and every government connected to it is reliant on exploitation.

but yeah i do use the term lifestyle, because the individualist ethical veganism lifestyle is seamlessly integrated into capitalism in the sense that, under capitalism, we are denied meaningful identities, and the identities that society allows us to have are identities defined either by consumption or production.

hence “vegan” is an identity defined by consumption; it is a market demographic. any type of consumer product can be positioned, marketed, designed to garner more sales from the Vegan Market.

anyway, moving on:

there’s the widespread racism and xenophobia towards cultures that have traditions of using animal products. Like i understand if you have a moral objection to, uh, Any Animal Being Killed For Any Reason (regardless of my inability to sympathize with that point of view) but that does not exempt you from the responsibility to exercise nuance and cultural sensitivity. you still have the capacity to express your animal rights beliefs in a racist, xenophobic, islamophobic, or antisemitic way.

it’s not that bigotry within activist circles is unique to animal rights groups, because it isn’t, but the way that it presents itself in animal rights groups reveals where their priorities lie…

and the oft-repeated phrase “they care more about the ‘rights’ of animals than they do about the oppression against people of color and the working class,” sums it up pretty darn well.

of course when talking about anarcho-primitivists and Animal Liberation anarchists, the conversation is slightly different. but a lot of the same fundamental problems are present in those circles as the ones I brought up here.

…side note: a prominent example of a shitshow from far-left animal rights activists is the Deep Green Resistance transphobia debacle. yikes.

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Shoutout to everyone who got out and voted today!

And shoutout to everyone who worked hard getting people out to vote—those of y'all who worked the phonebanks, who went door to door talking to people, and who volunteered for various campaigns!

The results of today’s elections are proof of what change people can make if we actually participate in the political process and get out and vote in order to assure that our country, states, and local communities continue to progress forward and that the rights of marginalized people are protected and their lives improved.

Don’t let it be said that your vote doesn’t count and don’t believe that it’s impossible to fight against the bigoted, destructive policies put forth by Donald Trump and his ilk. Your vote DOES count and all of our votes together are a force of change that can affect things for the better.

It is so important that everyone who is able to vote does so in every election every year and that we continue to educate people about the importance of voting while protesting for the removal and prevention of destructive policies that restrict voting rights. This is the only way we can fight fascism and tyranny, it is the only way we can progress rather than stagnate and slide back in time.


I would first of all like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VOTING!!! Everyone who voted I genuinely appreciate it so so much. AND GUESS WHAT??!! THERE WERE 160 VOTES??!! I am so grateful and just plain ass SHOOK that there were 160 people actually taking their time to vote? I never expected more than 30 and maybe 50 at best. Both were great choices though and in the future there is a possibility I might write a bodyguard series but I probably won’t if I’m being honest. BUT I am happy to announce the winner is HEIRS!! which you could of probably told by the title but meh  I’m really excited to write these new series, I already have a few ideas of what to do. I will actually be doing mood boards for this series instead of my usual gifs. MINHYUN STANS GET EXCITED YOUR BOY IS FIRST UP!! There will be a bit of background information/introduction to the series down below. If you’re interested in the series it would be really helpful for yourself to read it! It will bring more understanding and depth of the series but it is not necessary. Again thank you everyone for voting!!

Introduction/Background information

The School

101 Academy was one of the most prestigious schools in the world. The tuition fee was $400,000 a year meaning only the elite of the elite would be accepted. Grades range from grade 7 all the way to university degrees. Billionaires and millionaires sent their daughters and sons there. Every grade has one male and one female scholarship student and it is a very sought out position by millions. The particularity about this school is if the student is sure about what they are going to do the future (such as taking over the family company). Their day will be divided into two parts, first half will be taking courses that the students select with their peers, the next half is being designed to the student’s future’s career. If you were an Olympic gold medalist in swimming, you’d take your courses and then swim for the rest of the school day with the school providing you with a personal coach, trainer and nutritionist. Each student receives their own personal room for their course. If they want to be a painter, they will have their own paint studio which they can decorate, personalise, do their work and if they want to even sleep. Since the school is a 24 hour open school and the buffet/cafeteria is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner but it’s still possible to call the kitchen and ask for food and collect it from the kitchen when it’s done. The kitchen is run by a Michelin star chef and has either a menu or a buffet prepared every single meal. But since all students are at school at lunch, lunch is mandatory. There are also common rooms to divide up with the years, but any common room is open to anyone. Common rooms are places to have fun, socialise and relax. The academy had top range facilities for any profession from a shooting range to a golf course to a science lab. There were many clubs and groups run by students. A lot of events were always happening at the school. 

The Heirs

The Heirs were a collective group of the most sought out boys in the school. They came together in spite of their age differences because of how they had been childhood friends. They were the kings of the school. No one dared to insult them or cross them, they were cold and distant to most with a few exceptions. Knowing a lot of people only became close to them for their money, fame and power. But there was every good reason why. They had it all, money, power, influence, looks, and were extremely talented in their own respective fields. Their families and ancestors have given extremely large and generous donations to the school which is why the Heirs have their own common room. But during their time at the academy each and every one of them will fall in love in all sorts of different ways. You’ll just have to stick around to read your love story. Have fun reading!!

That was all very formal. very weird. ANYWAYS I was thinking after I finish all my scenarios for these series I’m going to make a character profile on all of the boys?? IDEK meh I’ll do it if someone tell me to lol. MINHYUNS WILL BE OUT SOON ALREADY GOT A PLOT LINE AND EVERYTHING HOPE YALL ENJOY!!


The stakes are high!

Hold your ground! Hold your ground!

Sons and daughters of Bob stans, of Bellamy stans, my brothers and sisters,
I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me.

A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day.

An hour of wolves and shattered shields, when the age of men comes crashing down, but it is not this day!

From this day on, until Sunday, we fight!!

By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand, Men and Women of the 100 Fam!!!

(All jokes aside, we need YOU! TOGETHER, we can be strong enough to win the title for Bob.)

(And for anyone who might want to use these gifs to promote on Twitter or Tumblr, please, do so! And/Or reblog.)

so did victor get his amazing seduction skills from

a. actual experience seducing actual people,

b. reading chris’ interviews where he dishes on how to seduce people,

c. asking chris directly how to seduce people,

d. mushy romance novels that take up 2 shelves in his living room (a dog-eared fave is maybe tucked away in the inner lining of his carry-on bag),


e. yahoo! answers??

pls vote

anyway i don’t know what y’all’s motivations in voting in these things are but if it’s just your love for malec then i don’t really think that’s enough tbh so i propose what seems to me to be the best fuel and driving force and that’s anger. pls get angry that magnus being a bisexual asian man is a too unique and too important character to be overlooked like this (again), or get angry that poc in shadowhunters fandom have to watch malec, an interracial couple, losing to a white ship for the second year in a row, or be angry because ev//ak, as wonderful as they are, being a new white couple, never should have become so much more popular then the already well-known and interracial malec in such a short time, because none of this is a coincidence and it’s not fair and we shouldn’t just be satisfied with whatever ship wining just because they are both m/m and we still have hours before the poll closes and we can win this so pls

just keep voting for malec