e upfronts

Commissions are open!

  • Payment is through Paypal and is in USD
  • Not offering anything that has heavy gore, sexual themes, underage, abuse, or rape/non con.
  • Payment is upfront; e-mail will be provided upon ordering
  • All contact will be through e-mail.
  • A non-watermarked version will be sent to you, whilst the watermarked version will be posted to social media. Please do not claim as your own.
  • I hold the right to deny you a commission if I feel uncomfortable or if you are rude in anyway.
  • Please note that due to my program being in alpha mode and/or heavily reliant on WoW, I may need to suddenly close commissions. If that is to be the case and you are in queue, I will issue a refund unless you don’t mind waiting (which I don’t recommend as it could take several months)

No demon hunters this round, I’m sorry. My program has yet to add in the features.







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