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Important PSA

Okay, so…Trump won. And I’m never gonna not be worried about everybody, really.

But I need you all to know that threatening harm to the President of the United States is a class E felony under United States law and can get you investigated by the Secret Service, arrested, put on trial, and even put in jail. Even comments that you make online can carry this punishment. I know everyone’s angry, but please don’t do anything that could get you put in jail.

Can you all do me a solid and share this post to spread the word? As you all may know from my recent posts, a tornado touched down in Polk and McMinn counties on November 30th, killing 2 and injuring many others. A lot of people lost their homes and businesses.

Because of the constant coverage of the wildfire in Gatlinburg, the tornado stricken areas have not received much attention.

As of right now, my dad’s work is taking donations on the behalf of the United Way of McMinn and Meigs Counties. If you would like to donate clothes, food, water, and personal hygiene items to the victims of the tornado, please stop by the mobile Command Center at E&E Manufacturing in Athens, Tennessee. Their address is 2000 Tellico Avenue, Athens, TN 37303.

I would very much appreciate the help!

_John Lennon; Paul McCartney and/e Ringo Starr; The Beatles; United States/Estados Unidos; Los Angeles; Capitol Records Tower; Press conference/Entrevista coletiva; August 26th 1966/26 de agosto de 1966. 

_Source/Fonte: Beatle Photo Blog.

_Please, don’t smoke/Por favor, não fume.

Please do not repost or edit. Permission was granted to upload.

I commissioned my good friend @ticcytx for some Sia/Silas and now I’m laying on the floor weeping and rolling in my trash feelings <3

I’m in love <3

Thank you so much Ticcy!! ;u; <3 <3 <3

Textura // Texture

um tutorial simples, espero ajudar alguém.
a simple tutorial I hope it helps someone. 

pesquise sua textura.
search for a texture

opcional: mude o tamanho da imagem a ser pesquisada.
optional: change the image size to be searched.

(sim eu uso adblock por que não presto. >:3) << ignore it

Selecione o corte e com o botão direito clique em “1x1”
Select the “crop” and right click on “1x1”

Procure a area mais “limpa” e clique com o botão direito para cortar
Look for the “cleaner” area and click the right button to cut it

Agora faremos um “pattern” util para varias coisas, precisamos colocar as extremidades no centro e vice versa.
Now we are going to make a pattern, it’s useful for many things, we need to put the ends in the center.

selecione as duas “layers” (camadas) no canto inferior direito e aperte “ctrl” + “E” para unilas
select the two “layers” in the lower right corner and press “ctrl” + “E” to unite them

depois de colar o lado direito no esquerdo faça o mesmo com a parte de baixo
after pasting the right side on the left do the same with the bottom

para simplificar o que aconteceu:
to simplify what happened:



agora você só precisa camuflar as linhas, use o carimbo ou blur, fique avontade.
now you just need to camouflage the lines, use the stamp or blur, feel free.

atenção nas bordas.
attention to the edges.

Agora vamos a segunda parte, salvar a textura para que possa ser usada.
Now let the second part, save the texture so it can be used.

Clique em “edit” e “Define Pattern”
Click on “edit” and “Define Pattern”

Abra a imagem que deseja, uma nova layer clique com o botão direito e selecione “Blending Op…." 
Open the image you want, a new layer click the right button and select "Blending Op ….”

você pode mudar a opacidade aqui mesmo, ou no canto inferior na layer.
you can change the opacity right here, or at the bottom in the layer.

opcional: colocar em multiply
optional: put in Multiply