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BOYS24 drops their first promotional group UNIT BLACK’s “Steal Your Heart” MV!

Do you like this catchy dance track?

Gen. Robert E. Lee (seated) with his son, Maj. Gen. George Washington Custis Lee (l) and Lt. Col. Walter H. Taylor ® at Lee’s home in Richmond, VA on April 16, 1865 by Mathew Brady

This photo was taken 1 week after Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox and 2 days after President Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth. Lee lived in Richmond for a few months until he accepted the position as President of Washington College in Lexington, VA in October 1865, and was president until his death in October 1870. George Washington Custis Lee succeeded him as President of the renamed Washington & Lee University and served until 1897.

_John Lennon, Paul McCartney and/e George Harrison; The Beatles; United States/Estados Unidos; Michigan; Detroit; Olympia Stadium; August 13th 1966/13 de agosto de 1966.

_The Beatles, drinks and food/Os Beatles, bebidas e comida.

_Photo/Foto: Bob Bonis.

Passing Tips From Gender Youth Group

Submission by: @e-cryptid

22, United states of America

“First of all, you need to pick a new name. Then you’ll need a binder and maybe a packer but make sure it’s not too big of one. That’ll give you away. Try wearing button ups but not if they’re flannel. That’ll make you look like a lesbian. Layering shirts helps, too. Buy bulky shoes and boot cut jeans. Maybe shoe lifts because you’re kind of on the short side for a guy. Keep your hair cut longer on top and shorter on the sides. Square off the hair in front of your ears. It’s too feminine to have it be triangular. Shave those little translucent hairs off of your face. Only women and children have them. You can wear a single earring or a leather bracelet but no other jewelry. Nothing rainbow because, again, that’ll make you look like a lesbian. Use only the lower ranges of your voice. You can find vocal training videos on YouTube if that’s not good enough. It’ll also help to speak in more of a monotone and try to mimic other guys’ speech patterns. Study the way they walk, too. Sit with your legs spread or one crossed over your other knee. Either way, take up plenty of space. Bulk up but only certain muscle groups. Don’t talk when you’re in the bathroom. Use less exaggerated facial expressions. Try not to qualify your statements. Cross your arms over your chest, not under it. Don’t skip. Don’t giggle. Don’t cry.

It’s going to feel so good to finally get to be yourself.”


Untitled by Mike Cialowicz
Via Flickr:
Back Rock Beach / Sheraton House Reef, Kaanapali, HI