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Disneyland attraction tickets, 1975-1977

“The Yeti” Chris Turner, 2002

According to Imagineer Joe Rohde, the Yeti, star of Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest E-ticket attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World, is “the single biggest, most dynamic figure that has ever been built. There is nothing this big that moves this fast in the world of animation.” The Yeti went through dozens of concepts, strictly adhering to the idea that the legendary creature be portrayed as a real world animal instead of a mythical monster.

Art © Disney

Imaginerding, Zootopia.

Zootopia is a smash hit at this point. It’s breaking records left and right and clearly there is a demand for it from audiences! So what better way than to capitalize on that than giving Zootopia it’s own land! As for why Zootopia over other properties I would say it comes down to 1. Need 2. Theme 3. Location as it fits all these three criteria perfectly. It’s no secret that Animal Kingdom is in the middle of a transformation from a half day park to a full one. And with the promise of Avatar Land on the horizon in 2017 it seems there is a lot to look forward too. But even with the new land I still feel Animal Kingdom is still missing out on things to do, especially for the little tykes! And if you look at Animal Kingdom’s attraction lineup there isn’t a traditional dark ride that would seem excitable for the all ages crowd! 

Zootopia fits the need for attractions especially aimed at youngins, it’s theme fits perfectly in Animal Kingdom’s mission statement and would go hand in hand with the rest of the park, and there is PRIME location for this land to be made right by Rafiki’s planet watch.

The land you see above is hidden from guest view on the train and is one of the large expansion pads over at Animal Kingdom. Realistically you could fit three lands in here but for now let’s just focus on one. 

Using the red as the outline here you could have a WONDERFUL little zootopia land e ticket family dark ride and all! As for what the land would look like I don’t think that’s a difficult thing given how the movie gave such detail 

Have giant skyscrapers looming over the land and other various buildings all forming the metropolis that is Zootopia. Now given that the film make it clear that entering is done through monorail I think it wouldn’t be all that hard to retheme the current train that leads to Rafiki’s planet to match the one from Zootopia. Doing so would give the land a real kinetic energy and authenticity making the only way in and out through monorail! The land could consist of one E ticket family dark ride, and perhaps 2 b/c ticket rides sprinkled throughout the land. But I think a major part of what would make this land work would be the kinetic energy of the city itself. Fill it with unique retail and dining options all teeming in the metro area! From the Elephant Ice cream shop which could feature JUMBO sized ice cream goods to other fun animal themed shops and eateries! For example even making a walk through area of little rodentia could even work as one of the extra b/c tickets of the land!

Idea’s like this are just the surface of what could be done with this area! As for the E ticket Attraction I think the family dark ride should be a cop search and rescue for a missing animal through Zootopia! However before we start on our journey the ride should have it’s queue/line somewhere that is fast, dangerous, exciting teeming with energy to get you ready for the attraction! 

The Zootopia DMV. Seriously we should be waiting in line in front of these guys and they should be the ones to call us into the actual vehicle loading area. And as one of the Directors of the film so beautifully put it instead of a cast member pressing a button to start the ride I would hope it would be none other than

Flash Flash 100 yard dash. I think seeing him slowly hover over that green button as everyone in the ride vehicle is just itching for the ride to start would not only be hilarious but true to the film. As for the ride vehicle itself I think it’s pretty safe to say it would be Judy’s police car.

The ride could take us through all the various areas of Zootopia each with unique temperatures and animals all the while visiting some of the friends from the film, Mr Big, Nick and Judy, Mayor Lion Heart, Mrs Otterton, etc.

All culminating into a nice high speed chase finale which would bring us out into the ZPD upon solving the case. Where upon exiting everyone could be given honorary ZPD badges and while passing by Chief Bongo’s office where we could see his silhouette and hear him recite a few lines here and there. And before exiting the building we would be bid farewell by this lovable cheetah  

As for entertainment options night there could be street dance parties hosted by Zootopia starling Gazelle and her dancers

Though the tigers may need to be put in area where nasty folks can’t reach em lol But the idea would be like the incredibles Dance Party only here it would make sense given she’s actually a performer. All in all I think there is a LOT to work with here when it comes to Zootopia and I think to not take advantage of that would be a real shame! If you liked this post please be sure to like and reblog and as always I’ll see you guys next time! Until then! 



Sunset on Sunset by Joe Penniston


Disneyland Submarine Voyage (complete ride with original narration)

The attraction, which featured ride vehicles designed to look like Navy nuclear submarines, opened on June 14, 1959 as the Submarine Voyage (one of the first rides to require an E ticket). The attraction was originally planned to feature glass-bottom boats. It closed on September 9, 1998.


Several decades ago, when Disneyland first opened, admission into the park was free. There was a catch though - the only way to go on rides was to purchase a ticket book filled a certain amount of a variety of tickets ranging from ‘A’ to ‘E’. Some rides bore different “class” of ticketed attractions, starting with “A” for gentler attractions or generally unpopular activities, and “E” being the most popular attractions or newer rides featuring cutting edge technology. This is where we got the modern theme park terminology “E-ticket attraction”, meaning a newer, cooler, or popular ride. The ticket books were discontinued at Disney Parks by 1982, which leads many of us to wonder…. what would the parks look like if the ticket books weren’t discontinued?

This is going to be the first part of a series of ticket book recreations - I started with Magic Kingdom cause it was the easiest. Tickets for Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom are coming soon!

Pandora - The World of Avatar”

One of the biggest concerns with using intellectual properties in any medium, not just theme parks, is staying power. Will these characters resonate long after the film has been released? Will fans still want to buy merchandise? Ride park attractions? Experience the story? James Cameron’s Avatar quickly became the highest-grossing film of all-time upon its release in 2009. A parade of sequels were immediately announced, but the franchise has seemingly been forgotten by the masses.

in 2014, Disney Parks started construction on a highly-immersive themed land based on this very same franchise for its Animal Kingdom park in Walt Disney World. When it opens later this summer, guests will be able to experience Pandora’s floating mountains, bioluminescent flora and the alien wildlife that made this film such a visual delight. The land will feature two major attractions, a boat ride showcasing the native environments via advanced Audio-Animatronics and cutting edge technology,(pictured above) as well as a flying E-ticket attraction where guests can learn to fly with a Banshee. The jury is still out on what Avatar’s staying power will be, but the work being done in Orlando may grow to become a separate, more-beloved beast of its own.

Art ©️ Disney


The original Submarine Voyage debuted on June 14, 1959 and was one of the first “E” Ticket attractions. The attraction was loosely inspired by the 1958 voyage to the North Pole by the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Nautilus, which coincidently was named after the fictional submarine in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The attraction enjoyed a 39-year run at Disneyland Park, setting sail for the last time on September 7, 1998. Then, in 2007, the attraction once again re-opened—as Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. The submarines received new life, complete with a host of fishy faces from the classic Disney•Pixar film Finding Nemo.


Splash Mountain at Night by Joe Penniston

anonymous asked:

Walt Disney never wanted the parks to stay the same. He wanted to "keep moving forward" and innovate as the years went by. I'm not surprised they are putting in a Frozen ride. It was the first animated feature to make $1 Billion. I'm glad we are still granting his wish, but I would rather have another move like Lilo & Stitch or The Emperor's New Groove

If I see this excuse used one more time I may just puke. Listen this quote is being taken out of context when applied to this situation. Walt Disney believed in innovation, creating new experiences that were designed to please guests and tell a coherent story. That’s where the heart of that quote comes from. Except in actuality what is happening here is nothing short of large thematic breaking and further destruction of the entire premise that was the world showcase. You want to get rid of Maelstrom, okay, but put something better in it’s place, something that actually deals with NORWAY. Put a ride going through one of it’s large snow capped mountains with a fjord right next to it. Or a better boat ride focused on vikings. But DO NOT act like putting a film that only picks and chooses which things it wants to take from norway is doing the country any justice in it’s culture.

Frozen is not the story of Norway, Frozen is not representative of what Norway really is. In conclusion FROZEN HAS NO THEMATIC PLACE IN THE WORLD SHOWCASE POINT BLANK, ANY EXCUSE OTHERWISE IS JUST LAZY THINKING AND WISH FULFILLMENT.  Also thanks for telling me how much the film grossed but do you want to know what should make you mad about that? Frozen grossed over 1 billion dollars in just tickets alone that’s excluding it’s merch department which has been selling like crazy. And what’s the best the company can do for the film? One ride in a tiny show building over in Epcot? Meanwhile Cars one of disney’s high selling “Boy” properties gets an ENTIRE LAND with a WORLD CLASS E TICKET ATTRACTION over at DCA. And neither cars film has done the success that Frozen has. So in comparison to what we could be getting with Frozen (An actual land with a real eticket ride) is this really what you want? The bare minimum?

Are you just going to accept whatever crap Iger and co throw at you simply cause the tag “The Disney Company” is on it? You do know that the current management does not sadly operate in ANY way shape or form in the manner that Walt did right?  They are not granting his wish, they are spitting on his premise of themed entertainment with purpose. His entire philosophy of “Give the guests the BEST EXPERIENCE and they will respond” is thrown out in favor of “Do the cheapest route and these dummies will still come because we are Disney”. What we get when we accept situations like this is a lose situation for the guests, but a win for the folks in suits. They rake in profits while spending or taking very little risks. And if we continue allowing it mediocrity is all we are ever going to get. Meanwhile down the street universal is understanding just what going all out does for your ticket sales (hint it’s just prints money)

Crowd Control for the Holiday Season.

So you are going to disney during arguably the busiest time of the year. The holiday season. Which for those that don’t know is the 18th-early january (the first week of it.). So you know you are going, well I am not going to sugar coat it the parks are going to be PACKED. But packed doesn’t mean unmanageable. SO quick tips for surviving the mess. 

  • Arrive at the parks EARLY or LATE midday is just going to be a mess. 

During this peak season the Magic Kingdom and sometimes the other parks reach their capacity by midday. Don’t expect to stroll up to the MK around 11 pm -3 expecting it to possibly not be at capacity. There is a chance it won’t be but to play it safe arrive early and park accordingly. Take a picture of where you parked to remember! Cause all the lots will fill up. Or if you just wanna catch the end celebrations and shows arrive later when the parks have reopened to all guests.

  • Plan your fastpasses now.

Thanks to the new My Magic Plus system fastpasses can be scheduled a a good time before your visit. Plan your three fastpasses accordingly and be prepared to see popular e ticket attractions unavailable due to them being claimed already.  Also remember after you have completed your 3 fastpasses you can continue to schedule fastpass reservations. But only one at a time. So one at buzz, then when completed you can schedule another one someplace. But in order to schedule the extra fastpass you MUST visit a  Fastpass kiosk with a CM. 

  • Stay after the fireworks. 

For most guests the firework celebrations are the end of the day. They leave the park in SWARMS right after and most of the wait times PLUMMET into their normal ranges. So if you have any rides you didn’t get to experience and wished to plan to stay after the firework finale. This is true at least for the magic kingdom where the fire works don’t mean the end of Op’s for the day. 

  • Hit up rides with low wait times in between your fastpasses. 

Attractions like the people mover, stitch, and monsters inc laugh floor all have low wait times even in peak seasons. Take advantage of that so you have something to do in between your fastpasses. At other parks check the times app to see where you should head while waiting for the big experiences

  • If you want to eat at a restaurant make a reservation in advance. 

You’re not the only people who walked up to a restaurant counter today asking if there is seating. So make sure you plan ahead for whatever dining experience you want to have while visiting! 

  • Prepare to wait, a lot.

This is a peak season. You are going to have to wait to get in the parks, to leave them, to watch the shows, etc etc. So be prepared, bring water bottles, snacks, and a good attitude. It will get you a long way. And finally 

  • Have fun and enjoy the little moments, and let yourself go.

You’re visiting a Disney park for day. High five a cast member, smile and sing along to whatever song you recognize in the park. Take a picture with a character, don’t be embarrassed to let your inner kid out. The parks a great place to spend a day this holiday season, so make sure you take advantage of that! Too many times I see families ripping each other apart at the parks over small stuff. Don’t be that family. 

Well that’s my advice for anyone visiting this holiday season. Good luck to you all and I wish you all happy holidays!