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So I recently read this article on one of those sugar daddy/mommy websites where this girl became a sugar baby to help pay for school. And so it sorta gave me this idea of Clarke being a busy surgeon who is just looking for someone to have fun with and who is willing to go to charity dinners and so she posts on one of sugar mom websites and first Finn,then Raven (or Niylah), and eventually Bellamy answer her ad. Maybe B is doing it to help pay for O's school? IDK...what do you think?

I think - yes, I can totally do this. Although, this isn’t a kink fic. So if you wanted that, I’m sorry, but I’m not really okay with that particular kink. If you wanted something sweet, Bellamy being altruistic and Clarke being weird af - that I can do. :D

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“Ok, so how do I write this without sounding creepy?”

Wells shoots Clarke a glare over a coffee table littered with empty pizza boxes and beer cans.

“You are literally posting an ad to a sugar mommy website, Clarke. There is no way anything you write won’t be creepy.”

Still, they manage to come up with something relatively non-threatening because this is not a kink for Clarke. She isn’t looking for a fuckbuddy. Not exactly.

She’s just looking for someone to keep her company, all expenses paid, and not moan about her crazy schedule. Being a surgeon means that relationships are hard and as much as she’d like to fall in love, she prefers saving lives and feeling like she’s actually doing something good for the greater good.

“Which is how most villains start out,” Wells adds helpfully, trying not to grin but failing when she hits him with a yellow post-it pad. 

“You’re rude. Why are we even friends?”

“Because there’s no one else who’d help you write this ad.”

“Good point.”

So she writes the ad, makes sure she emphasizes that she’s mostly looking for someone willing to drink copious amounts of champagne and make fun of snobs on charity galas for a more than polite compensation.

It’s not like she’s actually expecting someone to reply to the ad.

But they do.

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my beef with a Lot of kl@nce content is,,, the fixation on who's the more dominant one in their relationship?? like either ke!th is infantilised as the Super Feminine Ambiguously Asian guy while L@nce is the Flirty Sexy Latino boy (n you know you gotta have the woman and the man in a gay relationship), or its ke!th being jealous and aggressively possessive of a dumb clueless L@nce (often with g@lra ke!th ive noticed). like... why. how can you see these two and think those interpretations are ok

omg ye a h … it’s just forcing homophobic dom/sub stereotypes on them and that’s just… not cool, and it’s misrepresenting their entire characters! it’s frustrating to see that play out because it’s just so wrong, and it’s reinforcing stereotypes that perpetuate fetishistic and homophobic attitudes toward gay men and that’s so shitty :/