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I’m not sure how many of my followers are still fans of The Outsiders (or of how many fans are left at all), but I’ll go ahead and share this, anyway!
My mother has an internet friend who was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We went to stay with her for a little while, and yesterday she began talking about how she was a resident enrolled in high school when the cast and crew of The Outsiders came to film in her town.
They used several locations in her home town for filming the movie, one of which was a little home located on the corner of a sleepy neighborhood. To residents, tourists, and fans alike, this house is referred to as “The Outsiders’ House.”
She was more than excited to take my family on a small car ride to go visit the treasure. On the way, she told us about how they had filmed at a drive thru which had burned down (later, there was money raised to build it again), how the water fountain in the park had been removed, how their school was used in the film, how the DX was no longer a DX, and how she observed the filming from afar. She was even invited to the reunion of The Outsiders, alongside all of the residents from the filming period.
Within her stories, she detailed how a band member from the hip-hop group House of Pain has purchase the home, and now has full intent in completely restoring it–outsides, insides, and all–so that it can be formed into a museum where it stands for all to come and see.

In short, enjoy the photos I snapped of The Outsiders’ house (with the last three pictures being bonus snaps of interior work, a poster hung up in the window of the home, and the park used in the movie).

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Listen,,,,, i n e e d some cute affectionate pony headcanons pleaseee

I tried to do these yesterday but they didn’t go thru ig?

— forehead kisses
— awkward lil side hugs
— he lets you sit on his lap
— not sexually but he totally gets a boner js
— I mean hand holy fuck
— it’s so cute,, he’ll look down at your hand and just
— lace his lil boy fingers thru yours
— he has boy nails and they’re adorable but so ugly
— he lets you try to do his hair sometimes
— pony loves when you brush and play with his hair
— sometimes he wears the weird but new and cute styles you make
— pony’s so loving he’s always trying to feed you
— “are you hungry? when was the last time you ate? are you sure?”
— he’s just so fucking cute

Quelle come me amano rischiare. Sono attratte dall'impossibile, da ciò che sembra irraggiungibile e terribilmente complicato. E’ che se le poni un limite, ad una come me, è come sfidarla. Pur sapendo che andrà a sbattere contro un muro, non la fermerai!
—  Smoke2823

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                                               YOU FALL IN LOVE

                                                 WITH THE MOST

                                            UNEXPECTED PERSON

                                                  AT THE MOST

                                             UNEXPECTED TIME.

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Would constant traveling between worlds cause an adverse effect on the still developing infants physiology (I.E. a possible Hybrid of Pony and Human?)

Possibly? It could potentially have an effect on the baby or even twilight - and that’s why they need to choose a side and stay.

If we think about it… Sunset (and pony twilight) come out as teenage girls on the human side of the portal, when neither of them are. Pony twilight had to be at least in her early 20’s when the first EQG movie aired, (at least in my mind).

Pony vs human biology aside, who KNOWS how portal jumping would affect something unborn let alone just younger than them?

Babys OC ( Pendientes ) .

✿ .: Desiree


Raza: Humana.

Edad: 23 años.

Trabajo: Stripper.

TAG: Sweet | Exotic Dance |


✿ .: Beatrice Moretti


Raza: Humana.

Edad: 37 años.

Trabajo: Bienes raíces. 

TAG: Sweet | Frosty Sister |

✿ .: Jasmine Royer


Raza: Humana.

Edad: 25 años.

Trabajo: Bailarina de Ballet.

TAG: Sweet | Queen Ballerina |


✿ .: Nahla Saadi


Raza: Humana.

Edad: 17 años.

Trabajo: Estudiante.

TAG: Sweet | Little Wish |


✿ .: Gianna ‘Gia’ De fiore


Raza: Humana.

Edad: 17 años.

Trabajo: Estudiante.

TAG: Sweet | Bad Student |


✿ .: Gabrielle


Raza: Ángel.

Edad: Desconocida.

Trabajo: Observadora.

TAG: Sweet | Innocent Angel |

@sacredxdestiny​ // @malaeartes

✿ .: Zita


Raza: Celestial.

Edad: 20 años.

Trabajo: Sacerdotisa.

TAG: Sweet | Divine Prayer |


✿ .: Candy


Raza: Serpiente.

Edad: 24 años.

Trabajo: Maneja un burdel mitológico.

TAG: Sweet | Candy Snake |


The gang on Easter

Here are some headcanons of the gang on Easter. I hope y'all like it. ILY-E

🐰Two-bit and Pony are the only ones who still believe in the Easter Bunny

🐰Johnny wants to bake

🐰But Darry wants to

🐰They argue but then that do it together

🐰Soda dresses up as the Easter Bunny

🐰This ruins it for Pony

🐰Two-Bit believes still

🐰Steve hides eggs around the house

🐰He is so good at hiding them you still find some at Christmas

🐰Dally’s is just there to eat ham

🐰He loves his ham

🐰They all have a nice dinner

🐰They tell stories about the past

🐰It’s like a tradition

🐰Someone probably sits on one of the egg Steve hid

🐰They get really mad

🐰The night ends with them playing cards for the big candy pile

🐰It gets real crazy

🐰Some arguments are bound to happen

🐰Two-bit ends up winning

🐰He shares some of the candy