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_George Harrison; London/Londres; New King’s Road; Arethusa Restaurant;  Apple Tailoring Opening Party/Festa de Inauguração da Alfaiataria da Apple; May 22th 1968/22 de maio de 1968.

_George Harrison, drinks and food/George Harrison, bebidas e comida.

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Thank you for the prompt, bb!! <333 Currently taking one-word prompts for ficlets and headcanons :D

Times Hannibal felt embarrassed around Will:

  • The time he accidentally used cilantro instead of parsley in his summer pesto. Will not only didn’t notice, but loved it so much he asked for seconds.
  • The time he thought he was so clever for keeping his diary in French, forgetting that Will was fluent until the day he asked if Hannibal *really* thought his ass looked and tasted like une pêche mûre d’été (a ripe summer peach).
  • The time he tried to color coordinate their ties for an event, but misspelled “crimson” so badly in his e-mail to the tailor that the computer autocorrected it to “chartreuse.” They definitely made a statement at that gala.
  • The time Will found his very secret (and very dogeared) collection of Dan Brown paperbacks.

Times Will felt embarrassed around Hannibal:

  • The time he forgot to pack his swimsuit for their beach vacation, and Hannibal had thoughtfully planned ahead and brought an extra for him. A very very tiny and very very revealing extra.
  • The time he forgot to clear the browser history after borrowing Hannibal’s tablet, only to have Hannibal scoot up behind him in bed later and whisper in his ear, “If you’d wanted tips on how to pleasure a man, you could have just asked.”
  • The time Hannibal asked him to make his favorite traditional dish for their Thanksgiving dinner, and the only thing he could think of was sweet potato casserole covered in marshmallows. Hannibal secretly looks forward to it every year.
  • The time tried to take Hannibal on a fishing trip, but forgot to put gas in the boat and got them stranded in the Chesapeake Bay until a game warden happened to pass by a few hours (and a couple of unfortunate sunburns) later.

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