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I really like how the Stranger Things universe and the Mob Psycho 100 universe could *technically* be the same one? I mean, think about it. Stranger Things has an esper girl from the 80’s whose psychic powers were awakened by experimental means in a shady-ass lab by a secret organization. A precedent for Claw, anyone? Now imagine Mob somehow meeting a 40-50 yr old Eleven, having an actual adult figure with psychic powers who isn’t hostile, possibly with full control over them…

Newt Scamander x Mute!Reader

said:Hi! I loved your original imagine ! Could you please write a Newt Imagine where the reader is really insecure and Queenie reads her mind and found out and tells Newt who comforts her!? Fluff please !! thanks love ! (Tag me if you can?)

Thank you! I’m really glad you liked it <3 And I hope you like this one too, thanks for sending in a request! I hope it’s fluffy enough (I love fluff) :3

It’d been nearly a year since you and Newt had traveled to New York, wreaking unintentional havoc within the city.  Now back, you found yourself catching up with the newfound friends you’d had so little time to get to know the last time. There had even been a big surprise; Jacob had somehow recovered his memories. Although Newt was under the impression that the bite on Jacob’s neck from the murtlap could have dampened the obliviative properties of the Swooping Evil venom, it was a true mystery.

All sitting around the fireplace in the Goldstein’s apartment, you felt yourself spacing off, feeling a sudden sense of frustration hit as you watched Tina and Newt chat animatedly. You longed to be a part of it.  

You’d been born like this; unable to speak. You communicated via paper and, rarely, sign language. It’d never bothered you, as you’d gotten used to writing people your answers. However, there were a few rare gems who’d gone out of the way to learn sign language. Having met during the sorting ceremony after being sorted into Hufflepuff, Newt had been one of the few students who’d attempted to talk to you and nonstop at that. The two of you seemed to get along great; the odd ones out.  By the end of year one, the magizoologist had learned how to interpret her odd hand movements. At the end of their second year, a lifelong friendship had formed.  Albeit, you had become slightly distant when Leta became involved, but 8 years after Hogwarts, the two of you met again. Having followed in your mother’s footsteps as a herbologist, you’d been told of an opportunity to travel alongside a magizoologist as he traveled the world.

Unfortunately, you felt slightly distanced from the magizoologist for the past couple weeks. The Nundu, perhaps the most dangerous creature in Newt’s case had managed to best the both of them. Newt had came out of the fight with a fatally huge claw mark across his back. It had really been your fault, when it boiled down to it.

You’d been on your way to feed the mooncalves when the Nundu decided to “playfully paw” at the Diricawl. Unfortunately, it jumped to the ground, chasing the disappearing diricawls like a large kitten. You were the unfortunate soul who had wound up in the middle of the creature’s play time, however you were trapped safely behind the Nundu’s rock.. While Newt had, fortunately, been nearby, the it had been an utter disaster. Attempting to get you out of the sticky situation, Newt had got himself brutally injured in the process. Out cold for hours, you remember nursing the deep wounds that graced his already scarred back.

While Newt had constantly reassured you that it hadn’t been your fault, none of it had sunk in properly. Now, you sat there, watching him conversing cheerfully and you couldn’t help but feel sadness and a tinge of jealousy kick in. It had just been the two of you for years and you couldn’t help but note how chipper he was. What would his life had been without you? Surely it’d have been less of a burden. Thinking back on it now, you could hardly understand the man’s desire to keep her around. A mute, who could never speak, who probably slowed him down; why her?

Standing up, you walked out of the room.

“Y/N?” Queenie’s voice called out softly as you reached the bathroom door.

Closing your eyes, you mentally cursed; the blonde had read everything.

‘Get out of my head,’ You thought to yourself frantically.

“Honey,  you shouldn’t beat yourself up like that,” Queenie said, walking over to her slowly and placing a hand on her shoulder.

‘It’s none of your business.

“Maybe, but I don’t think Newt would want to see you beating yourself up like this. What happened wasn’t your fault.”

You rolled your eyes impatiently, passing the witch and quickly attempting to make a swift exit. Passing the living room where Newt, Tina and Jacob sat, you opened the door to the guest room.

“Y/N, everything okay?” Newt called, before you closed the door on all of them. Your eyes flickered towards Newt’s suitcase, clicking open the locks, opening it and promptly stepping down the rather dangerous looking ladder.

Frantically exiting the shed, your E/C eyes scanned your surroundings with haste until you felt something tug at the watch on your wrist.

‘Merlin’s Beard!’ You raged as you watched none other than the niffler making off with your precious watch for the millionth time. Stomping over to the creature’s den, it disappeared.

“Y/N?” Newt’s voice echoed.

Letting out a loud sigh, you stuck your hand into the den and in attempts to find and grab the stubborn creature.

“Did he steal your watch again?” Newt’s voice was full of amusement.

Allowing you a couple minutes to see if you’d manage to get the niffler on your own, Newt eventually went to the other side of the den.

“Ha, there you are, little bugger - go on. Ah, you’re not getting away this time.”

You leaned towards the other side to see Newt playing a game of tug-a-war with the watch.

The furry little creature resembling something halfway between a platypus and a mole stared up at you utterly offended as you made your way slowly next to Newt.  It’s eyes swerving briefly over to Newt with a look of pure defiance and a challenging gaze as it kept it’s death hold on the watch. It most definitely wasn’t planning on giving  the watch back, but within a split second the creature was eyeballing something else in your hand; a galleon. The niffler’s little hands were already slowly extending towards it.

Newt, taking advantage of this moment of the greed filled weakness,  snatched the watch hastily away from the niffler. You tossed the galleon towards the niffler and let out a sigh of relief before your eyes met the wizard’s.

“Now, what’s going on?” He asked softly.

‘Queenie told you everything,’ You signed, looking exhausted.

“She told me some things,” Newt said, concern flickering in his eyes, “But I want to hear your side. What’s bothering you? You’ve been distant since - well, you know.”

You stared back at him with wide eyes your hands moving vigorously, “You almost died.

“Please don’t tell me you think that was your fault,” Newt said quickly, taking a step towards you as worry continued to grow on his face.

You waved those words off, “No, I don’t…but there have been so many times that I’ve felt helpless. I can’t scream to warn you if something is wrong. I’m a burden! I’ve messed up several of your discoveries, I can’t speak, ” You paused as Newt attempted to speak and waved your hands, frustration clouding your mind, “I don’t understand why you don’t try and get someone who’s able to communicate properly to travel with -”

This time Newt successfully intervened, “Y/N, I want  you to listen to me very carefully. What happened with the Nundu could have happened with me alone in here and without you I very well might have been killed. You’re not helpless and you never have been. You are one of the bravest, strongest and best people I know. You follow your dreams and never once have you’ve let your lack of voice get the best of you. You may not be able to speak, but you have a strong voice and that voice is of the person I’ve grown to love,” He paused, wiping tear streaming down your right cheek before leaning and kissing your tenderly.

Slightly breathless when the kiss broke, you fully intended embracing the magizoologist in a seemingly well-timed hug however…

“Merlin’s Beard,” Newt said, staring down at his hand, “The niffler took the watch again.”

You let out a laugh in the form of a short breath of air, leaning in to peck the wizard playfully on the lips before once again attempting to win back your watch.

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A Journey To Remember


one gifset per episode
(07/12) 七分の一の痛みのそのまた七倍の正体に触れる戦い

We share our pain, we share our hearts…and that makes us even closer than friends or lovers, doesn’t it?” (if remembering me becomes too much for you to bear… you can forget me whenever you want. because I love your smile.)

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did you read what leader-nim said about Momo in their latest jp interview? like, it wasn't deep or w/e, but it shed a new light on Momo's personality that isn't spoken about enough. It made me soft. I wanted to pat my little cutie pie on the back and tell her a sweet inccont child, who's too good for this world, and should be treated like the angel she is

is this for non-no?

she’s so cute and pure and we tend to view them as these super talented and successful idols (which they are) but they’re also just girls enjoying the simple ordinary stuff and that is indeed so soft.
imagine her snuggled up in her blanket watching kdramas and being so engrossed and making a lot of “ehhh??” sounds (because honestly, it’s momo) and being the absolute cutest baby.

but also her own answer about moving 😭
wow. so much respect. 🙌

link to interview translations: https://twitter.com/byulmoonie/status/887582084067319808

Love between a Gentle Girl and a Brooding Boy (listen here)

1.I know I’m a wolf - young heretics 2. I’m not that girl - WICKED 3. Define Dancing - Wall-e 4.Tears to shed - Corpse Bride 5. First day of my life - Bright eyes 6. Say Something - Great big world ft. Christina Aguilera 7. The Scientist - Coldplay 8. Let her go - Passenger (cover) 

The Overpass

Title: The Overpass

Pairing: Wade Wilson (Deadpool) x Reader

Warnings: This will contain strong language (profanities mainly), and this is a trigger warning, there are mentions of suicide, depression, anxiety, and personal loss. I have not experienced some of these things, so I apologize if I get anything wrong.

You sighed, as the tears rolled down your cheeks and you sat on the walls of a highway overpass, trembling as you watched traffic zoom past. You felt sick to your stomach. You couldn’t help but think that it was so cliché, that you were about to kill yourself over one person.

Even if he was your best friend, it felt like something more, but you’d never know that because cancer, of all things, ripped Wade Wilson out of your life. This seemed even more cruel to you, because since it was cancer- you couldn’t really blame anyone. There was nobody to be mad at, nobody to silently resent, or wish it was them instead.

The tears came down harder, and you closed your eyes as you braced yourself to jump and end all of the pain, only something stopped you. It was the distant hum of “Carry On” by FUN. What got you was that both you and Wade would listen to that and talk for hours on end about anything and everything before he just disappeared one night after you visited him; it tore you apart, then you got a letter that only shredded the remains of your heart, and confirmed his death.

You turned to the sound that was on your left to see what you presumed to be a man, swinging his legs over the very ledge you sat on, seemingly careless. You couldn’t tell because of the mask that covered his face, but he was just drawing. The detailed sketch seemed to be a woman, more than likely his girlfriend.

Still trembling, you wiped tears from your eyes, and looked at the ground below. You shifted into position to push yourself over, but the voice interrupted you again.

“It’d be a shame to see a face as beautiful as yours become a street pizza.”

“You don’t know what I’ve been through recently,” you replied as tears slowly trickled down your cheek again. The voice didn’t reply, and you continued to stand up on the wall, wobbling as you attempted to keep your balance and steady yourself.

A hand wrapped around your wrist and pulled you off of the wall, onto the stranger who had been drawing a second ago.

“I think I’d know what you’ve gone through more than most.” He sighed, fiddling around his neck to remove the mask. It took a second for him to do so, but when the mask was shed, your (e/c) eyes instantaneously burst into tears of rage, grief, happiness, and confusion.

“Wayde? Wha- when? The fuck?! How… WHY?!” You slapped him across the face, then pulled him into a tight hug

“I’m glad to see you too (y/n)…” He chuckled,

“So… Who were you drawing over there? Let me guess? Your girlfriend?”

He scoffed, “I wish!” He muttered the next part, “That would be some crazy awesome shit…”

“So who was it then?” You sighed, rubbing your red, puffy eyes and brushing some (h/c) hair behind your ear.

“It was you actually…” He laughed uneasily, rubbing the back of his neck.

You couldn’t stop the blush that rose to your cheeks, nor could you stop the urge to kiss him, so you leaned in and kissed him on the cheek,

“You missed…” He laughed, pulling your face to his, and kissing your lips, slowly, sweetly, and tenderly. You pulled away and smiled, but he continued, “I hope you know- I never meant to hurt you… I never wanted your beautiful (e/c) eyes to shed a single tear because of me. I wanted to beat up any mother fucker who made you cry, to be there and whoop any ex boyfriend’s ass. But I wasn’t.”

You stopped him by planting your lips softly on his,“but you’re here now, and that’s all that matters.”

Wade grabbed your face, and was about to pull you in for another kiss, but he stopped when your lips were barely inches away, tenderly saying, “it’s a shame that the author is going to cut us off, but on the bright side… All the readers will be left imagining is what we’re doing after this kiss…”

“Wayde… what do you mean?”

“Shhh. Just enjoy the kiss…”

“No problem there.” You whispered, sealing the space between you two, smiling into the kiss that seemed to get better every time. Now you had found the light in your life. And you weren’t letting go.

Written By Writer Kat