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  • LGBTQ folk: You know what would be great? If more famous authors included LGBTQ characters in their books. Maybe we should ask some of them why they don't and encourage them to do more for diversity.
  • S. E. Hinton, famous author of critically acclaimed book whose underlying message is that maybe, just maybe, the world would be less shitty and violent if everyone took the time to try to understand others, particularly those they consider to be beneath them: How DARE!? I am a Straight™ Why would I want to write that? I don't have to sympathize with or write about the gays. I'm just feeling so attacked right now honestly.
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“jisoo, say something to the international fans!” 

“hey guys.” 

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Reblog this if you’d be willing to answer some questions about being an incarnate angel.

I’ve decided my book project for this year will be about incarnate angels. I have a few ideas for the content of the book, but nothing is set in stone yet. The title is still a work in process as well. Since I’m only one person, I can’t speak for every angel out there; therefore, I’d like to get as many opinions on certain topics as I can.

You can reblog this regardless of your religion, age, gender, sexuality, birth sex, physical appearance, weight, etc. As long as you identify as an incarnate angel, I want to hear your opinions. Whether you see yourself as an angel currently, believe it was a past life, or even view it in a psychological sense, I want your input. 

Please spread this around and share it with your #actuallyangelic friends.

None of your personal information will be used without your permission. The questions I ask will pertain to how you discovered you were an angel, how you found your name or form(s), what religion you come from (if any), what you feel your purpose is, how you feel about the community here on Tumblr, etc//

If you reblog this post, I will send you a questionairre to fill out and send back to me, if you’d like. You do not have to answer every single question, or share the response of every question with me. Feel free to leave questions blank if you’d prefer not to answer. 

Thanks for reading - I hope to see some interesting responses!

(PS: My messages, submit, and askbox are all open if for whatever reason you can’t reblog this post.)


i’m thinking of publishing an e-book or pdf or whatver of the witchy book i wrote a little while ago. yes im still working on hard copies but handbinding is a bitch it turns out so

it was called “of witchcraft and whimsy” and it’s a witchcraft 101 type book with spells and some illustrations

anyone interested / have advice on how to do this lol?

400,000-year-old skull of a mystery human has been found
Researchers from the University of Barcelona unearthed the remains of a Hominin cranium bone from an ancient cave in the Almonda karst system near Torres Novas in Portugal.

johnsondaisv  asked:

hello. sorry to bother you but may i ask which sharpening action do you use and how do you use it? your gifs are always stunning. thank you so much.

My action is kind of weird because I combined two together so it would convert it back to frames from timeline, but basically I crop, image size, convert to timeline, make two blank layers (so the top layer is ‘Layer 2′), select them all starting from Layer 2, convert to smart object, and then I apply the action, which will sharpen it and make it frames again (but with a blank frame you have to delete).

Here is the action that I use.

A little confession

I put my blog on hiatus a few weeks ago (I’ve mostly come on to stock my queue and reblog things).  I did it after wrestling with the decision for a long while. I’m happy about the decision and lots of great things have taken place since I redirected my attention towards my own writing.

Here’s a run down of what’s happening with me on the writing front:

1. Since my hiatus, I’ve started working as a part-time proofreader/editor for an online literary magazine.  This is awesome for a number of reasons, including the fact that I want to get very good at short fiction and I learn what it takes to publish an e-zine.

 2. I’ve submitted several original stories for publication, been accepted by one and rejected by yet another. I’ve learned from my time here on tumblr that rejection just teaches you to be stronger :).

3.  I will begin teaching a creative writing course next year. It is one of the few offered in my school district and we are planning the launch of our own literary magazine (hence number 1).

4. I pulled Flor Palida to convert into an original fiction. I’ve begun the revision process (which means, research and basically starting all over). It is my project for CampNaNoWriMo and I hope to have a first draft completed by the summer.

5. Heretics and The Sharp Edge of Memory are on permanent hiatus but I will complete My Favorite Mistake and The Pearl of the Antilles. I just don’t know when.

7.  I am writing a fic for @loveinpanem‘s March Madness called Dandelion in the Dark and a short fic for the @everlarkficexchange .  I’ll post an SSS of my genderswap HadesxPersephone Everlark fic tomorrow:). But I don’t know if I will continue to contribute to anything beyond @loveinpanem .

So I’m super excited about things!  Too bad a day has only 24 hours. If you want to follow my adventures, I’m blogging about it. Hit me up and I’ll give you more details.

Happy reading and happy writing!

there’s enough “funny and relatable” comic artists out there who are doing a very good job, let me draw about how gay and lazy I am in peace

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Do you work in publishing? May i ask how? I really want to get into publishing but im not sure exactly where to start. Thanks!

I don’t work in publishing–yet. My endgame for the last ten+ years has been to be a book editor. While I’ve had many hiccups (try three years of stagnation), I’m currently pushing hard for this. My way isn’t the right way (it hasn’t even been proven effective yet), but here’s a blathering post about what I’m doing/have learned. [Note that this will be pretty US-centric, since that is where I’m living/working.]

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E-Book Piracy Costs Publishers $315 Million in Lost Sales
LONDON, March 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Digimarc Corporation (DMRC) recently commissioned a Nielsen consumer survey on e-book piracy and the company will present their findings on March 15 at The London Book Fair.

“When it comes to book piracy, you can’t prevent what you can’t predict. This is the challenge for publishers as they grapple with preventing illegal piracy,” said Devon Weston, director, market development, Digimarc Guardian. “Our new Nielsen data makes it clear these pirates don’t fit a typical criminal profile. They access digital content from a vast universe of web pages, social platforms and file sharing portals. Our aim is to break down the problem for publishers and help them develop an effective prevention strategy.”

When I’m working I’m most comfortable on stage more than, like I prefer that. It’s harder for me to sleep than it is to go on stage. I’m full of energy all the time, always full of life.. and the reason why I love music was that I love the lyrics and seeing everybody go nuts singing them, so it was always that kind of, you know when the singer of the band say jump and you and your mates go and say how high.. I love that. Yeah definitely it was always what I want to be, I just want to be the singer
—  Van McCann
Virgin radio UK interview by E.Bowman
Published 08.30.2016

Mistress Gorgon

Art by Dima Ivanov

Mistress Gorgon is an extremely dangerous supervillain with a career dating back to the superhero boom of the 60′s. 

She’s practically immortal and indestructible. She can freeze you in a block of supra stone with a glare. The snakes on her head can spew blue fire from their gaping maws. Mistress Gorgon has been running her own super criminal empire since the very first superheroes stuck cheap, flimsy masks to their faces with spirit gum. 

And time has only made her more dangerous.

Memoirs of a Crimefighter is out now on kindle and in print