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dude can you even IMAGINE how hard S is going to mom Rachel as soon as she's given the slightest chance?

oh my gOD

tbH I’M NOT EVEN SURE IF I WANT A FULL REDEMPTION??? god i love L O V E rachel as a villain, she suits all my villain needs. my peak love was the s4 final when she fucking stabbed susan and sarah i l o s t it. i mean i’ve been yelling about a clonebowl s5 finale between rachel and sarah oR even helena since that happened 

but man………mAN….the idea of rachel finally joining the sister fray…like truly where else is she gonna go if she leaves neolution but like…………rachel finally being fREE and letting herself be soft to a mother figure oh god iM CONFLICTED

  • LGBTQ folk: You know what would be great? If more famous authors included LGBTQ characters in their books. Maybe we should ask some of them why they don't and encourage them to do more for diversity.
  • S. E. Hinton, famous author of critically acclaimed book whose underlying message is that maybe, just maybe, the world would be less shitty and violent if everyone took the time to try to understand others, particularly those they consider to be beneath them: How DARE!? I am a Straight™ Why would I want to write that? I don't have to sympathize with or write about the gays. I'm just feeling so attacked right now honestly.
Reblog this if you’d be willing to answer some questions about being an incarnate angel.

I’ve decided my book project for this year will be about incarnate angels. I have a few ideas for the content of the book, but nothing is set in stone yet. The title is still a work in process as well. Since I’m only one person, I can’t speak for every angel out there; therefore, I’d like to get as many opinions on certain topics as I can.

You can reblog this regardless of your religion, age, gender, sexuality, birth sex, physical appearance, weight, etc. As long as you identify as an incarnate angel, I want to hear your opinions. Whether you see yourself as an angel currently, believe it was a past life, or even view it in a psychological sense, I want your input. 

Please spread this around and share it with your #actuallyangelic friends.

None of your personal information will be used without your permission. The questions I ask will pertain to how you discovered you were an angel, how you found your name or form(s), what religion you come from (if any), what you feel your purpose is, how you feel about the community here on Tumblr, etc//

If you reblog this post, I will send you a questionairre to fill out and send back to me, if you’d like. You do not have to answer every single question, or share the response of every question with me. Feel free to leave questions blank if you’d prefer not to answer. 

Thanks for reading - I hope to see some interesting responses!

(PS: My messages, submit, and askbox are all open if for whatever reason you can’t reblog this post.)


Title: Beep Beep and Daffy Duck - Tricky Treasure Trail

Series: Boys’ And Girls’ MARCH OF COMICS #289

Characters: Road Runner, Wile E Coyote, Road Runner’s 3 sons

Creators: unknown

Year: 1974 1970 by Warner Bros Inc

Publisher(s): Western Publishing

  • 1)   Beep Beep The Road Runner - Tricky Treasure Trail – 14 pages (reprinted from March of Comics #351 1970) 
  • 2)   Beep Beep The Road Runner - Puzzles - 2 pages

Synopsis: The Beeps go to the ocean where they find a pirate map. Wile E. has followed and helps them build a boat to sail to the treasure island.

Good/Bad: This is a great little comic. Tiny and short.

Daffy Duck is featured in the title, and on the cover, but is not in the story or puzzles. 

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What would you consider to be the easiest way to get into vintage pulp stories? Are the magazines available in reprintings or collected volumes or something like that?

You are absolutely in luck, because in the past three years, it’s become incredibly easy to start reading old pulp stories because of kindle readers. Because publishing for e-readers is a gold rush now and it has very little overhead and zero per-unit cost, publishers are, for the first time, dipping into their back catalogs and even going into public domain materials. Seriously, the past few years are the best time in history to ever be a fan of old pulp fiction. It’s easier to get more old pulp stuff now than even in the 1920s-1950s.

The key thing to remember is this: don’t be afraid of exploring alternate formats. Leigh Brackett’s People of the Talisman is exactly the same, has exactly the same entertainment value, if you buy a vintage pulp magazine at $70 off ebay, than if you buy a $1 ebook or a 50 cent paperback from the 1970s! Remember that lot of pulp scifi was reissued in the 1960s-1980s during the paperback boom, so it’s not unusual to find it in paperback formats, and the thing about paperbacks is, there’s such a glut of them that used booksellers usually clear them off for under a dollar. Pay attention to the following old paperback publishers, because they specialize in reprints: Ace Books, Lancer, DAW (who had the best covers, maybe in paperback history) and Del Rey.

If you want to try kindle or ebooks, the best place to start would be collections of a single author or a single theme, what they call megapacks. It’s not unusual to see them selling for 99 cents or less on Amazon. The covers look very Mickey Mouse, with poser art that make them all seem vaguely like porno or fetish art, but most of the stories are pure gold. It’s possible to buy in bulk. 

If you want to read old pulp scifi, a lot of public domain materials are easily available. It’s possible to buy all 16 John Carter of Mars novels in one go for less than $5 for an e-reader, as is Ray Cummings’ Girl in the Gold Atom, the collected works of Stanley G. Weinbaum, including his best novel, the romance about immortals, The Black Flame. Hell, even Edmond Hamilton’s Captain Future is available in ebook form…where else can you get four novels in one?

If you want to roll the dice, there are even theme packs, with titles like “Golden Age Science Fiction Megapack,” but since most of them cost $1, you’re not gambling much, and they often contain pure gold. Since it’s ridiculously easy to get reprint rights, the ratio of hit to miss is higher than you’d think. 

If you want pulp horror-fantasy, try the ebooks for C.L. Moore’s Jirel of Joiry, about an amazon warrior lady in the middle ages - nearly everything by Moore is available in ebook form for peanuts. There is a great megapack for the oddly named Nictzin Dyalhis, containing everything he ever wrote in Weird Tales. And best of all, the entire life’s work of Abraham Merritt, who is surprisingly readable, including Dwellers in the Mirage, about a legendary world of squid-worshippers hidden behind an illusion, and the Moon Pool, about a portal on a lost island to a weird supernatural world. 

If you want lost-world adventure, Dian of Lost Land, about stone age men riding giant birds in Antarctica, is great, as is Thyra, Romance of the Polar Pit, about a lost kingdom of Vikings discovered by airship explorers. 

But here’s a quick piece of advice if you want to buy public domain e-books. You could save yourself a bit of time by searching for them on Project Gutenberg Australia, where you can get e-books for free. Project Gutenberg makes public domain materials available, but here’s an interesting quirk about copyright law: in the US and Europe, it’s been Life of the Author + 70 years, but in Australia, it’s life + 50. So you will always find more materials on Project Gutenberg Australia. (This is yet another indication of how copyright is totally unworkable in its present form in the internet age, but that’s a discussion for another time.)


Title: Beep Beep The Road Runner #23

Series: Gold Key Comics #23

Characters: Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote, Taz, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Tweety Bird, Sylvester Pussycat,  Road Runner’s three sons

Creators: Jack Manning, Carl Fallberg, Phil de Lara, Bill Spicer, George Allard, Fred Abranz, Dan Spiegle

Year: 1971 Warner Bros Inc., 1961 Warner Bros Pictures Inc.

Publisher(s): Gold Key, Western Publishing

1) Beep Beep The Road Runner - From Bad to Verse - 6 pages (script Carl Fallberg, art Phil de Lara, letters Bill Spicer)
2) Beep Beep The Road Runner - Fright with an Appetite - 8 pages (script Carl Fallberg, art Phil de Lara)
3) Daffy Duck - A Fling in the Ring - 6 pages  (art by Phil de Lara) (reprint from Looney Tunes #236 Dell June 1961)
4) Tweety and Sylvester - Finders Weepers - 1 page text story (art by Fred Abranz)
5) Beep Beep The Road Runner - Quiet Riot - 6 pages (script Carl Fallberg, art Phil de Lara)

Good/Bad: Solid issue, great art and stories. 

Under the Sea of Stars

⁕ A short fic about Kanji and Naoto in Samegawa Flood Plain. 

⁕ For @kannao1draw    「 Stars 」  theme


Today Yu senpai invited us to hangout at their place. I was getting pumped up because I made some cute stuff for the whole gang including Nanako. Been working on them for days and weeks now and today’s the perfect time to give it to ‘em. Ma’s been bugging me so much to stop and help around the house, tch, she WAS annoying. Anyway, I’m getting a bit nervous because I don’t know how I’m gonna hand Naoto the thing I made… kinda hard to approach her y’know.

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