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Autumn Fuji by max max
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It is Kawaguchiko in colored leaves and autumn Mount Fuji! I think that it was good to live in Japan

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Olympus E PM1 (by MrSandyvision)


Yellow tunnel by max max
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How about? This tunnel? This hue, this feeling Is it fully opening in autumn?

cma20150704-1-20 (Olympus E-PM1 “PEN Mini” with Leica Dual-range Summicron 2.0/50)

The E-PM1 was introduced in 2011 as the basic “Digital PEN” model – and it shows: Usability is a desaster, it can’t be hold without involuntarily pushing some buttons, the kit zoom is all plastic and weighs near to nothing, and the sensor quality is abysmal – even my iPhone 4S gives more detail with its 8MB compared to this 12MB camera. The attachable EVF (electronic viewfinder) is what makes such a camera interesting for me, even though it is of low quality too (the newer EVF from Olympus is far better).

But with a Novoflex adapter and manual lenses it gets interesting: Now I can have an aperture priority mode with exposure correction – because normally there is no exposure correction in A mode (the wheel on the back is used to set the aperture in this mode), while in P mode I can’t set the aperture (but have exposure correction on the wheel). Using a manual lens in P mode provides both: aperture setting on the lens and exposure correction on the wheel. Neat …

(Well, my assessment isn’t completely right, but to get to some of these settings in P mode requires pushing on the wheel at the right point to switch modes – which is not obvious and leads to fumbling with the camera instead of concentrating on shooting. I prefer to have distinct controls for the features I actually use!)