e news!


in their special message for their sixth year japan debut anniversary to shinee world j members: shinee have confirmed that they will be returning to both kyocera dome and tokyo dome this september! they will be returning to tokyo dome for their third time with back-to-back concerts on september 2nd - 3rd, and to kyocera dome for the second time on september 23rd - 24th. more information to come soon! (source)

it has been announced that fan club priority ticketing (for shinee world japan) will take place from june 22nd - july 5th. it has not been said whether or not there will be a public lottery yet but, when and if that news is released, the details will be posted here. it is also likely that at least the tokyo dome concerts will have a global package through smtown travel. more information on ticketing prices and concert start times can be seen above. (source)

sm entertainment will be holding a large scale workshop on jeju island with nine hundred or more staff members and a total of one hundred or so sm artists (from groups such as snds, exo, etc.) attending. this will be a workshop similar to the one held in hawaii last august. the workshop will be held from june 19th - 21st.

a quick note in regards to shinee and whether or not they’d be able to attend: it is unlikely that key and taemin will be able to attend due to their ongoing personal schedules (ie: key participating in filming for his drama and taemin preparing for his solo comeback / concert over in japan.) onew and minho will depend on whether or not they’ve started to film their dramas yet. jonghyun will likely depend on personal decision as, after his concert this sunday, he’ll be free from another schedule until the start of july. (source)