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Black people show they’re the most creative on the internet yet again with the Chuck E. Cheese challenge

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Indiana state senator Jack E. Sandlin says he didn’t make Facebook post mocking “fat women”

  • Indiana state Senator Jack E. Sandlin found himself in hot water on Sunday after he shared and then deleted a post on his Facebook page that mocked women who attended the Women’s March. (Above)
  • The post came from a conservative meme-sharing page called Mike’s Corner, which is full of misogynist memes mocking women’s rights as well as female celebrities who endorsed the march.
  • After Sandlin removed the posts from his page, he issued apologies — which he then removed, as well. He claimed he didn’t know how the post got on his page. Read more

after over a month … mobile voting for the 31st golden disk awards has come to a close. though it was quite a nail biter shinee has finished in first place not only under the album vote, but the total vote as well. (keep in mind that shawols managed to do this despite that fact that total vote was combined between three different categories …, two that they weren’t even nominated in.) based on the written criteria this means that shinee will be given the inkisang (also known as the (domestic) popularity) award this weekend. they are confirmed for attendance for january 14th, the second day of the two day long ceremony. with this tentative win shinee continues an almost decade long streak of winning the same award: five times as a group, and two other times: once with taemin as a soloist and once with toheart as a subunit. the only years that they have not are years that they did not have a release to be nominated (2011 and 2012, to be exact).

thank you to all the shawols who participated in either voting (whether it be through the free or paid format), donating or spreading word around. also thank you, of course, to both key and onew who helped to hype shawols up on the voting / voted themselves (and the other members who likely voted quietly behind the scenes, based on past comments about awards), and reminding us that, yes, shinee do appreciate and every win that they receive / still care about winning after all these years! (source)


In 2017, Arkansas decides to no longer honor Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert E. Lee on the same day

  • Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson signed legislation Tuesday ending the state’s controversial practice of celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Gen. Robert E. Lee on the same day.
  • The bill marks the end of a decades-long tradition, wherein Arkansans commemorated King — one of the most influential black civil rights leaders in United States history — on the same day as Lee, a white Confederate general who quite literally fought a war to make sure black people remained enslaved.
  • Both men were born in January — King on Jan. 15, 1929, and Lee on Jan. 19, 1807. The bill will keep King’s holiday as is, but create a memorial day to commemorate Lee on the second Saturday in October, according to the Associated Press. Read more (3/22/17 11 AM)

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