e may have a short temper

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I have the sneaking suspicion I didn't turn off my public options on my Malaysia one. Oops. Indonesia now. Stereotype: Very chattery, poor, uneducated, are probably hiding something. Smol things: Are very chatty actually (most of them). Very polite until you make them mad. Very helpful and hardworking. Most of them are really smart and can alternate between two languages with ease. Probably will feed the monkeys. Good at cooking. That's all I have from what I know.

((jdklfjdklfjdkfjdkfjkd I’m a little perturbed by some of the stereotypes you’ve described… 

Like some of the stereotypes such as “complaining all the time”, “short tempered” etc. they’re fine. It’s pretty funny.

But like……… i.e. the “living in trees” one for Malaysia… it may be funny to some, but the connotations of that is pretty bad…))

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Techinician? with plot of with out?

  • This Night at the End of the World by @nookienostradamus, 116927 words, E, No archive warnings.
    It starts the way a pornographic film might: one summer, cable installment technician Matt begins a torrid affair with Madeline, the disaffected widow of a pharmaceutical executive. It seems to be a perfect match - both of them volatile, both of them lost. But it isn’t long before Matt meets Madeline’s son, a reclusive and put-upon young man who is known by his few friends simply as “Techie.”
  • Misfits by @hollyhark, 19917 words, E, No archive warnings.
    Matt (short temper, disturbing fixation on Kylo Ren, snores) and Techie (night terrors, excessive jumpiness, “creepy” eyes) have both become notorious for driving their bunkmates to request a room change. General Hux is tired of processing the admin work they create. He assigns them to bunk together. They’ll either deal with it or lose their jobs.
  • The Small Things by @somethingstately, 2498 words, E, Creator chose not to use warnings.
    I was half inside a console, hidden behind a comm bank from the door. I heard it open and a pair of boots came inside.” While it may have been a little odd to talk about work while he was buried inside him, if it made Techie happy, it made Matt happy. Honestly he was elated Techie wanted to open up and share this with him at all. “Who was it?” “Lord Ren.”
  • Bloom by @angryangryowl, 1400 words, G, No archive warnings.
    Matt and Techie are engineering students who end up at the same house party….
  • Techie by @eralkfang, 4929 words, E, No archive warnings.
    Even given the slightly relaxed uniform standards in engineering, Techie sticks out like a sore thumb, in more ways than one. “Techie” is not even his real name, just a nickname, like he’s a ‘trooper or something. His bionic eyes were installed so poorly that his eyes are always rimmed red with irritation and rust, which he makes worse by constantly rubbing at them. Matt is just crazy about him.
  • Their Firsts by @jathis, 568 words, G, No archive warnings.
    Matt and Techie’s first meeting and first I love You