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are you a dinosaur or dragon person? are you a planets or stars person? are you a shiny or matte person?

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@wolfandwildling b r o (seriously though this is like …. i really needed to hear this …. im writing this out and putting it in my notebook)

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Okay so apart from volleyball (which is a given).

Tsukishima’s would be full of fish. Deep sea fish, articles about new found fish, fishing gifs, prehistoric fish, fish facts, you name it. His theme has little fish gifs on the sidebar.

Yachi’s is a design blog, with interesting artwork and photography and tips on scrap booking. She also reblogs designs for clothes and photos of street art, as well as uploading her own graphics.

Inuoka’s is entirely a puppy appreciation blog.

Kageyama mainly reblogs food. Sometimes the recipes he finds inspires him to try them out in the kitchen, but mainly he’s just drooling over gifs of food preparation.

Hinata’s blog is full of the people that inspire him, and basically it’s mission is to teach the world about the Small Giant. He also reblogs funny text posts and types nonsensical words into the tags.

Suga runs a hipster blog. He reblogs lots of photos of sunsets and pretty people and positive messages and flower crowns.

Yui has a social justice/feminist blog which she keeps positive and encouraging and accepting to everyone. The main message of the things she reblogs is ‘anyone should be able to do anything’.

Ennoshita’s blog is entirely dedicated to psychological animes and he makes popular posts on his theories relating to each one.

Kenma’s is about different games and pictures of cats. It’s just his escape to the world of cute fluffy animals and characters killing things.

Tanaka is punk rock so he has a punk rock blog. Nishinoya’s is very similar, and they follow the shit out of each other. They reblog pictures of pretty girls and say nice things about them in the tags but they get embarrassed when it comes to reblogging nsfw things even though Tanaka has a whole nsfw sideblog he never uses. There are a lot of vines on Nishinoya’s tumblr.

Daichi never uses his tumblr. He doesn’t even know why he has one - Noya and Tanaka probably created one for him while his back was turned. The url they picked out for him is i-look-good-in-a-wig.

Kiyoko writes on her blog, poetry, short stories, but mainly murder mysteries. She’s actually very popular and whenever she uploads a rare selfie it gets hundreds of notes.

Asahi likes dramas so he reblogs gifsets of those. You can always find plants on his tumblr, for some reason. He says they calm him. He has a link on his blog which takes you to all the hair care advice he’s ever reblogged, which is a lot.

Yamaguchi has a fandom blog about different movies. Musicals, horror movies, disney movies, anything goes on his blog.

Oikawa’s blog is 85% his own selfies. He’s extremely popular.

Kuroo doesn’t have a tumblr, he has a 4chan.


hahaHA look at what I found, a photo from just earlier this year (photo on the left) where I identified as a cis bisexual girl, & to the right we have a photo from earlier this month, where I now identify as a queer bigender boy (genders being male & agender). I’m so happy I’ve figured myself out.

Zan/Zander,, he/they