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First of all, Thank you Guys!

Thanks to all the people who have commissioned a piece from me, I was able to cover the costs of a ticket back home. I’m set to leave USA at the end of May.

However, there is one thing left to do which is sending some of my heavier belongings on a separate trip by boat. I have 5 weeks to do this, if I can’t I’ll have to let my things go.

That’s why I am re-opening the $15 commission special. If you wish to place a commission order just contact me via PM or Note on Deviantart. Commissions will be drawn as soon as a reach home but saving an early spot is what’s going to help me.

The other Commission types still remain. The difference is that these do not have a waiting period:

You have Fully rendered pony character Commissions in Singles and Pairs:

You can also purchase portraits and full body illustrations of any character type

And of course, the Master level Commission of fully painted and composed illustrations.

There’s Profile Commissions as well:

Any Commission purchase helps greatly but if getting a commission is not in your wishes, even a small $1 tip will also help. I host streams almost every weekend and I will continue to do so on the 5 weeks I have left to raise the money I need to ship my things.

If you like what I do and wish to support me, I would be extremely grateful. I Thank you if you’ve read this post up until this point. For commissions or tips please place your amount through Paypal to this E-mail:


         Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

PS: if you can’t Commission or Tip, a Reblog will help greatly.

Wrong One | Jack and Jack Imagine  | Mrs. Grier

Your POV My brother’s last words to Jack was “Take care of Y/N.”, he did. My brother and I grew up in a complicated family, my dad used to smack us around and my mom was never home. I felt that I was in heaven when my brother got that job in LA and took me from that hell called home. He met the Jacks in the studio, they were working on something new and my brother was finishing the art for someone’s new EP. I don’t know how they started to talk or how they became friends but one day, when I left school and walked to the studio to have lunch with Y/B/N they were chatting. Johnson and I became friends in a minute but took a little longer for me to like Gilinsky. When I did, I fell in love with him. I was 16 and he was 19, my brother liked the idea and let us dated. Y/B/N decided to move to NYC to get a better job but I couldn’t leave so I moved in with Jack and Jack. It was summer break when things started to change. Slowly, Jack stopped being so nice. No more kisses, no more cuddling or “I love you”. “Morning G.” I said when I heard him leaving the bed. He didn’t answered. I woke up and change to something better than Jack’s old shirt. I went to the kitchen to found Johnson having breakfast. “Morning JJ.” I said sitting next to him. “Morning Y/N.” He smiled at me. Jack showed up, picked an apple and left without saying a word. I guess Johnson saw my disappointed face. “What’s wrong Y/N? Did you guys fought last night or something?” He asked giving me the milk. “No, we didn’t. I don’t know what’s going on, he used to be really nice.” I said biting my toast. Johnson took my hand and looked into my eyes. “I’m sure you are not the problem.” I smiled, Johnson knew what to say. “I’d better run, I’m supposed to met Bryant at 10 AM. Don’t worry, everything will be ok.” He left. I finished my breakfast and went outside, sitting next to the pool I thought about everything. I had to talk to Jack. I unlocked my phone and texted him. “Y/N: Babe, where are you? I think we should talk. When are going to be back?” His reply was just rude. “Jack: Don’t be a bitch Y/N, we don’t need to talk and you don’t need to know where I am or when I’ll be back.” When I was about to answer that mean text I got an e-mail. It could be my brother’s so I opened. My heart stopped. It was a picture of Jack. Jack and Madison, his ex. They were holding hands and he had took of his promise ring. Johnson’s POV In the moment I met Y/N I knew she was the one, but she didn’t. I wanted to ask her out but Gilinsky was faster. They started to date right after the first night. It broke my heart to see her smiling in his arms but I couldn’t do anything. Their anniversary was on summer break but they were fighting a lot so I wasn’t sure if they would complete a year together. They did but every night I could hear Y/N crying and G yelling. She finally understand that their relationship was broken this morning. I left the fastest I could. A fight a day was enough to me. When I was on my way to met Bryant I realized that I had forgotten my phone. I heard someone crying right when I opened the door. Y/N was sitting next to the pool, her head was down and all that bright hair were on her face. “Y/N, what happened? What’s wrong?” I sat right beside her and put my arm around her, hugging her tight. “Talk to me baby girl. What G did to you?” She didn’t say anything, she just gave me her phone where I could see a picture of Jack and Madison together. “How long has he been cheating on me? Why? I mean, what I did wrong?” I wanted to kiss her. I just wanted to kiss her. “You did nothing wrong Y/N. You are amazing, probably the best girl G could ever get.” She wiped her tears and looked at me with that big and bright eyes. Those were the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. “So why he did that to me? I loved him so much, so hard…” Your POV He kissed me. Johnson just kissed me. “I’m sorry Y/N but you deserve someone better than G.” I looked one more time to that picture on my phone. Jack never kissed me like that. “I… I don’t know what to say.” I was in shock. “Let me speak then, I’ve been in love with you since the moment I was in the studio but you fell for G and I just wanted your happiness but it broke my heart to see you two together and to see how he treats you. I told your brother about my feelings for you and he said it was up to you to decide but I knew I wasn’t a option.” He spoke looking into my eyes. “Y/B/N knew it?” “He did.” I kissed Johnson without thinking twice. My brother’s last words weren’t to Gilinsky, they were to Johnson, Y/B/N knew that he was the one who were supposed to take care of me.